Regents Award Large Pay Raises To University Presidents Crow, Robbins, Cruz Rivera


The Arizona Board of Regents convened last week to dole out pay raises to the already highly paid presidents of Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona. The regents unanimously approved the raises for Arizona State University President Michael Crow, University of Arizona President Robert Robbins, and Northern Arizona University President José Luis Cruz.

The men are among the highest paid public employees in the state. Governor Doug Ducey’s base pay is $95,000 a year.

Crow’s base salary of $771,282 was raised to $809,800. He was also awarded a $90,000 bonus. Crow also receives benefits including housing, a vehicle allowance, as well as retirement contributions. His contract was extended through June 30, 2027.

Robbins base salary of $754,515 was raised to $792,241 a year. He also received a bonus of $75,000. His contract was extended through June 30, 2025. He also receives benefits including housing and a vehicle allowance.

Cruz Rivera’s base salary was increased from $515,000 to $576,800 annually. He also received a $75,000 bonus. His contact was extended through June 30, 2025.

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  1. In the real world, you’d pay for your own housing and vehicle. Tens of thousands in bonuses are more than a lot of “ordinary” people make busting nut. But then again… these pay-poor Presidents aren’t the real university heeroes… Football and Basketball coaching staff are an even bigger drain. I’ll bet the underpaid part-time instructors hired for peanuts would like a piece of the action.

  2. So Biden’s loan forgiveness, if it ultimately goes through, basically green lights the Colleges to continue to charge outrageous tuition. Subsequently they can give outrageous pay increases to the already overpaid President(s).

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