The NFL Unites! Sunday’s Comic

A Facebook video by James T. Harris is going viral in response to the fight between President Donald Trump and some in the NFL and NBA. Yet, the millionaire members of the NFL doubles down.

Ravens And Jaguars Kneel For U.S. Anthem In London [VIDEO]
By Amber Athey

A large swath of players and coaches for the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars linked arms and kneeled for the U.S. national anthem during a matchup in London, England on Sunday.

The Ravens-Jaguars game took place at Wembley Arena in London, and while the players either knelt or locked arms during The Star Spangled Banner, they all stood for the British anthem, God Save The Queen.

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  1. The players are engaged in partisan political acts when they kneel during the national anthem.
    Kaepernick achieved nothing for the cause(s) he was supposedly espousing when he started disrespecting our flag and country by kneeling during the anthem. Did he and the NFL really think that viewers would take anything constructive away from this inflammatory act? What? It is a football game, entertainment, not a time to discuss serious issues. How did Kaepernik`s or anyone else`s kneeling help anyone? More troubling has been how the media and the NFL have behaved during this political activity. Both have used their resources to magnify these instances of personal political acts with NO time given to explore the true causes for the problems supposedly highlighted by this insulting of our flag. Indeed, during the last few seasons, our Federal Govt. has paid the NFL and the media many millions of dollars to assist in recruitment for the armed services, service that few if any current NFL players have participated in. BTW, are these players aware that a long term goal of Democrat Party is to outlaw the game of football due to the risk of injuries?

  2. Well it’s looking like the NBA is being sucked even farther to the left joining the NFL.

    Looks like the only sports left are MLB and NHL. ESPN entertainment is off my entertainment schedule.

    • Do you think the NFL players are aware that the Democrat Party, the politicians egging them on, have as a long term goal the outlawing of football due to the risk of injuries?

      • I think they are clueless lemmings. Think of it they are following Colin Cappernki. Unfortunately I am reasonably sure they still believe they are impervious to injury and don”t think anyone will ever outlaw their gravy train.

  3. Sundays are now “Family Day” at my house. We go out for a nice lunch, maybe a movie or some other activity, and no more NFL. We now watch college ball on Saturdays. Replacing the NFL with the NCAA has been good for our family.

  4. I am a patriot, I love my country. Our government is far from perfect, but after reading non fiction books on the oppression of other countries,we are pretty good.
    The U.S. does not hide from evil, sure we sometimes stick our noses where it does not belong but we do try to help.
    We give so much financial aid to so many countries, we are there when tragedy strikes and we do let in many people fleeing from dangerous tyrants.
    So with all the freedoms we have it strikes me odd that these sport figures would protest against this country. They are not hauled off to some dungeon to be tortured or sent to some slave labor camp. They can continue to protest freely against the country that gives them this freedom, which in some countries the people there would possibly be shot or enslaved, like the people of North Korea. Yet these protestors cheer for Kim the rocket man against President Trump!

    I also have freedoms and one of them is to turn the channel when a sport comes on, I have the freedom to Not go to a game, because the players have turned the game ugly. With so much ugliness in the world, sports used to be a place to leave that ugliness away for a few hours, not so now. Leaving sports behind gives me more time to spend with my family and develop new hobbies, and my own sport of bike riding. I mean the Tour de Tucson is coming up, maybe this year I will have a better chance of riding and finishing instead of sitting for wasted hours in front of the boob tube!

  5. Over the course of my many years, I have invoked my right to boycott on two occasions. One is I will not watch any entertainment, read any article that features Jane Fonda. The other was Nike. They screwed me once and I’ll not give them a second chance. Neither of those two have been aware of my absence, but I have felt better for it. Sadly, the NFL now becomes my third personal boycott. They will not miss my lonesome effort, but again I have made my statement that we are too much bound up in “rights” and forget that we all have “responsibility.”

  6. My Sunday entertainment used to revolve around what NFL games were playing on television.

    NOT ANYMORE, unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of protesting(who knows what they are protesting) in front of millions of viewers. However I do have the choice not to watch them again.

    PS, I promise never to drive to Phoenix to watch the Cardinals even if they are playing the Packers.

    • HUH – that is the ‘ultimate protest’ on the one day the Cardinals stadium becomes a “Packer” Home game. I agree with you sir, I to will not, nor am I watching these games this season. the
      ‘No F’n League’ wins, hope they enjoy their season. Gone fishing…

  7. I expend my resources and funds, to watch entertainment!

    Mental midgets using this platform only validates their limited ability to have cognizant reasoning skills.

    Therefore, not entertaining…..

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