Pima County Deputy Identified, Wrestled Quadruple Amputee Teen To The Ground

pima county deputy attacks
Pima County Deputy Manuel Van Santen on top of teen. | After getting off of teen, Deputy Van Santen stands over the teen and scream at him.

Pima County Deputy Manuel Van Santen was placed on administrative leave, according to KOLD, which broke a story about the deputy and published a video of his attack on a limbless teen.

KOLD News 13 was the first to air the footage of the attack and the arrest of the 16-year-old who was filming the interaction in the group home.

Both teens were arrested on disorderly conduct charges.

The shirtless teen, identified by the Washington Post as Immanuel, was accused of knocking over a trash can by the staff of the group home.

Deputy Manuel Van Santen can be seen on the video pressing his body weight on top of the teen. him to restrain him. The teen can be heard pleading for the officer to get off of him.

After KOLD published the footage, the charges against the teens were dropped. According to the Pima County Attorney’s Office, after  reviewing the disturbing video they decided to drop the charges.


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  1. That link provided from ACLU – so you’ve found the Deputy guilty without any facts whatsoever and blankly shower hate over all law enforcement. Just another liberal that hates the freedoms and protections, justice, that our Constitution provides.

    • He’s a grown man wrestling an armless, legless teenager who knocked over a garbage can… hard not to judge.

    • Jesus Christ you whiny little cry baby. That’s not how any of this works. Nobody was “convicted” of anything. The ACLU is a legitimate organization who would be the first to defend your right to be a moron, were that a specific right. You sissy girl authoritarians are the first to roll over like a scared puppy at the first sign of authority. Who wipes up all your pee anyways?

      What they did was show a video of a bully, LITERALLY, NOT FIGURATIVELY, beating a child with no arms and no legs and what did you do? You cried for the bully?

      Stop and think about that for a minute! How big of a pathetic POS are you?

      Is that how your mother raised you, or was she as awful a human being as you are?

  2. Disgusting. The incident itself and the inappropriate actions of the cop. He couldn’t put the cuffs on his victim so he smothered him with his ample body fat. As for those who want to “see both sides,” fine. See all you want. The cop will retain his job and maybe next time a trash can is knocked over Van Santen will just shoot the criminal. And the witness with the cellphone. Pathetic.

  3. There has got to be more to this than what is being shown. The group home surely didn’t call the S.O. because this kid kicked over a garbage can. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a set up concocted by some bored residents of the group home. And this happened back in March?? Something stinks here and of course it’s all “live, local, late breaking” brought to us by “the sky is falling” KOLD.

    • More to it? Well, I see a big Sheriff tackling a young man but the young man has no arms or legs so how much “trouble” can he possibly be? Oh, maybe he has a gun in his teeth… no, that can’t be it as he was yelling for the Law Enforcement Officer to get off.

      • You don’t know about the power and speed that paraplegics can have. If trained, that young man would take you down in seconds. Google paraplegic wrestling.

        That officer covered him as he was wildly resisting. The officer was very patient. Watch closer.

  4. There is always two sides to every story. Let us listen to both.

    I suggest that most likelz both the Deputy & teen own fault in this.

    If Mark was not so busy being Trump , cheerleader and stop traveling outside Pima County more than he is here we have local over site/supervision.

    What our Deputies expierience on a day to day occurance must creat ptsd , what tremendeous stress they live with. Napier if you keep your butt at home & look after the troops ( not be so busy kissing six ) you impliment options for dedicated men & women at Sheriff Department.

  5. Pima politics seems to be rubbing off on the Deputies, eh? Some kind of tough guy that he can’t handle a quadriplegic! All because the amputee knocked over a trash can? I guess that will show the rest of the amputees to fear the Sheriffs office. Maybe they will go after Senior Citizens next, but only if they are ctippled. What a waste of taxpayers money.

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