Cottonwood Police Looking For Peeping Tom

Since September 24, 2018 Cottonwood Police have taken three separate reports of a suspicious male lurking around or trying to enter windows of apartments in the area.

The suspect is described as a dark skinned African American male, bald or shaved head, clean shaven, about 6 feet tall and muscular or bulky. In two of the instances the suspect actually attempted entry into the apartment through a window but fled when someone saw him.

Bottom floor apartments seem to be the suspect’s choice. Three different apartment complexes have reported an African American male trying to get into an apartment or lurking around the patios and windows.

These locations are between 7th & 10th Street and E. Mingus Avenue to N. Main Street in Old Town.

“We don’t know the suspect’s motivation; whether he’s trying to commit a burglary or commit a sexual offense”, said Sgt. Monica Kuhlt. “Regardless, we need to catch him before someone gets hurt.”

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