Inflation Impacts In The Grand Canyon State

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A new survey commissioned by September Group, LLC and conducted by OH Predictive Insights measured the impact of inflation on the monthly budgets of Arizonans. According to the latest Arizona Public Opinion Pulse (AZPOP) Survey, 63% of Arizonans have seen a monthly spending increase of $200.

This AZPOP was conducted from July 5th – July 14th, 2022, and surveyed 927 Arizona Registered voters with a margin of error of ±3.2%.

Across the board, Arizonans are impacted by inflation, however, some groups have been impacted more than others. Among the top groups impacted by inflation, students (84%) and homemakers (79%) are being impacted the most.

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“Americans are basically experiencing the biggest tax increase in four decades. Due to a myriad of factors including bad public policy, everyone is experiencing a massive tax increase that is impacting their household budgets and family’s lifestyle,” said Chuck Warren, Managing Director of the September Group, LLC.

Impacted Demographics

While Arizonans across the board are feeling the effects of inflation, different demographics experience the effects in diverse ways in response to several socio-economic factors. According to the July AZPOP, 18-54-year-olds, Hispanics, and rural Arizonans are feeling the brunt of pressures from inflation.

Younger voters are feeling an outsized impact from the effects of inflation, with 74% of those respondents reporting that they are spending more than $200 monthly compared to this time last year. Women in the younger demographic are especially impacted, with 70% over $200/month.

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“It should come to no one’s surprise that inflation is impacting everyone around us,” said Mike Noble, OHPI Chief of Research. “Although it is a positive sign to see the world around us getting back to pre-pandemic ‘normal’, there are still residual economic effects that are clearly not keeping up with the rest of the world’s progress.”

Rural Arizonans

Supply chain issues impact rural Arizona at a significantly higher rate than in urban areas, worsening the initial effects of inflation by adding additional handling costs to already inflated goods. According to the AZPOP, 64% of registered voters from the 13 rural Arizona counties reported an increase of $200 or more. Rural women are especially impacted at a rate of 68%.

Hispanic Arizonans are especially feeling inflationary pressures, with 71% of Hispanic respondents reporting they spent more than $200 monthly compared to this time last year. This is an 8% increase from the 63% overall. Of that 71%, more than one-quarter (28%) have spent more than $500.

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“As wages struggle to keep pace with the rising prices of everyday items like fuel and food, the effects of inflation are burning in Arizonans’ wallets, and those concerns will almost certainly be voiced in the ballot box,” said Noble.

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