My Country

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This is how I’m feeling.

I started fighting the fight as soon as I was old enough to vote. The brainwashing in the schools and colleges had already begun. The hippie war protesters went from marching to getting positions in the political system in their effort to change our government. As they were doing their job we were already the oblivious frogs in the pot of water on the stove. The younger generations were brainwashed to leftist philosophies from kindergarten onward. The mainstream media reinforced things feeding us only what fit their agenda. The internet is controlled and silences opposing opinions.

We’ve reached the point where our government is totally infiltrated by the left and the elitists and multi-billionaires are the ones really in charge and running the show. We elected the man we thought could turn things around. Every single day he’s been attacked from all sides and those who believe in him are ridiculed and demeaned at every turn.

The world was outraged and cried with the murder of George Floyd. And rightly so. As cities were burned and destroyed the mayors and governors stood back as citizens and police were murdered and businesses destroyed. Hundreds of citizens fell to their knees and begged for forgiveness for their white privilege. Mayors of major cities who had planned to increase their budgets for the police departments are now cutting back on their funding by millions of dollars. We’ve allowed terrorists to take control and we’ve obeyed like sheep. We’ve gladly obeyed as they chiseled away at our constitutional rights. We’ve become the children who blindly obey our parents and no longer think for ourselves or realize what we’re losing. They tell us we’re guilty and we believe them.

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There was a time when these people we put in positions of power cloaked themselves in sheep’s clothing. The time has finally come that they are confident enough to show their colors and the brainwashed follow them like mindless puppets. The frog is oblivious. It doesn’t even know the water is boiling. Or they don’t care.

We’ve talked about the tipping point. Wake up. We have passed the tipping point. I don’t want to spent what’s left of my life watching my country take its last gasps of breath like George Floyd. We’ve been asleep too long and now it’s too late. The infection has spread like the Corona Virus and it’s too late to save it.

This is no longer my country much less the country I once loved. We threw it away.

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