BREAKING: TPD report of Arce domestic violence arrest

To read the complete record by Tucson Police in the arrest of TUSD’s former MAS director, Sean Arce Arce Case.1212090089 click here. Authorities have redacted the names, the materials are published in full the names have been redacted to protect witnesses and victims.

The AZDI is working on getting the video tape of Arce’s arrest listed in the TPD inventory.


  1. This report states that Arce had been arrested before. I searched the Pima County Judicial Courts website and found that he was arrested in 2006 on Domestic Violence charges. His attorney, Richard Martinez got the charges dismissed in exchange for a “diversion.” He was a teacher and administrator at TUSD in 2006-2008. Didn’t these charges merit an investigation? His colleagues probably knew he had a history of domestic violence and yet they still placed Arce front and center in the media spotlight. That’s why this story is newsworthy. He is no ordinary wife beater and people have been excusing, rationalizing or overlooking his aggressive behaviors for years.

  2. This is what happens when you have people makinig decisions who have the last name Grijalva. It’s all about race. Whites can do no good and Latinos can do no wrong. It’s as simple as that.

    • This is not about race or the Grijalvas. It is about media complicity. They jumped on the bandwagon and did not do their homework.

        • Thanks. The case number didn’t help me find it and it took a couple of clicks. I selected “Search for case information”. Clicked “Criminal” and entered Arce. Scrolled down the 1st page, skipped about about 17 names and found Martin Sean.

      • Jules, I disagree with your first sentence. I believe a good portion of it is about race and is about the Grijalvas. I agree with your other sentences whole-heartedly.

  3. An unemployed teacher staying at the Marriot Resort–an expensive 5 star hotel on the outskirts of town far away from La Raza!! Those fundraising junkets across the county must have made Arce mucho dinero!

  4. When will all Americans learn that we should follow our Constitution AND:
    1. Room for only 1 language = English,
    2. 1 Flag = American Flag,
    3. 1 culture = American Culture,
    4. 1 History = American History.

    Any questions?

    God Bless America.

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