COVID-19: Should I Get The New BA-5 Bivalent Booster?

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It is easy to get confused about all the COVID-19 boosters.

New variants of the virus keep popping up, with vaccine makers in hot pursuit. There is not enough time to do the usual human testing before releasing each new one.

The BA-5 bivalent shot has only been tested in eight mice—no humans. But Dr. Anthony Fauci is not concerned about it. The technology is basically the same as the earlier shots, and we supposedly know that they are “very safe.” After all, we don’t test the new flu shot every year. But vaccine expert Dr. Paul Offit is hesitant because the mRNA technology has only been used in vaccines since 2020.

But is the benefit of protection against a dread disease worth the risk? As the graphs below show, effectiveness wanes quickly, and becomes negative within 4 to 5 months (red circles).


Worse still, the vaccines also seem to impair the natural immunity already developed by children who had had COVID before being vaccinated.

One New York pharmacist is on the video linked above calling the stated lack of testing “fake news.” CDC director Rochelle Walensky states that they are using “trusted messengers” to put out a “simplified message”: “Just get your fall booster.”

The booster is available under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), and informed consent is required. “It’s up to you.”

Some questions you might ask the vaccine administrator:

· Could the vaccines impair immunity, accounting for post-vaccine shingles or other infections?

· Could interference with native immunity increase cancer risk?

· If I should have an adverse event that later seems to have been linked to the vaccine, could you be liable if you failed to warn me about it?

· Are there any possible side effects I should be aware of?

(Information on reported “Illness and Death Spikes,” see AAPS News, September 2022, p 2.}

Jane Orient, M.D., Executive Director, Association of American Physicians and

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  1. Just spoke with the 6th friend who developed clots – this one in his urethra. Not nice, but he’ll live. His partner now wears a pacemaker after a clot was found in her heart. Not nice.
    These clot shots are deadly – read up on how to minimize their damaging effects – it can be done.

  2. The quick, short, and smart answer is NO. The shots are destroying peoples’ lives and killing them. Anything Fraudci is pushing needs to be considered harmful regarding the CHINA VIRUS.

  3. Readers searching for the reality of the “scamdemic” and the clot shot would be well served to get Dr. Mercola’s free newsletter. ( He’s been running point on this mess for a number of years and is far ahead of the curve.

  4. RE: SARS Co V ; have you ever seen any other virus that can morph as many times as this one has ever in history? I’ll say NOPE – but this ‘engineered bio-weapon has’ and it’s done everything it was designed to do quite well as a weapon has it not.

  5. I got the SARS CoV and it was ‘very mild’ non immunized I now have excellent acquired immunity – which does not mean I can’t get it again – but the statistics say ‘maybe not’ for sometime.. which is perhaps more than the ‘immunization’ group can say with any certainty. Every person in our business that was immunized got SARS CoV – so what’s the purpose? Oh fear of death? – the DRIVER of FEAR ; God knows the number of my days – walking through the valley of death – another day at the park. Maranatha!

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