Have The Local Liberals Gone Crazy?

Rep. Martha McSally in her D.C. office. [Photo from Facebook]

Recently, the five Democrats trying to replace Republican Congressperson Martha McSally, met to express their priorities to a local political action committee. It appears they all oppose the Rosemont Mine and the completion of the border wall. They also want to grant citizenship to Dreamers, provide funding to insurers to bail out the failing Obama Care and fight and the repeal of estate death taxes. The major inherent fault in preventing the Rosemont Mine from opening is to steal the mine property from the land owners without paying for it.  This radical left concept is destroying American free marketplace enterprise. This same evil notion is a threat to the Benson Village of Vigneto and the Sierra Vista Tribute housing developments.  The goal of these foolish candidates is to destroy our local economy. Providing children brought illegally to our country with citizenship, and opposing a border wall is eroding the value of U.S. Citizenship. When will the Democratic hopeful politicians get into their stupid reasoning that open borders flood our nation with addictive poisonous drugs and the estate death tax bankrupts many family heirs as it forces fire sale of their property and other assets just to pay this tax.  Electing socialist Democrats is to impose one more step to establishing a welfare state.

Martha McSally has served our voting District 2 in an excellent manner. In spite of the uncalled for harassment from the radical violence-inclined liberals, who are like a virus that infects the well-being of Southern Arizona,  Martha McSally has always promoted good legislation. It is a tough road in Congress, as the Democrats resist everything and have killed House bi-partisanship.

Both local and nationally identified Democrats appear to be crazy – because they have a complete lack of understanding on the collateral economic impact of their political views. In today’s world, enterprise generates wealth and our government is engaged in the task of wealth redistribution. When enterprise such as the Rosemont Mine is destroyed by environmental advocates, there is nothing for government to redistribute. These crazy liberals do not have the educational background to solve environmental issues with alternate approaches. They should be promoting the use of flood water to recharge aquifers or relocating endangered species, affording land use to enterprise.  Just saying NO! creates a resistive posture that prevents enterprise from providing for human needs, while generating wealth. In addition, with open borders, two things occur: FIrst, the entry of illegals kills the labor market of reasonable wages; and secondly, open borders flood our country with illegal addictive drugs.

The radical liberal left does everything possible to derail real estate housing projects that will bring long-term prosperity to Southern Arizona. It takes several decades to build these projects and requires employment to service and maintain. The mild climate of Cochise County is an economic resource that can be developed without harming the environment or endangering species. The liberals are not able to connect the dots and comprehend that if the developers destroy the water resource and wildlife, the housing development becomes unmarketable, and an investment liability. Business people understand the long-term and their business plans reflect a priority to protect our resources.  The elitists within the radical left have no desire to even discuss the issues with business owners, engineers and managers on the basis that they know what is best.

David V MacCollum

What is unfortunate is that those who have real experience in business, construction and mining as engineers and managers are ignored because the liberals have a demeaning argumentative attitude. As Martha McSally prepares a campaign to fill Senator Flakes seat in the U.S. Senate, she needs to endorse President Trump’s objectives. . Draining the swamp exposes leaders from both parties. Our U.S. Senate has a group of individuals who have ignored voters by objecting to President Trump’s objectives to Make America Great!

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