Outrage Grows As UArizona Nursing Class Lecture On Gender Identity Talk For 3-Year-Old Goes Viral

The popular Twitter (X) account, Libs of TikTok, first exposed the questionable UArizona curriculum.

Outrage is growing among parents and Arizona State lawmakers as news of a troubling curriculum being taught at the University of Arizona Nursing School has gone viral.

Senate Republicans say the curriculum aims to “cater to the radical left agenda, and to steal the innocence of young children through the next generation of medical professionals.”

Senate Republicans say they have reached out to the University of Arizona (UArizona), and “it’s our understanding an image shared by a whistleblower and posted to social media this week depicting a lesson plan on “asking pediatric patients about gender identity” is in fact from inside a classroom at UArizona Nursing School. The image reveals nursing students are being taught to start asking patients as young as three years of age if they “feel like a girl on the inside, feel like a boy on the inside, neither, or both.”

“I’m absolutely sickened that this institution of higher learning is perpetuating the lie that a person’s gender is based off feelings and not their God-given biological sex established upon conception,” said Senator Janae Shamp (R-29), Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Health & Human Services. “This is completely groomer garbage that strives to confuse our kids in an effort to cater to the evil that is being accepted by today’s society.”

“As a nurse,” said Shamp, “I am so disheartened that the next generation of nurses are being hijacked of their capabilities to deliver ethical care.”

“It is our obligation as lawmakers to stop this extremist agenda that continues to target minors in a predatory fashion,” said Senator Ken Bennett (R-1), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education. “I’m looking forward to seeing what action President Robbins takes to ensure that this immoral curriculum being taught, with the use of state funding, never reaches another classroom again.”

“If this issue is not immediately resolved by the university, Senate Republicans will weigh all options to make certain tax dollars are no longer used in such an egregious fashion,” said Senator T.J. Shope (R-16), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health & Human Services. “The mental health of our children and the state of our health care industry our being threatened by this radical ideology.”

Arizona Women of Action called on conservatives to contact university officials in a tweet:

@uarizona, this is disgraceful. Your NURSING students are learning untruthful, unscientific, damaging, destructive ideology. Our tax 💲💲💲.

How do reconcile this, @uarizona ?
Contact UofA: https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8BPKSopR9pfE4bI
520-621-2211 @AZHouseGOP @AZSenateGOP @AZFreedomCaucus


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  1. Goes to show the more often people expect the government to intervene in these totally insane trends which threaten the mental, and physical health of children- the more often some brazen academic or ideological elites will decide for the parents. And seek to exclude the child from the family and parents. No matter what we’re discussing. These demigods seek to destroy American society. Warping the minds of students and changing the meaning of healthcare delivery in America. Sure seems like some gruesome android factory tailor made for controlling populations. Think I’ll skip talking with a nurse going forward. Hope parents start catching on to this battle for the lives and minds of children by the insane leftists.

  2. I like to peruse REDD STARR website headlines to see other stuff in Tucson
    NOT A PEEP from the magic rainbow rag

  3. Yet ANOTHER reason why I personally stopped giving any money (and will never give any more) to this sick-a** excuse for a university. It’s a shame they still get a piece of me from tax dollars.

  4. Had a nice conversation with my g-grandson in WA the other day about school. He told me that one of his teachers replaced the US flag with the Pride flag. Neither of his parents nor grandparents knew about this.
    Only when these evils are brought into the light are people going to be aware and stand up to them. I fear many parents would rather look the other way than be compelled to react or to make inconvenient choices.

  5. The UA – The unsaved citizens of Corinth were deeply devoted to pagan religions. In terms of paganism and idolatry, Corinth stands out as one of the most wicked, idolatrous cities in world history. The pagan temples of the city were filled with worshipers who danced wildly under the influence of wine and drugs. In order to drive the people over the edge and into an emotionally frenzied state of spiritual ecstasy, the pagan priests would wildly beat the metal drums faster and faster and louder and louder.

    sound familiar? Paganism – is the course of education of the UA with its ‘agenda’

    It is the time in which we live – in the end times this is how it will be… the time of the lords return is close – Keep the Faith! Maranatha !

  6. Telling kids they can choose genders, before they know how to tie their shoes. This is the world we are living in?
    He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female… Matthew 19:4
    Read the Bible, it’s good for the soul!

  7. To Sen T.J.Shope and all the other representatives, delete the “IF”. Drop all your fancy words of outrage and take action by withholding all funds to UA until the garbage is tossed out. This includes any teachers who believe a 3 year old should be transitioned. Gov Ron DeSantis (FL) put a stop to the indoctrination at all Florida schools, you can too!

    • Sadly the AZ Rs are ineffective and weak because there is not a majority without several squishes. Never happen

    • I completely agree that funding should be stopped for the UA; one way is to stop paying a portion of state tax. Calculate what percentage goes to higher education in this state and delete it from your total. Citizens must take action.

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