There Is No Climate Crisis


Late last year a group of climate scientists were invited by David Legates (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy) to produce a series of short brochures explaining why there is no climate crisis or climate emergency, and pointing out the widespread misinformation being promoted by alarmists through the media. These brochures were intended to be published on the White House website. However, given the change in administration, these now politically incorrect brochures will probably not be published. You can, however, read them all on the website of Dr. Roy Spencer:

Lonni Lees has a new book out titled “Broken.”  Available on Amazon

Brochure titles:

Introduction(Dr. David Legates)

The Sun Climate Connection (Drs. Michael Connolly, Ronan Connolly, Willie Soon)

Systematic Problems in the Four National Assessments of Climate Change Impacts on the US (Dr. Patrick Michaels)

Record Temperatures in the United States (Dr. John Christy)

Radiation Transfer (Dr. William Happer)

Is There a Climate Emergency (Dr. Ross McKitrick)

Hurricanes and Climate Change (Dr. Ryan Maue)

Climate, Climate Change, and the General Circulation (Dr. Anthony Lupo)

Can Computer Models Predict Climate (Dr. Christopher Essex)

The Faith-Based Nature of Human-Caused Global Warming (Dr. Roy Spencer)

Take a look.

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