Satanic Temple To Host Satanic Convention, “We’re Going To Bring Satan To Scottsdale

satanic temple

The Satanic Temple has announced that Scottsdale has been selected as the site for the group’s “first religious convention. “SatanCon,” a three-day event will take place February 11-13, 2022.

The group said seemingly sarcastically that the site selection is not based on bitterness resulting from the fact that they were slapped down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals when it found the City did not discriminate against the group.

The Satanic Temple sued Scottsdale, AZ, for refusing to allow the organization the opportunity to deliver “an invocation” before its city council meetings.

In a notably inauthentic statement, Lucien Greaves, co-founder and spokesperson for The Satanic Temple, said, “In addition to creating a community for our members, SatanCon serves as an expression of our good will toward the city of Scottsdale, despite the perplexing and unfortunate ruling against us which defied precedent and common sense. In the course of litigation, Scottsdale officials desperately made clear that they are, in fact, accepting and inclusive regarding Satanists. We heard you, Scottsdale, and we accepted that as an invitation to turn Scottsdale into the Happy Satanic Fun Capital of the World.”

Organizers are planning talks and presentations that discuss the various campaigns championed by The Satanic Temple. The pro-abortion group will also focus on “psychiatric abuse, addiction recovery, and build support for TST’s after-school club.” [RELATED ARTICLE: Satanic Temple Denied By TUSD]

There will be vendors and entertainment as well, including a keynote presentation by Lucien Greaves.

“We are dedicating SatanCon to the Scottsdale City Council. Their bitter remorse at having erroneously excluded us from giving an invocation — in what they described as a bit of administrative confusion — must have been weighing on them for some time, if their testimony is to be believed. Now hundreds of Satanists will descend upon Scottsdale to let these selfless public servants know, Hey, it’s okay. We understand, and we’re here to make things right. Far from being disgruntled and put off, we’re going to bring Satan to Scottsdale. We’re bringing the party to you, Scottsdale, and it’s going to be an event to remember,” Greaves said.


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