Glendale Residents Give City High Marks


A poll conducted earlier this spring by an Arizona pollster shows that residents of Glendale, Arizona are feeling good about their city and its progress. While the poll is reportedly for internal use and exact numbers have not been made available, people familiar with the results report that nearly two-thirds of residents believe the city is moving in the right direction, with less than 15% believing it is going in the wrong direction.

“When you compare how most city residents feel about their respective cities, Glendale is clearly doing something right, because those are very good numbers.” commented a different pollster who did not perform the Glendale poll.

Glendale has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and the city produces a steady stream of press releases touting new employers moving into the city, as well as major hospitality and entertainment projects, like the new VAI Resort that is scheduled to open next year.

“I think cities like Peoria and Surprise are looking at the success Glendale is having and trying to figure out how to best replicate it.” said one West Valley resident, “Which is great news for the West Valley in general, because the more cities follow the Glendale model, the more jobs and entertainment/dining options everyone will have.”

And Glendale isn’t done seeking improvements, as it will be pursuing a major improvement and redevelopment of its downtown area, that features a number of historic buildings and landmarks, much to the delight of fans of the area.

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