Water To Start Flowing For Rio Verde Foothills Residents

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The residents of Rio Verde Foothills will soon have water thanks to the work of Arizona State Rep. Alexander Kolodin and the Standpipe Board. Water is expected to start flowing on Monday after more than a year.

For over a year, the City of Scottsdale and Maricopa County failed to effectively address the dire situation facing residents of the unincorporated area. Finally, Kolodin and Arizona State Sen. John Kavanagh stepped in and managed to negotiate with the parties and craft a bill, sponsored by Arizona State Sen. Justine Wadsack, that created a standpipe district to bring water to the wildcat development.

That bill, SB 1432, directed the City of Scottsdale to work with a newly established standpipe district for a period of up to three years to treat and transport water to homes within the community. Before that three-year period ends, EPCOR, a utility company, will obtain the legal authorization to permanently serve the Rio Verde residents.


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“After more than a year of failed attempts to resolve the issue, today we stand in celebration as water flows once more to the residents of Rio Verde Foothills,” said Kolodin.

“Three months ago, we sent a bill to Hobbs urging she sign the legislation to help restore water for over 700 residents that had relied on the City of Scottsdale for over 30 years,” explained Kolodin. “At that time, we applauded the community’s resolve and said, “Hold on tight, relief is on the way.”

“We are elected to office to get things done for the people of Arizona. Where every other level of government failed, this Republican Majority delivered!” concluded Kolodin.

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