Kari Lake’s Donation To Barack Obama Featured In TV Ad

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Kari Lake and President Barack Obama in May 2016.

The race for Arizona Governor is heating up early, with the first outside ad attacking a front runner now on the air, nearly 11 months before the primary election is to be held in August of 2022.

Arizona Best, a group that was formed to support the campaign of Matt Salmon, launched its digital and television ad, highlighting GOP frontrunner Kari Lake’s financial support for Barack Obama.

Lake, according to polling, has jumped into first place in the crowded GOP field, largely by parroting Donald Trump’s style and message, running as essentially a Trump Republican.  So it is obvious why her opponents believe her history as a Democrat and as a giver to prominent Democrats like John Kerry and Barack Obama, undercut her message and raise questions about whether or not she is who she now claims she is.

“Kari Lake claims to be a conservative but she is a fake who supported Obama. Period,” said Barrett Marson, the PAC’s spokesman.  Marson went on to point out that these contributions occurred while Lake was working as a television news anchor, and was critical of her doing so when most journalist attempt to portray themselves as neutral or politically independent.  “…while she now attacks the industry for taking sides, it seems like she is the epitome of what she despises.”

Lake’s campaign spokesman attributed the ad to Lake’s strong position in the field, saying that “She is running to beat Katie Hobbs, the other candidates are running to beat Kari Lake – that’s the difference.”

One GOP observer, who asked not to be identified, said the ad demonstrated that the Governor’s race was going to be historically expensive, but wasn’t sure how effective the ad would be.  “It seems like most of Lake’s supporters like her for her style and could care less how she lived her life up until ten minutes before she ran for Governor. So they may ignore the ad altogether. But if it is a part of a long pattern of behavior, it may change a lot of minds.” One Lake supporter was far more confrontational and upset about the ad.  “It is a cheap shot and a sign of Kari’s strength.”

Videos of Lake’s affection for the former president have haunted her campaign

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