“People’s Lobbyist” Project Informs, Empowers Residents

Today, the “People’s Lobbyist” project has been launched to give Arizona residents a better chance to compete with highly-paid lobbyists who serve special interests and push legislation designed to further bureaucratic and corporate interests rather than those of “The People.”

The project, under development for nearly a year, provides voters with “alerts” on key legislation, and easy access to the the Arizona Legislature’s ALIS system. Residents taking action to either promote, or fight, a bill become an army of lobbyists serving the needs of the average resident.

Thanks to Arizona legislative expert Jose Borrajero, and the services of Axus Web Media, the project was developed to empower residents, who have been left out of the confusing and convoluted process, through which a bill is developed and ultimately becomes law.

As Borrajero frequently advises, “For those legislators who listen to citizen input, a major source of information is the testimony rendered at committee hearings, both in person and remotely.” The “People’s Lobbyist” project facilitates that delivery of information.

There are other sites out there that claim to offer the same opportunities as the “People’s Lobbyist” project . One is an expensive tool offered by a political insider news organization, and the other is AZVoices. There are significant differences between those and the free “People’s Lobbyist” project.

Unlike AZVoices, created by Arizona Senator Bob Worsley and former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, which drives people away from the ALIS system, the “People’s Lobbyist” project drives people to the system so that their voices can be a part of the legislative record.

Unlike AZVoices, the “People’s Lobbyist” project does not collect data from users, nor does it drop its own cookies. As a result of the “clean” design, the project has no commercial value. We do believe however that there is tremendous value to us all when people from all walks of life are involved in the policy making process.


Unlike the AZVoices website, which primarily serves the Greater Phoenix Leadership, Northern Arizona Leadership Alliance, Southern Arizona Leadership Council, and the chambers of commerce, the “People’s Lobbyist” project has no master but “The People.”

Unlike AZVoices, we do not pretend to be affiliated with any government entity, nor are we interested in making legislators’ lives easier. As a result, you will find a list of legislators and links to send emails directly to them at the right of the “People’s Lobbyist” project screen. They may not make much money, but their paychecks come from us and we have a right to communicate with them without interference.

If you would like to be a part of the People’s Lobbyist project, and receive email alerts, contact Borrajero at joseb4538@gmail.com or thepeopleslobbyistproject@gmail.com

View a sample of a report here


  1. Wow, this is an impressive tool. As a legislator from LD11 I receive phone calls and emails, but seldom do I see testimony in the record for specific bill. I’m excited to see a tool like this come to the marketplace of ideas, and I am equally as excited for the opportunity to gain insight from my constituents on how they feel about a specific bill.

  2. finally a voice for those of us who want to get involved and informed. Thank you Jose. You never gave up.

  3. Great idea!

    While it’s nice to vent about politics now and again, it’s far more effective to engage in the process. You can do this from your home. It’s really not hard.

    Stop complaining and start commenting. Elected officials are regular people like you and I. They can’t be experts on every issue. Maybe you know a thing or two about the border, education, or water issues. Knowledge is power. Use it and share it. You might be the difference between a good bill not getting enough votes to pass or a bad bill passing because you didn’t speak up.

    Sometimes our elected officials need political courage, sometimes they need political cover, and sometimes they need to feel plain old pressure from constituents.

    Our job as voters doesn’t end on election day–that’s the day the real work begins.

    We’re all “Peoples Lobbyists.”

  4. This is a valuable tool for all ordinary citizens to use to communicate with legislators about bills that are being debated before they reach the House/Senate floor. I agree with Listen to a Mom. Legislators aren’t experts on every issue. It’s very important to share our own researched facts and opinions with them, to help them make informed decisions. Thanks to Jose Borrajero for his hard work on a great idea. Be sure to get on his email list for alerts!

  5. Thank you Mr. Borrajeros. Now it is time, with the board re-electing Miller and Ballantyne as president and vice president respectively, to start an aggressive movement for televised Board meetings and bring this thug and the limp wristed sycophants into the light.

  6. Excellent idea Jose. We all appreciate all the work you do for the grassroots activists who don’t have the time to be at the Legislative sessions like paid lobbyists do. Thank you for all you do.

  7. Jose,
    Once again I thank you for making it easier for us to input to our legislators. This is great!!

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