Republican Lawmaker Pushing Conspiracy Theory Again

Wendy Rogers in 2018 Congressional campaign ad at an indoor shooting range. [Photo via Facebook video]

Fresh off a historic censure by the Arizona State Senate that followed State Senator Wendy Rogers’ public support and embrace of white supremacist and noted anti-Semite Nick Fuentes, along with her subsequent threats against any Republican lawmaker who dared to censure her, Rogers has again followed Fuentes down the paranoid extremist rabbit hole, declaring that the shooting rampage that just occurred in Buffalo was a “false flag” attack carried out by the federal government.

This is hardly the first time that Rogers has embraced messages pushed by those associated with actual hate groups, but her most recent embraces have come as an elected official, not just some attention seeking wannabe. Rogers spent a decade running for, and losing, political office, before financially overwhelming her more conservative opponent in 2020 and burying her under negative and often inaccurate attacks. Now, using her State Senator title, Rogers is working hard to offer credibility and status to fringe groups, and it is causing trouble for her fellow Republicans, and heartburn for voters in her district.

“As it is, Rogers can’t get bills passed or help when it comes to doing things on election integrity or border security because she’s radioactive and she’s gone to war with the conservative leadership in her own caucus.” noted a Capitol observer, who added that he felt that Rogers had come into office with a great deal of momentum, then threw it all away.

“I’ve had it with Wendy Rogers and I’ll never vote for her again.” said one voter, adding “She talks a big game and raises millions of dollars to spend on herself, but she hasn’t done a damn thing that she said she would, and she doesn’t care about our district or wherever the hell she lives.”

Rogers’ residency has long been disputed as she has maintained a family residence in Tempe during her runs for State Senate and later Congress in the Tempe area, then again when she ran for Congress in Northern Arizona. For now, Rogers has declared a small mobile home in the district as her legal residence, fulfilling the legal requirement that she live in the district and allowing her to hold the seat.

For her part, Rogers continues endorsing candidates seeking to capture some of her fundraising magic. And she is working hard to win her primary election against conservative Republican Kelly Townsend, appearing with popular candidates like Kari Lake and Mark Finchem.

“Rogers may not have much to show yet from being a legislator, but no one will outwork her on the campaign trail. She’s been running for office for a very long time and she lives for it.” remarked a Rogers supporter.

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