ABOR Wants Business Plans From UA On Colleges Of Medicine

On Wednesday, the Arizona Board of Regents convened a special meeting to address issues surrounding to the University of Arizona Colleges of Medicine. The meeting followed a previous special board meeting and two recent meetings of the ABOR Health Affairs Committee after concerns regarding possible organizational and policy issues were raised earlier this year.

the regents had retained independent counsel to conduct an in-depth review at the colleges of medicine.

The regents are refusing to make the review public citing attorney-client privilege. They claim that they do not believe that additional board inquiry is needed at this time.

“On behalf of the Arizona Board of Regents, we are wholeheartedly committed to the continued success of the University of Arizona Colleges of Medicine,” said Regent and ABOR Chairman Greg Patterson in a press release. “It is because of our strong support of this institution that we convened an independent review.”

“While the board does not believe that additional board inquiry is necessary at this time, we have asked President Hart and her team to advance a comprehensive business plan to guide the future operation of the UA Colleges of Medicine. The board will also provide detailed guidelines to the university on reporting back to the board related to the colleges of medicine. We also have asked for strong oversight of the workplace culture as well.”

The board approved a motion to direct University of Arizona president Ann Weaver Hart to provide coordinated business plans to address the following:

The unique role, mission and purpose of each college, as well as a vision for their continued growth and specialization of research;

Operational and organizational plans, including the delineation of management responsibilities between the colleges of medicine and health sciences generally;

Financial plans for operations and capital to ensure short and long-term objectives are met;

Accreditation compliance;

The role and expected outcomes of clinical partnerships between Banner and affiliates, as well as administrative oversight relating to the successful implementation of the Banner Academic Affiliation Agreement;

Advancement of a comprehensive and coordinated strategy for internal and external communications regarding the colleges of medicine; and

Continuation and enhancement of the UA’s ongoing oversight of workforce climate and organizational issues associated with the colleges of medicine.

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