Have The Local Liberals Gone Crazy?

Rep. Martha McSally in her D.C. office. [Photo from Facebook]

Recently, the five Democrats trying to replace Republican Congressperson Martha McSally, met to express their priorities to a local political action committee. It appears they all oppose the Rosemont Mine and the completion of the border wall. They also want to grant citizenship to Dreamers, provide funding to insurers to bail out the failing Obama Care and fight and the repeal of estate death taxes. The major inherent fault in preventing the Rosemont Mine from opening is to steal the mine property from the land owners without paying for it.  This radical left concept is destroying American free marketplace enterprise. This same evil notion is a threat to the Benson Village of Vigneto and the Sierra Vista Tribute housing developments.  The goal of these foolish candidates is to destroy our local economy. Providing children brought illegally to our country with citizenship, and opposing a border wall is eroding the value of U.S. Citizenship. When will the Democratic hopeful politicians get into their stupid reasoning that open borders flood our nation with addictive poisonous drugs and the estate death tax bankrupts many family heirs as it forces fire sale of their property and other assets just to pay this tax.  Electing socialist Democrats is to impose one more step to establishing a welfare state.

Martha McSally has served our voting District 2 in an excellent manner. In spite of the uncalled for harassment from the radical violence-inclined liberals, who are like a virus that infects the well-being of Southern Arizona,  Martha McSally has always promoted good legislation. It is a tough road in Congress, as the Democrats resist everything and have killed House bi-partisanship.

Both local and nationally identified Democrats appear to be crazy – because they have a complete lack of understanding on the collateral economic impact of their political views. In today’s world, enterprise generates wealth and our government is engaged in the task of wealth redistribution. When enterprise such as the Rosemont Mine is destroyed by environmental advocates, there is nothing for government to redistribute. These crazy liberals do not have the educational background to solve environmental issues with alternate approaches. They should be promoting the use of flood water to recharge aquifers or relocating endangered species, affording land use to enterprise.  Just saying NO! creates a resistive posture that prevents enterprise from providing for human needs, while generating wealth. In addition, with open borders, two things occur: FIrst, the entry of illegals kills the labor market of reasonable wages; and secondly, open borders flood our country with illegal addictive drugs.

The radical liberal left does everything possible to derail real estate housing projects that will bring long-term prosperity to Southern Arizona. It takes several decades to build these projects and requires employment to service and maintain. The mild climate of Cochise County is an economic resource that can be developed without harming the environment or endangering species. The liberals are not able to connect the dots and comprehend that if the developers destroy the water resource and wildlife, the housing development becomes unmarketable, and an investment liability. Business people understand the long-term and their business plans reflect a priority to protect our resources.  The elitists within the radical left have no desire to even discuss the issues with business owners, engineers and managers on the basis that they know what is best.

David V MacCollum

What is unfortunate is that those who have real experience in business, construction and mining as engineers and managers are ignored because the liberals have a demeaning argumentative attitude. As Martha McSally prepares a campaign to fill Senator Flakes seat in the U.S. Senate, she needs to endorse President Trump’s objectives. . Draining the swamp exposes leaders from both parties. Our U.S. Senate has a group of individuals who have ignored voters by objecting to President Trump’s objectives to Make America Great!


  1. Thanks all for the info in re: Swan Southlands. Here in the only-semi-blemished County of Cochise we have the renetto mess being played- “Tuscan (not Tucson, Tuscan–, as in Italy fer chrissakes) themed” unvelopment. Huge wreck south of Benson. Their city flock-floggers have eagerly approved the mess- with multiple golf courses, thousands of houses, blah, blah. Our swell county supes are all for this. Meanwhilst they keep “studying” the San Pedro River. The sagas continue.

  2. It looks like Bill Gates may be in on some of action; he just made i BIGLY real estate buy west of Tonopah, and will call the new ‘smart city’, Belmont. One of the reports mentioned that Gates was planning his new city to have the ‘propoed I-11 run thru it”. How do you like them apples?

    • Swan Southlands is a planned Diamond Ventures 3,000 acre upscale development. The Sonoran Corridor being pushed by the Supes and Huckelberry — and in the ADOT planning stage — is supposed to be to make life easier for Raytheon, the airport, and the UA Tech Park by connecting I-10 and I-19. It could do that, merits of taxpayers helping billion-dollar-profit corporations aside, with a reasonably straight line. But the SC drops south to provide a free access “auxiliary interstate” to Don Diamond’s venture, and then goes west to connect to Huckelberry’s vision of I-11 ruining the Avra Valley.

    • Bill, Swan Southlands is a housing development (about 5K homes give or take) planned by Don Diamond on the south side in the neighborhood of Raytheon. The last bond issue here included a large amount of taxpayer money for the “Sonoran Corridor” that would go south and then turn west at Swan Southlands. Since Don Diamond is such a good crony he would have had a built in exit at taxpayer’s expense that would immensely help him to sell his houses and make millions while the taxpayers footed the bill for his infrastructure. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say this isn’t over yet. Huckelberry is still trying to find a way to fund the “Sonoran Corridor” and make his buddy Don whole. SSDD in Pima County politics.

    • Google it:
      but briefly Swan Southlands is a still unbuilt master planned community owned by real estate developer, and potential Sonoran Corridor beneficiary, Don Diamond. Diamond’s unbuilt Swan Southlands development, located
      out in middle of nowhere on South Swan road miles away from I-10 is solely dependant on Pima county administrator Chucky Dinglebery delivering miles of promised freeway access and off ramps to this otherwise next to worthless non-working cattle ranch which I believe was once state trust land.
      This future community of course will have all its water needs piped in from Tucson Water who is currently so short on water that artificially high prices are in place to promote conservation to anyone unlucky enough to be their victim, I mean rate payer.
      This same shortage of water however won’t interfere with the already greesed skids when it comes to the developer, city and county officials colluding to all get in on the cash cow.
      Diamond was reported to be providing heavy financial “support” in the last county supervisor Bronson re-election cycle, involvement that was reportedly critical to maintain the questionable grip on power, lack of voter accountability and direction of the current board of stupidvisors as well as maintaining Dinglebery’s employment with the county.

      The Oracle

  3. Why is McSally running for the Senate? Because she is part of the establishment whose candidate of choice, Senator Flake, cannot win re-election and has pulled out of the race to direct the never-Trumper`s undermining operation. She is running in Flake`s stead also because she does not believe she can get re-elected to Congress. So, all the GOP needs is a three way primary contest to ensure McSally is nominated so she can lose to a super charged Democrat candidate who will be supercharged because even most conservatives will not be donating money to or voting for Governor Ducey and Attorney General Brnovich next year. This will ensure a State-wide Democrat sweep in the 2018 elections. The GOP shows once again that it prefers to assist in the Democrat agenda rather than do what their voters want them to do, support President Trump/.

  4. “harassment from the radical violence-inclined liberals, who are like a virus that infects the well-being of Southern Arizona” This is a spot-on statement!

    They cannot win the public in the rhetorical war of ideas and dialogue. So, they resort to violence, disruption, and force. They cried “free speech” in 60’s Berkeley. Now they scream “shut up” in 2017 Berkeley and America. In each case, violence, disruption, vandalism, and crime were the result of their anarchy.

  5. The biggest issue that needs to be addressed IMO is not ‘housing developement’ but JOB developement. the left has long been adverse to there being any real jobs in this area. They have pushed the service industry to the max and said tourism is the future! But tourism is in decline as there is NOTHING in this area to draw it. In the old days they had the dude ranches, they had old tucson and movie sets, but that is all gone now. The desert museum is a 1 and done for most folks, same with the 2 parks E&W. The boneyard is a limited draw and now there is the possibility that the most disgusting thing to be found in the area DMAFB as well at Ft Huachuca may be on the chopping block, much to the glee of the left. But close them and see how fast this area becomes ghost towns, as there is nothing to replace them with economically. When I was assigned to ft huachuca in the late 80’s I was told 85% of the county relied on it for income. You either worked for the government or someone who did or you didnt really work. Other than the county jobs here and the univ, DM offers the most and if it goes you can also say so long to raytheon who would move to alabama in a heart beat.

    The cry for housing and the fear of loss of water is a ruse, the cry needs to be for a sustainable economic driver not related to government employment! How many vacant store fronts and minimalls do we need. With the drying up of stick and mortar business how long will sears, penny and all the others be around? The mom and pops will then need to survive, but again without a viable local economy that will be almost impossible and you think wally world will be here? Just check out texas where they drove out the little business and then closed down!

  6. “The radical liberal left does everything possible to derail real estate housing projects that will bring long-term prosperity to Southern Arizona.”

    Sorry, you’re wrong. They don’t want prosperity. And they control the numbers. Only one thing to do for long-term prosperity if you live in Southern Arizona – leave cuz we’re 5th poorest in the country and DAMN proud of it!

  7. Build more reservoirs, oh but the enviros didn’t like that idea. Quit releasing waters in the Canyon just to create beaches for the rafters. Encourage California to secede. I will try to think of some more.

    • No worries, we’ve still have to cross the pointless hurtles of non native piggy owls, jaguars, night sky light pollution, increased noise and traffic long before we have to address any water woes.

      The Oracle

  8. All the name-calling and wishful thinking in the world can’t erase one simple fact: the Colorado River, upon which 30 million desert dwellers depend, is in decline, with the Lake Mead reservoir at just 39 percent of capacity. Where is the water for Vigneto and Rosemont and all those “real estate housing projects” going to come from?

    • We all know where it’s coming from Albert, the exact same place the water for Swan Southlands is coming from, but that doesn’t seem to be a big issue does it?

      The Oracle

      The Oracle

    • Underground.

      Ever heard of aquifers? Do you know that the largest aquifer in the world lies under one of the largest deserts in the world? Do you know that Colorado river water was never intended to come to Tucson, only did because Phoenix doesn’t need the water and someone had to pay? Did you know that we sit on a huge aquifer and our use is limited solely on legislation to NOT use it, not on natural supply of the watershed? You’ve been duped.

      • We had to have the CAP water so Sen. DeConcini could get eminent domain $$$ for all the barren land he bought up while fighting for the CAP water that we didn’t need.

  9. Southern Arizona is entrenched in liberal politics, almost without exception every town, city, school board and county is gridlocked under partisan politics.
    The fear of the unknown prevents those living in poverty from placing any trust in the future under regime change. The masses would prefer to safely eat bread crumbs from the Democratically controlled table then take any risk of improvement for a whole loaf of bread under the promise of change under Republican leadership.
    This ignorence of reality, the fear of the unknown combined with feet of clay allows southern Arizona as well as most of the nation to stop reaching for something better and settle for the safety of the low hanging fruit, unfortunately the graft and corruption of the leadership of the left has become accustomed to picking the fruit long before opening the orchards of prosperity to the little people, who like Lilliputians become small and insignificant to the party bosses outside of the ballot box.
    Liberalism is a plague that alters the minds perception into abandoning the hope of prosperity for the safey of poverty. Poverty that is accepted as long as it is spread evenly for everyone.
    The “proud southern Arizona Democrat” bumper sticker should be replaced by the “clueless idiot” sticker as it more closely resembles the harsh realities of life in southern Arizona under the dismal failed leadership of the likes of Graftjalva, Dingleberry and other heroes of the left. It is really ever surprising that while the rest of the nation is removing its historical statues Tucson has no intention of removing its statue of a mudering cross border criminal alien bandit? Of course when your party has no heroes you’ll embrace criminals like Poncho Raul or Hillary, after all is a long time honored tradition for proud southern Arizona democrats…

    The Oracle

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