1. its not him its his puppet masters. Brandon has no clue as to what is going on and really cares less as he knows the dnc propaganda arm will protect him. Has anything ever comeout about the UNDECLARED $5 million he didnt pay taxes on?

    The democraps/left rail against billionaires but they let soros off and ignore his efforts to destroy this country with his stupidly funded stuff. Same with bloomberg and the others. Do you think they will pay or will it just be the ones they dont like?

    Besides Costco has mex import baby formula on their shelves!!

  2. Why buy formula from out of country when we had some here, but got sent to the border where it’s stored in warehouses for illegal immigrants.
    Why buy oil abroad when we could have our own oil? But no, joe took care of that too. Spending money we don’t have.
    This administration is a shameful disgrace. I would take a mean tweet to have $2.30 or less a gal gas, plenty of jobs and a thriving economy.

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