Pima County Deputy Identified, Wrestled Quadruple Amputee Teen To The Ground

pima county deputy attacks
Pima County Deputy Manuel Van Santen on top of teen. | After getting off of teen, Deputy Van Santen stands over the teen and scream at him.

Pima County Deputy Manuel Van Santen was placed on administrative leave, according to KOLD, which broke a story about the deputy and published a video of his attack on a limbless teen.

KOLD News 13 was the first to air the footage of the attack and the arrest of the 16-year-old who was filming the interaction in the group home.

Both teens were arrested on disorderly conduct charges.

The shirtless teen, identified by the Washington Post as Immanuel, was accused of knocking over a trash can by the staff of the group home.

Deputy Manuel Van Santen can be seen on the video pressing his body weight on top of the teen. him to restrain him. The teen can be heard pleading for the officer to get off of him.

After KOLD published the footage, the charges against the teens were dropped. According to the Pima County Attorney’s Office, after  reviewing the disturbing video they decided to drop the charges.


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