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DeWit To Leave For NASA CFO Job

Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit had been seeking a nomination to NASA for some time, and on Wednesday, the White House announced it would be nominating him for the agency’s chief financial officer position. DeWit served as the chief operating officer and chief financial officer for the Trump campaign.

Having left himself few political options when he announced early on that he would not seek re-election as Treasurer, DeWit had little choice but to seek an appointment in a relatively small agency.

It had long been rumored that DeWit might enter the Senate race, but according to sources, DeWit could not get the support he needed for a Senate run from key Trump funders.

The announcement of DeWit’s appointment clears the way for Rep. Martha McSally to enter the Senate race.

The State Treasurer is one of six statewide elected officials. The governor appoints the replacement when the office is vacated prior to the expiration of the 4 year term.

DeWit has had an adversarial relationship with Governor Doug Ducey. Now that vacant office will help Ducey consolidate his power.

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