Schwiebert, Terech, Marsh Routinely Oppose Common Sense Legislation

terech marsh menzel
Sen. Christine Marsh (LD-4), Rep. Melody Hernandez (LD-8), Rep. Laura Terech (LD-4), and Scottsdale Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Scott Menzel.

Last summer, at the Paradise Valley Community Center in NE Phoenix, an event took place, promoted as a townhall meeting featuring three Democrat legislators, Senator Christine Marsh (LD4), Representative Laura Terech (LD4), and Representative Judy Schwiebert (LD2).

As it turned out, it was not a townhall at all, but a political rally, complete with a cheerleading troupe that included some high school students.

At that rally, these three legislators disclosed their plans for flipping the State Legislature from Republican to Democrat, and the agenda that they would follow after that was accomplished. The number one priority for the Democratic Party, we found out, was to target a few Republican legislators, hoping that they could replace at least three or four. At the top of the list of those targeted was Republican Representative Matt Gress, of district 4.

What was not clear at that time to the uninformed is that these three legislators would be so obstinate in their opposition to common sense legislation and their promotion of Marxist ideas.

That obstinance came to a very visible head when Schwiebert voted NO on house bill HB2244. This is a very simple bill. All it does is prohibit someone from intentionally misbranding a product that is not derived from livestock or poultry as meat or poultry. It is hard to imagine what constituents she represented with that vote. It could not possibly have been the rank-and-file district 2 voters.

But it gets worse. All three, Schwiebert, Terech and Marsh have been routinely voting against the best interests of their constituents. Here are some examples:

In the House Education Committee, both Schwiebert and Terech have voted NO on:

HB2095 scholarships – foster care students
HB2086 county school superintendents; qualifications
HB2089 community colleges; expenditure limitation
HB2178 prevents preferential treatment of some university clubs

In the Senate Education Committee, Marsh voted NO on:

SB1058 requires basic economics and personal finance to be taught

In the Senate Transportation, Technology and Missing Children, Marsh voted NO on:

SB1003 Prohibits the use of photo radar
SB1010 Prohibits tracking and taxing vehicles according to miles driven

In addition to these votes, one or more of these three legislators have sponsored or introduced the following bills. (This is only a partial list):

HB2041 Turns schools into virtual mental institutions
HB2422 Same day voter registration – Open invitation to mischief
HB2423 Automatic voter registration – More invitation to mischief
HB2463 Effort to get around the very generous aggregate expenditure limit
HB2650 Create more “mental health professionals” to populate schools
SB1105 Another effort to turn schools into psychiatric wards
SB1314 Repeals the AZ Empowerment Scholarship Accounts program by 2032
SB1352 Harasses participants in the ESA program
SB1546 Attempt to disqualify Trump from being a candidate in AZ
SCR1028 Repeals the very generous aggregate expenditure limit