AZ Legislature Week In Review – Week Ending May 17, 2024

arizona capitol
Arizona Capitol dome.(Photo by Ellen O'Brien/Cronkite News)

We are still experiencing light activity at the capitol, but legislators have managed to make some progress, as follows.

HCR2060  – NOW: border; benefits; fentanyl; illegal entry – Stalled in Senate

Democrat legislators are 100% opposed to this border security referral to the voters. Obtaining 100% support of Republicans has become difficult. This is hard to understand because this measure, if approved by the voters, will undergo extreme scrutiny by the courts. Any portion(s) that are deemed unconstitutional will be stricken out. Therefore, what could possibly be the motivation for stalling this bill and preventing the voters from deciding?

HCR2056  – Strike-Everything – Now pertains to Elections – Passed Senate Elections Committee

Prohibits the use of foreign monies for election administration purposes or to influence the outcome of a ballot measure. Changes the date by which early ballots must be returned to a polling place from 7:00 p.m. on election day to 7:00 p.m. on the Friday before election day, with exceptions for delivery to the office of the county recorder during emergency voting. Requires the county recorder or other officer in charge of elections to provide for on-site tabulation of all ballots for all voting conducted during early voting or on election day.

HB2095 – scholarships; requirements; foster care students – Passed House Final Vote – Sent to Hobbs

Expands School Tuition Organizations (STO) eligibility to students in foster homes. This helps mostly low-income students. Not a single Democrat voted in favor of this bill.

SB1078 – fraudulent voice recordings – Passed House Third Reading

Classifies, as criminal impersonation subject to a class 5 felony, using a computer generated voice recording, image or video of another person with intent to defraud other persons or with intent to harass other persons.

SB1336 – NOW: deepfake recordings or images – Passed House Third Reading

Deems intentionally disseminating a nonconsensual deepfake recording or image to be unlawful and classifies the offense as a class 6 or class 4 felony, as prescribed, and excludes specified content.

SB1670 – public-private partnership contracts – Passed House Third Reading

An emergency measure that authorizes the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) and the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) to jointly establish public-private partnerships (P3s) for military rotary wing aviation flight and maintenance training and services at locations DEMA owns, administers or controls property.

In the governor’s front, it is business as usual. Her veto count is now 56 of the 254 bills that have been sent to her.

For a list of all the bills that Hobbs has vetoed, go here.

To find out what bills have been sent to the governor, click on this link.

Then click on “Select Bills to Display” and choose “Sent to Governor”

Those folks who wish to contact the governor regarding these and other bills may do so by using this contact information:



Phoenix: 602.542.4331 Tucson: 520.628.6580

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  1. HCR2060, “if approved by the voters, will undergo extreme scrutiny by the courts.” I’m getting tired of Republicans trying to pass last minute desperation bills. You’d think their efforts would reveal a real plan, but that seldom happens.

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