South Tucson recall in question, one continues

The forces against reform in South Tucson filed paperwork last week to recall new Mayor Paul Diaz. At the same time, community leader Eddie Badilla has been gathering signatures to recall Councilman Ildefonso Green in an effort to bring an end to the corrupt status quo.

The recall of Diaz is unlikely due to the vast number of highly questionable signatures gathered by Greens’ group. The Pima County Recorder’s Office is not expected to make a determination of the validity of signatures until after the General Election. Badilla has challenged the signatures in support of Diaz’s recall.

According to Badilla, he found signatures of people who are not registered to vote, signature of those living outside of South Tucson, and some people had signed the petitions more than once. several people who were not registered, listed the wrong address or signed the petition more than once.

While Diaz, and City Manager Luis Gonzales have tried to bring transparency and prosperity to South Tucson, the Green family faction has worked to generate division.

One issue in particular is the proposed Pasadera Behavioral Health Network facility, which would be located across the street from Mission View Elementary School.

Despite the fact that the Network has proposed plans which keep facility residents away from school children, the Greens have been using those children to stop the development of one of the few economic opportunities South Tucson has had in a long time.

Along with the recall, the Green family held a candle light vigil in opposition to the facility, this week. According to sources less than twenty people showed up and most of them were Green family members.

Badilla, has been working on the develop of community policing groups, is working to recall Green due to his “undermining the efforts of the elected South Tucson Council and City Manager in moving forward to make positive changes for this community. ” Badillas supports Diaz’s move to reform the court system.

For one of the poorest, in the 8th poorest metropolitan areas in the country, a court system that relies on rehabilitation rather than incarceration. Green accuse of Diaz of wanting to funnel drug users into a facility like Pasadera instead of the Pima County Jail.

What Green ignores is that the City of South Tucson is stuck with the tab for the jail, and that tab only grows these days.

The Green’s recall petition against Diaz claims, “He failed to uphold his campaign promises of transparency and public safety and is taking actions that are detrimental to South Tucson.”

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