AZ Legislature Week In Review – Week Ending March 29, 2024

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes

The biggest news coming out of the legislature this week is the creation by Speaker Toma of an ad hoc committee to oversee and respond to irresponsible behavior by members of the executive branch. A major perpetrator of this irresponsible behavior has been our Attorney General Kris Mayes.

A function of this committee will be to propose legislation aimed at reining in irresponsible behavior by members of the executive branch. For more details regarding this, check out a recent ADI article HERE.

Democrats continue their support for the invasion of illegal immigrants, showing an irresponsible disregard for the wellbeing of American citizens, especially those living near the southern border, as in Arizona.

The latest example of this misbehavior was the action of three Democrat senators, Gabaldon, Diaz, and Bravo. They walked out of the committee on Military Affairs, Public Safety, and Border Security, in protest of border security bills being considered by this committee. This is another reason why it is so important that Republicans maintain, and hopefully expand, their majority in both chambers of the legislature.

A piece of good news coming out of the senate is the advancement of senate bill SB1064 – gasoline formulations; air quality. This bill is aimed at reducing the cost of gasoline by expanding the choice of blends available. This is particularly important now, because we are about to change to our summer blend of gasoline, where the effect of this bill will be greatest.

Unfortunately, nearly all Democrats have been opposing this bill, which creates some doubt that it will be signed by the governor if/when it reaches her desk. Hopefully she will have enough political sense to realize that lower- and middle-class Arizonans suffer the most because of higher fuel costs, and sign this bill into law. You may read more details about this bill HERE , and express your support to legislators, using the tools available at

One item that is conspicuous by its absence is the discussion of the state budget. Apparently, the governor has been refusing to participate in the customary negotiations, and time is running out. Citizens should contact the governor and request that she engages in this important issue. Here is her contact information:



Phoenix: 602.542.4331 Tucson: 520.628.6580



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