Illegal Migrants Suspected Of Assault On A NYC Police Officer Arrested By ICE Agents In Phoenix

Suspected illegal immigrants assaulted NYPD officers in Times Square.

Suspected illegal immigrants accused of assaulting NYPD officers in Times Square were arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, Monday night. District Attorney Alvin Bragg faced backlash for releasing five out of the 12 suspects without bail.

The identities of the suspects arrested have not yet been released.

On Tuesday Senate candidate, Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County congratulated ICE on their work capturing the suspected perpetrators in the attack “so let’s hope they send them back to where they belong, this is unacceptable. We got to continue to send a message we aren’t going to tolerate this kind of behavior from anybody let alone people that are here in this country illegally. Great job ICE. Great picking them up in Phoenix. To my brothers in blue in New York we stand with you” he said.

Sheriff Mark Lamb has been an outspoken critic of the Biden administration’s handling of the ongoing border crisis.

On a recent appearance of Fox Business (FBN) Sheriff Mark Lamb told Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo “They always talk about the root causes. They are the root causes. Under President Trump we saw 400,000 apprehensions in one year. Now we’re seeing 300,000 apprehensions every month. These numbers are unsustainable. The only way we’re going to stop it based on what I see and the intentionality of what this administration has done is replace them. Which is why I’m running for the U.S. Senate.” He goes on “I love being the sheriff, but I can only protect my herd from the wolves for so long. At some point I got to go hunt those wolves and that’s why I’m taking my fight to the U.S. Senate.”


  1. And to think some 6 million to date have passed thru our borders, and the majority all men. From the ages between 18 and 24 or even 44. So many from countries that hate the United States. Biden’s and the deep state’s evil plans no doubt.

  2. There’s very few facts in this story. Arrested for what charge? Criminal? Immigration? They’re not here illegally if DHS gave them notice to appear or work permits already. Will ICE let them go? Will we ever even find out?

    • Exactly. And the story makes it sound like Trump,was lenient. Trump, 400k in one year vs Biden 300k each month. Sounds like Biden is doing a better job.

  3. Kudos to the ICE Agents involved. Make it a felony to be here illegally with a mandatory five year prison sentence for first time offenders, then give ’em a 6 month grace period to leave.

    • That’ll give them 6 months to get a drivers license someplace else, steal a social security number and hide. And where are you going to jail 11 million illegals? Catch ’em and dump ’em back in Mexico and let THEM worry about it. Mexico allowed the illegals to cross into their country, let them worry about what to do with them. Put more guns on the border to disuade any crossing back over. Cat and mouse games cannot continue.

  4. I think they need to change their titles to ‘prisoner’ and make it for a time that leaves them a memory of their actions – 5 – 10 year depending on their further actions would be appropriate in my opinion. Upon release to their home country – a note – come back get arrested here again – add 10 – 20 years. Not just a punishment but a notice to there co-at-hearts ; do this crime – you will do the time.

  5. Reports keep calling these lawbreakers “migrants” or “illegal immigrants”. They are neither!
    They are illegal alines, period.

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