Voters Have Better Understanding Of Candidates Lamb And Lake After AMAC Forum

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Mark Lamb | Kari Lake

On Thursday, May 23, the AMAC Action organization conducted a webinar that consisted of a forum of the top candidates for U.S. senator from Arizona. All three candidates were invited, Democrat Gallego and Republicans Lake and Lamb. Only Lake and Lamb attended, Gallego did not.

This was not a real debate as we know it, but rather a forum in which each candidate was asked the same questions and had either 2 or 3 minutes to respond. The rules were very simple. The first candidate to answer the first question was determined alphabetically (Lake) and the first to answer subsequent questions was alternated back and forth. While a candidate spoke, all other microphones were muted, so that there would not be any interruptions.

Throughout the discussion, both candidates stressed what they consider their strengths.

Lake chose to stress two main reasons why she is a better candidate. One is the fact that she has been endorsed by Trump. In fact, she mentioned it 8 times in her 30-minute share of the conversation. The other is that she has been at the forefront of the fight for election integrity for the last two years. To that end, she pointed out that she has been in court numerous times. She did not mention what the outcome of those court battles has been.

Lamb’s strategy was totally different. Throughout the event, he pointed out that Lake is good at talking and conducting photo ops, but he has been in the trenches, actually doing the job. He stressed the fact that he is the only candidate who has won elections, balanced a budget, led an organization, fought crime and defended our borders, among others.

When it came time to express positions regarding most of the core issues facing our state, both candidates were mostly in agreement. For example, both candidates expressed support for secured borders, limited government, balanced budgets, protection of social security, reduction of the national debt, curbing inflation, promoting healthy businesses, reducing foreign aid, and avoiding involvement in foreign wars.

Here are highlights of the conversation regarding the two topics for which there was the highest level of disagreement.

Attributes and Accomplishments


  • Was chosen by Trump to run because he trusts her
  • As a news person, seen what is wrong
  • Has been at the forefront of the fight for election integrity, including numerous court battles.


  • Hands-on experience on what is going on at the border and how to fix it.
  • Winning elections
  • Running a large agency with a large budget
  • Balancing budgets
  • Knowing what it is to deal with government
  • Understanding the rule of law
  • Nearly two decades of fighting and reducing crime
  • Never flip-flopped regarding core issues.

Election Integrity


  • Lamb is a coward. He has done nothing for election integrity
  • Pinal County had a shortage of ballots
  • During a congressional hearing, he claimed that there was no fraud in AZ elections.


  • Yes, there was a shortage of ballots during the Pinal County 2022 primary election
  • I was not in charge of elections, but saw to it that the problem was corrected.
  • She plain lied regarding testimony at a congressional hearing. The question was whether there was fraud in the elections, the answer was that there was fraud in every election. A follow up question was whether there was any evidence of fraud. The answer was that there was no provable, admissible evidence. As a law enforcement person, one must follow the law and present only evidence that is not only credible, but that stands up in court. Neither Lake nor anyone else has ever presented that kind of evidence regarding election fraud.

It is fair to state that those who saw/heard this discussion came out with a better understanding of the differences between the two candidates, and are now in a better position to vote intelligently and responsibly.

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  1. No mention of abortion or education. Sad state of affairs. I don’t have a better understanding of either. As a staunch ultra-right conservative- 35yrs in public ed? If fiscal responsibility is so imperative, both should mention ESA reform and curbing the gross misuse of taxpayer’s monies in the name of “parent’s rights”…to the tune of almost a billion dollars. HUGE WASTE and inefficiencies. 90% of Az children attend public schools. I cannot believe the flip-flop of the moral high ground concerning the killing of our babies. Kari Lake may pander to women’s rights in the hopes of securing the abortion vote but don’t think for a second that the good Lord is going to bless this or our country. I’m appalled at what’s become of our country and staunch R’s.

  2. I believe Sheriff Lamb is the best choice we need a Senator that understands the real world and Knows how to win in the trenches!!!!!

  3. Sheriff Mark Lamb is respected by everyone in his county and everyone he meets. President Trump KNOWS Sheriff Lamb and has a positive relationship with him, specifically on his (Sheriff Lamb) handling of the border.
    Mark is the ONLY candidate that can and will beat Ruben Gallego in the general election. Kari is extremely divisive and arrogant. She has a NEGATIVE 55% approval rating with Arizona voters and she is trailing Ruben Gallego by 14%. She has absolutely NO PATH to victory. Mark has WON two elections and Kari has NEVER won anything. She has never run any government agency or private business.
    She is pro-choice and Mark is PRO-LIFE!
    The difference between these two is a million miles apart.
    After she called him a coward during this forum, numerous people have abandoned her and her train wreck of a campaign.
    I’m voting for Mark Lamb to be our next U.S. Senator for Arizona

    • Although I’ve always supported Kari Lake, I have to agree that Lamb has a better chance against Gallego because the anti-Trump GOP, who refuse to vote for Lake, will vote for Lamb. They are why we have Hobbs. It’s a form of political extortion but there it is.

      • I understand why people keep saying Lake lost because of the anti-Trump GOP. That is not entirely true. Lake lost because she told 1/3 of our voters she didn’t want their votes. Kimberly Yee won by thousands. Do you think that all of the voters who cast their ballot for Yee and to a large degree, changed to Democrat for Governor, Senate and SOS. Hobbs only won by a few thousand votes. Where did all of the votes go? They did not vote because those three candidates told them to get the hell out. The people who voted for Yee did so because she asked them too. The people who walked away from Lake did so because she told them to. We lost because Kari Lake could just stop attacking. Just like calling Lamb a coward. She can’t help herself. We need responsible elected officials. Vote Lamb.

  4. I didn’t see the actual event, but if all of what’s been said and reported about the event is accurate perhaps Lake needs to take on a different set of advisors. There is still time to do better before the primary. May the candidate win who can both bring together groups with opposing views while remembering they work for Arizonans and still be effective for the people of our state.

  5. While Lake would be an improved Sinama, Lamb really does have a broader experience in governing and has been shown to be an extremely capable leader. He is definitely a servant of the people and a man of integrity. He is also showing in polls to be the most capable in winning against Gallegos. Please vote for Mark Lamb.

    • What are you talking about? Trump backed Lake in 2020, and backs her now. That does not make Sheriff Mark Lamb “anti-Trump”. President Trump probably doesn’t even know who Mark Lamb is, or that he’s running. All politics are local, I suggest you choose carefully. I love and support Kari Lake, but we gotta beat reuben, and I think Mark Lamb is better suited to do so.

        • I did not. Lamb should drop out. Once Trump endorsed Lake, it was over and only continues to deliberately hurt Trump and MAGA. Wake up, this is AZ (how you get the disgraceful McCain politics).

    • Lamb has always supported President Trump. Lake didn’t fit in Trump’s plans so she had to go back to Arizona. She would not wait and run for Governor again. Instead she had to jump in when Lamb had already been campaigning for months. Do not assume Trump does not support Lamb. He does and he wants to win Arizona. Lamb can do that.

    • That makes no sense at all! Clearly, you are not informed, not attention or you a blind Kari supporter. The facts are Arizona doesn’t like her.

      Sheriff Lamb was invited to the White House 10 times before Kari Lake even met the man. He’s always been a Trump supporter and while Kari was sucking up to Trump, Sheriff Lamb has been doing his job as Sheriff. A simple google search you will find the many times Sheriff Lamb has appeared with DJT. Watch the debate and stop reading talking points.

  6. well it will depend on the people to decide which is better, not the news organization. As we have seen nationally the news will push the individual least likely to make a difference and as to here??. However what was not covered was HOW are THE PEOPLE OF HIS COUNTY thinking of him. Does he have their TRUE support or are they happy he may move on? When klinton was elected I know folks from arkansas were happy that he became the NATIONS problem and not theirs any longer. I have not really seen or heard of anything from his county have you? Ms lake has been fighting for a fair chance for how long and has been blocked by the left at all corners/sides. democrap judges have disregarded things that have been brought to light as have the county agents who would need to actually decide based on the law and its applications, i.e. the need to VERIFY SIGNATUREs on ballot envelopes, we knw that had not been done. So again it will take some time to decide by the people NOT THE PRESS.

    • Considering Lamb has won two elections by a large margin, common sense says he is well liked and respected in his county.

  7. It was inadvisable for Kari Lake to call Mark Lamb a “coward”. Our men and women in law enforcement put their lives on the line every day.
    Mark Lamb definitely has the experience needed right now to address the number one issues among voters – border integrity. I’m sure Kari has a great future in front of her but this is not the time or the right position.
    I believe Mark Lamb will appeal to a broader base of voters and can win against Ruben Gallego.

  8. Mark Lamb has my vote, and I hope he has yours as well. Kari Lake could have been a great governor, but she went all in and made herself an easy target for the marxists to capitalize on.

    • Well, it is an opinion piece, right? Whatcha expect?
      I believe the author did a good, balanced job of describing the pros and cons of each candidate. If you don’t think so, you are free to counter comment.

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