NAFTA and Aztlan in rhyme: TUSD’s MAS for 3rd graders

The materials below are part of TUSD’s Mexican American Studies curriculum. The lesson plan is entitled, Mexican American History in Rhyme. In this lesson it appears that children are taught that Aztlan was a place that was “located up north of Mexico.”

This material was turned over by the district to the state, in a Discovery Request, as part of the district’s appeal of Huppenthal’s finding. TUSD’s Superintendent Dr. John Pedicone, testified that the district has not made any changes to the classes since before the finding by Superintendent Huppenthal that the classes violate state law.

Not quite There Is No Frigate Like a Book, by Emily Dickenson.

in 1064 the Mexica departed
the year ze-tekpatl is when it started
a journey south led by a warrior priest mostly
called the Mexihtli Huitzilopochtli
guided by a vision of a fertile ground
that would allow these nomads to settle down
from the land of the herons near Rio Colorado
it was all Aztlan no habia el otro lado
Huehuetlapallan and Michoacan
they said Mexica tiahui tamoanchan
in 1325 they came across that location
that would be the center of the Mexica nation
a tiny island with a beautiful glare
Tenochitlan “land of the prickly pear”
an eagle meaning “sun” because no bird flies higher
in it’s beak atl-tlachinolli (water and fire)
all elements together in a symbolic manner
inspired the design of the Mexica banner
a tlatoani in 1376 officially
led the tlahtokan he was Akamapichtli
floating on chinampas the crops would flourish
technology that kept Mexica people nourished
Nezahuacoyotl at 70 crossed over
is known