Israeli Diplomat To Address Arizona State Legislature


By Cameron Arcand 

Israeli Consul General to the Pacific Southwest Israel Bachar will be addressing the Arizona State Legislature on Wednesday.

Bachar is expected to discuss the ongoing Israel-Hamas War in the joint protocol session, according to a news release. The Israeli-born diplomat is part of the Consulate General in Los Angeles who also operates a consulting firm.

The scheduled speech comes after 17 lawmakers in the House visited the Middle Eastern nation earlier this month. At the event, the legislature will also tout House Concurrent Resolution 2009, which affirmed the legislature’s support for Israel following the attack by Hamas on the country on Oct. 7.

The proclamation states that Israel has a “right to defend itself.”

“The State of Arizona and Israel share spiritual, economic and social ties and values that bind our societies together. Since 1948, the two countries have enjoyed a cordial and mutually beneficial relationship, which grows stronger with each passing year, and Arizona has established a trade office in Israel,” the resolution states.

HCR 2009 also addresses possible risks to the Jewish community in Phoenix as the war continues abroad.

“Jewish communities, including those in Arizona, are facing staggering rises in antisemitism, as defined by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and adopted by the State of Arizona and the United States Department of State, including the contemporary examples of antisemitism,” it states.

The Center Square reported in October that the Phoenix Police Department increased security at synagogues in the city over the possible risk of anti-semitic acts. A Brandeis University report estimates that there are 115,000 “Jewish adults” in Arizona, many of whom live in the Phoenix or Tucson area.

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  1. Israel – the land Jesus gave to ‘his people’ forever. The events of prophecy have been and are being fulfilled to this moment and time – 100% accurate – The events of Israel being rejoined by its dispersed people – a key point in time – for all now living on the planet. A marker in time for the return of Christ for all to take note of. The prophecy, the word, is. It will come to be just over the horizion. Happy Easter – The Tomb is Empty – Jesus Arose from this task of saving man kind – Rejoice.

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