All Eyes On Texas While Arizona Remains Wide Open


Over a dozen Republican governors joined forces in Eagle Pass, Texas, in show of support for Gov. Greg Abbott to speak out against “open border policies” put in place by the Biden administration.

“We are here to send a loud and clear message that we are banding together to fight to ensure that we will be able to maintain our constitutional guarantee that states will be able to defend against any type of imminent danger or invasion,” Gov. Abbott said.

In mid-January, the Texas Governor issued orders for the National Guard to assume control of Shelby Park. Concurrently, the governor implemented criminal trespass arrest authority, targeting migrants crossing into Texas unlawfully.

Subsequently, illegal crossings in The Del Rio Sector have witnessed a decline, totaling 16,718 encounters. In contrast, San Diego, particularly the San Ysidro Sector, has experienced a notable increase, with migrant encounters reaching 24,714.

While the spotlight remains on Eagle Pass, Texas, it’s crucial to turn attention to Tucson, where a staggering 50,583 encounters took place. This number significantly surpasses the figures in The Del Rio Sector by threefold and doubles that of San Diego. The total documented encounters on the southern border for the month of January reached 176,294 illegal migrants, with Tucson accounting for nearly one-third of all encounters documented by border patrol agents along the southern border.

Just last week in Lukeville, Arizona, more than 600 illegal migrants were processed after crossing through a breach in the wall in a single day. On February 2nd, I personally witnessed over 300 migrants crossing illegally between the east side of the Port of Entry (where I previously reported on the ranch smuggling migrants through a wall cut on MLK Jr. Day) and the west side wall, with over a hundred migrants crossing during the late hours of the night.

I had the privilege of interviewing three young men from the Czech Republic who were visiting family while on vacation. During our conversation, we delved into the pressing challenges Europe grapples with concerning immigration, exploring the question of whether nations possess the right to safeguard their borders. Additionally, we discussed their impressions and thoughts on their visit to the United States. “It is normal to control borders because you need to know who is going in and going out and why he’s going” one of the men said. “It is needed to protect citizens of that country and from something illegal and some dangerous people,” the other said.

Under the cover of night, predominantly migrants, including individuals from African nations such as Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Gambia, Mauritania, and Sudan, clandestinely crossed the west side of the border wall in Lukeville, Arizona. In the dimness, they traversed dark roads, flashing flashlights to guide their way in the cold. By 1:30 AM, a gathering of over a hundred illegal migrants from Africa, Mexico, and South America braved forty-degree temperatures, awaiting pickup by border patrol agents. Subsequently, they were transported to the Ajo station for processing, issued orders to appear in court—typically spanning from two to six years—and then further transported to their subsequent destinations, which could be anywhere within the United States.

As temperatures along the border remain near forty degrees, illegal migrants endure the harsh conditions, resorting to sleeping on the cold ground, huddling together for body heat, and crafting makeshift fires to stave off the chill. Children walk and play alongside their parents trying to stay warm as hours go by. In a poignant display of desperation, a father brings his small child, displaying signs of a fever, to the lone border patrol agent assigned to stand watch until processing vans arrive for pickup. Moved by compassion, the agent permits the mother and child to seek warmth in the backseat yet underscores the unfortunate reality that no medical aid is available.

While the national spotlight remains predominantly on Texas, Arizona stands as the primary gateway for illegal entry and human trafficking orchestrated by cartels along our southern border.

Reports indicate that the Mexican military has been deporting encountered illegal migrants back to Guatemala. However, insights from sources in Mexico suggest that those determined to cross persist in their journey until reaching the United States.

With attention directed at Texas, Arizona finds itself in a state of uncertain prospects as Governor Katie Hobbs offers little reassurance and no discernible resolution in sight for the ongoing crisis at our southern border.


  1. What really makes me laugh is we let 535 members of congress and few hundred more at the WH rule 335 million people! We do not like what they are doing with their spending our money for other countries while importing about 8-10 million men from countries that hate us, don’t know the language,no skills and we are supporting them in a style more suited for celebrities. I mean we already have about 180+ Million able bodied men,( not adolescent males) so why do we need the above men??

  2. Spineless AZ Republicans let this happen. They are obsessed with form and ignore content.

  3. The CBP are either being used as travel agents, clerks or cab drivers. There is no sincere, reasonable and legal process at Joe Biden’s GLOBAL AMERICAN OPEN BORDER. There is NO national security and no SOVEREIGN America as long as the globalists are in control.

  4. Correct me If I’m wrong but thought Governor Hobbs was sending the National Guard month plus ago???

    • that is correct but not as blocking assistance – they were there to process those wishing to cross ‘faster’ to get more in… faster… at our expense

  5. Katie Hobbs, like the rest of her ilk, are not concerned about the flood of Illegal Aliens crossing into Arizona every hour of the day. The master plan by these leftist elites is that they will maintain control of the White House and have a majority in both the House and Senate after the 2024 elections. They will then move to grant amnesty to the over 10 million Illegal Aliens who have crossed our borders, giving them a form of legal status allowing them to vote. Guess who they have been conditioned to vote for? Donald Trump needs to win the Presidential elections in November or all will be lost!

  6. Nobody saying much (or enough) about the early morning flights full of illegals out of TIA daily. I flew back east in mid-Sept and at 4:30 am the ticket area for United was full of illegals, all identifiable with their white cards on backpacks and holding an envelope of papers. Destination? La Guardia. Not sure about the Africans wearing Catholic Charities blankies. All had better seats paid for by the government than mine… I flew the toilet seat and I PAID for it. Bet Hobbsie isn’t flyinng the toilet seat….

  7. Saw a report that numerous illegals are being housed at a motel next to the airport, tickets to other cities bought by a catholic organization,plus spending money to the tune of thousand dollar debit cards. That’s Az tax money that could have been spent on our own homeless vets and fed the homeless.
    What is hobbs doing about it? Nothing!!

    • And Joe Biden is the Greatest Human Trafficker and there is nobody to stop hi and his henchmen democrats step all over the Federal Constitutional laws, they are the worst enemies of the USA I ever seen, with those kind of US citizens, The USA needs no other enemies!!

  8. It’s become painfully obvious that all Arizona has what I call “soundbite Sheriffs”. One in particular will remain un-named, here. Lotsa talk, little to no action.
    The Sheriff is, really, the last buffer between the (lawless) government and the people.
    We are in a very dangerous place, folks.

  9. Remember when these tough cowboy sheriffs did political ads supporting Katie Hobbs saying she was going to fix the AZ border? Where are those tough cowboy sheriffs now? Weak and pathetic.

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