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Did Joe Biden Poop Himself at the D-Day Event?

If there was any doubt that the United States is no longer a serious country with a serious mainstream media, let’s consider it settled science after the internet erupted this morning when it appeared Joe Biden pooped his pants during the D-Day event at Normandy.

PJ Media’s Matt Margolis covered the more-than-awkward event where President Biden made several humiliating gaffes, which certainly has Vladimir Putin quaking in his boots having to face off against such senility in Ukraine. However, the circus became even crazier as X users noticed a video clip where Joe Biden bends over in front of Jill in a moment where it looked like he lost control of his bowels. In the same clip, Jill Biden appears to cover her nose to escape the stench.

However, leave it to the left-wing serious journalists at The Daily Beast to make sure the record on this matter was fact-checked on behalf of the administration. Within hours of the event, the site had an article titled, “This Video Shows Joe Biden Did Not—in Fact—Poop Himself at D-Day Event,” oddly listed under the “Extremism” category. Whether the extremism has to do with any Chipotle burritos Joe Biden consumed before the event or not, it’s unclear…

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  1. yet many want to have this guy vs one that is serious and cares about the country. This is a sh-t for brains as well as pants admin.

  2. doesn’t matter which end its coming out of – smells the same – is the same Biden BS

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