1. 10. The “Russians are coming”!!!! Democrats attack on America
    9. Obama underground continues to attack the American system – Black Lives Matter killing cops..
    8. The POPE is the new pope, of the new ‘church’ of the new Rome – of the new worlds order
    7. England and the United Kingdoms
    6. The EU begins to be the new Roman Empire – growing by the day
    5. Circuit courts overrule the executive branch on regular basis
    4. The government fights itself – with indwelling enemies – nation teeters
    3. Russia is active in war in Middle East
    2. Obama allows the UN to declare Israel as illegitimate in Israel, the first stone of the last war is laid in place.
    1. The USA declares Jerusalem is the capital of Israel – moving the embassy – this will bring the division of Jerusalem when the Peace accord is reached soon – thus setting the stage for the Abomination of desolation… we’re close;

    a key time, a key year, the four blood moons over America all on Jewish holidays – with two solar eclipses on others Jesus signals mankind with a Royal Flush of epic proportions! no one listens… ho hum… just another day. Maranatha!

  2. I suppose one could pick from an endless list of “top 10” potential stories. But surely Raul Grijalva $48g hush money payoff from taxpayer$$$ makes everyone’s list? He and Adelita are the biggest thugs Southern arizona have seen in my lifetime.

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