Intramural GOP Fights Help Democrats


As we look at what has been happening within the Republican Party lately, we are tempted to apply some Sherlockian logic, as expressed in Conan Doyle’s short story, The Sign of the Four: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Before we discuss the improbable, let us look at the impossible.

It is impossible that the current crop of self-appointed America First leaders and most of their followers believe any of the following.

It is impossible that they believe that Republicans can win statewide elections by insulting and alienating nearly half of registered Republican voters, the so-called RINOs. They must know, or do research to learn that, In Arizona, we have a 50-year history of electing Democrat governors (6 out of 11) or moderate Republicans (Mecham, Symington, Hull, Brewer, Ducey). Every time we put up a gubernatorial candidate that passes the America First litmus test, we end up with a Democrat as governor.

It is impossible that they believe that we have a Uniparty, that there is no difference between Republican and Democrat, and that we must replace them all. The reality is that there is a huge difference between them. At the state legislature, all one has to do is look at the bills that Democrats have introduced and, with Hobbs’ rubberstamp, will be law if Democrats gain control of the legislature. At the governor’s level, can any sane individual honestly argue that there is no difference between Symington and Napolitano, or between Ducey and Hobbs?

It is impossible that they are not aware that we are in imminent danger of losing the Republican majority in both chambers of the legislature. In each chamber, all the Democrats have to do is flip two seats. The Democrats are using every ounce of energy to make those flippings happen. The America First Republicans are showing the same enthusiasm toward opposing, censuring, and generally harassing fellow Republicans.

Having eliminated the impossible, let us turn our attention to what is left, the improbable, which must be the truth.

Improbably as it may seem, there is some evidence that disruptors are waging a well-planned, well-orchestrated war against members of the Republican Party whom they do not like. It is not limited to Arizona, but encompasses several states.

Click on image to read fill Bigger Truth Media article.

A March 12, 2024 article on Bigger Truth Media offers the following timeline:

That same article describes what is happening in Maricopa County like this,

“In Arizona, the Disruptors are led by Yale Wishnick and his organization, the Republican Party Network (RPN). Jim O’Connor, Liz Harris, Brian Ference and Shelby Busch lead the operation in Maricopa County…”

“They openly employ the tactics of Saul Alinsky exclusively against members of their own party – not against Democrats. Their tactics include circulating enemies lists, engaging in character assassination by falsely slandering their opponents, orchestrating chaos at conventions, yelling and screaming at other precinct committeemen (PCs – the term for “delegate” used in Arizona) even as they vote, and engaging in lawfare against members of their own party.”

The Bigger Truth Media kicks off its discussion of what is happening in Arizona with this collage of disruptive operatives.

republicansThose of us who have suffered through the antics and mischief of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) are keenly aware of their actions, which include, but are not limited to:

  • For well over a year, some of their members have been harassing LD4 chairman and others via social media and mass emails. In fact, a past MCRC Member at Large, Brian Ference, has been leading the charge via mass emails. Of the last 50 such emails, NONE has been directed toward Democrat operatives. 100% have been hit pieces on Republicans.
  • They have issued resolutions calling for the LD4 chairman, and other chairmen, to resign.
  • They convinced enough LD4 PC’s to support a resolution censuring Speaker Toma and President Petersen for not defunding the office of the governor. This is, most likely, something that neither the Speaker nor the President have the authority to do. Even if they had the authority, it would be political suicide for Republicans if they were to do it.
  • They deposed the duly elected leadership of LD3 and LD26, and so far, have been able to get away with it, and have been trying to do the same in LD4.
  • They finally harassed the LD4 chairman into resigning, thereby creating the need to take valuable meeting time to conduct an election, on February 15, when the PCs of LD4 should be rallying around our Republican candidates and endeavoring to defeat Democrats. That election took considerably longer than necessary because of the relentless delays and disruption caused by some of those present.
  • The leadership of the MCRC did not like the results of the election, so they called for a second election, which is something they have no authority to do.
  • On March 13, the regular LD4 meeting was taken up by the question posed to PC’s of whether they wanted to uphold the result of the February 15 election, or have another election. After much delaying and disruption by the usual suspects, they voted overwhelmingly to uphold the election. They also passed a resolution demanding that the MCRC restrain from interfering in the internal affairs of LD4. Again, time used defending against MCRC intrusion instead of formulating strategies to defeat the Democrats.
  • Still not satisfied, on March 20, the MCRC leadership, emboldened by their success in their imposition of their will on LD3 and LD26, called for, and conducted, a meeting to re-do the twice-approved February 15 election. By a narrow margin, the LD4 PC’s voted keep what they had.

For now, it appears that the MCRC is leaving LD4 alone. However, it is not likely that they will allow this burr in their saddle of mischief to remain for long. It is wise to be prepared for more shenanigans by this gang. Hopefully, enough Maricopa County PC’s will wake up and vote in replacements for the offending members.

Maybe then, we can have both branches of the Republican Party join to defeat Democrats and promote the 80% of issues that we agree on, and leave the war over the other 20% for another time.