D-M, military retirees have $1.6 billion impact on community

davis-monthanD-M and military retirees circulated approximately $1.6 billion and generated more than 4,680 jobs in the local area, according to D-M’s Fiscal Year 2012 Economic Impact Analysis. The combined payroll of civilian and military personnel totaled more than $643 million in Fiscal Year 2012.

The EIA, an annual publication, is designed to inform the community of personnel assigned or employed at the base; annual payroll of all assigned and employed personnel; construction expenditures; and an estimated number and dollar value of indirect jobs created by D-M’s presence in the community.

In fiscal year 2012, there were 10,869 personnel assigned and employed at D-M, including 7,537 military service members, 1,604 appropriated fund civilians, and 1,728 non-appropriated fund civilians and contractors.

The EIA also provides information on D-M facilities and properties. The base operates and maintains 519 buildings, encompassing 4,409,801 square feet of space. D-M’s footprint includes 6,011 acres of government-owned land and 4,578 acres of easement, rights-of-way and leased land, totalling 10,589 acres.

Of the 7,537 military service members assigned to D-M, 75 percent live off base.

“The Wing’s mission is clear – deploy, employ, support, and sustain attack airpower in support of Combatant Commanders anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. Train the finest attack pilots for the Combat Air Forces and provide every member of Team D-M with responsive, tailored, mission-focused base support,” wrote Kevin Blanchard, Col, USAF 355th Fighter Wing Commander in the Economic Impact Analysis publication.

Blanchard concluded, “Davis-Monthan Air Force Base could not succeed in its mission without the contribution and support of our local communities. We are proud to be a part of a community that faithfully and consistently supports our military.”

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  1. The headline includes “Retirees” but there is no further mention of the numbers. The Cub reporter should ask DoD for the number of retirees who have Tucson area Zip Codes. I think that the numbers will be significant.

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