The Third Apology Is The Charm: Sunday’s Comic

hobbs comic

From the Yellow Sheet:


At a press conference today, Talonya Adams told reporters she believes Katie Hobbs should resign as secretary of state and drop out of the Democratic gubernatorial race. She also said she believes Hobbs is a racist, though she acknowledged she initially struggled with the decision to declare so publicly. “It’s a difficult question, and I’ve struggled with it,” she said. Adams – the former Dem Senate staffer who twice prevailed in federal discrimination and retaliation suits against the Senate – hosted the press conference on the steps of the Sandra Day O’Connor U.S. Courthouse in response to an apology posted to Twitter yesterday (YS, 12/8) by Hobbs, who was the Senate minority leader and Adams’ boss at the time of the firing that prompted the lawsuit. The video marked a departure for Hobbs, who for weeks after the verdict largely defended the decision to fire Adams and deflected blame for her low pay to Republican majority leadership and staff. That response drew criticism from Adams and many other Democrats, who called on Hobbs to take more responsibility for the decision (YS, 11/17). Some Dems found yesterday’s apology sincere…



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