Murphy under investigation for child molestation

Arizona state Senator Rick Murphy is under investigation by Child Protective Services and the Peoria Police Department for allegations of sexual abuse of foster children in his home, according to authorities.

The Arizona Republic first reported on the allegations on Thursday. On Saturday, Peoria Police opened a new investigation after an 18-year-old male, who was in Murphy’s care, came forward with allegations that Murphy had been inappropriately touching the teen since January 2007.

The teen also admitted to inappropriately touching a 12-year-old girl in Murphy’s care, the report said. The teen is listed as both a suspect and victim in the report, which lists Murphy as under investigation for molestation.

In 2011 Murphy was investigated for molestation. The case was closed due to a lack of evidence. The case has now been reopened due to the latest allegation. According to the Republic, the case was first opened in February 2011, with the alleged abuse occurring between January and February that year.

Murphy, who outraged fellow Republicans this past Legislative session, for claiming that he had to attend a once-in-a-lifetime family reunion rather than participate in the Medicaid expansion battle, only to try to bargain for the passage of his adoption legislation. The Yellow Sheet reported that their source said that Murphy’s demands were “so ridiculous.” Murphy has painted himself as an advocate for child-welfare issues related to adopted and foster children.

According to his legislative page and campaign website, Murphy has volunteered as a camp counselor and youth leader with his church and the Hemophilia Association.

On his site, Murphy notes that he has served as a junior-high youth leader and junior-high Bible study leader at Christ’s Church of the Valley and a camp counselor and former youth mentor for the Hemophilia Association.

Murphy attended community college in the early 1990s and earned his real-estate license in 1992. According to the Republic, Murphy lists his occupation as a real-estate agent on legislative and campaign materials, but state Department of Real Estate records show he let his license expire in November.

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  1. It should be made clear that this is not the Broadcaster from Lake Havasu City that ran for Congress last year. The legal name of the accused is Arizona State Senator whose legal name is Richard Murphy and the broadcaster is Rick L Murphy

  2. He never should be allowed to foster children until, and if he is cleared. There was not enough evidence to convict him last time but not enough to clear him either. CPS should pay attention when red flags are raised anytime children are involved.

  3. Please keep us informed on the progress of this investigation and the facts of the case. I am very interested to know that justice is served if these allegations have merit.

    I have questioned his method of advocating for children and he seemed to get very zealous in his sponsorship of legislation regarding children which at times did not seem beneficial to children at all in my opinion.

    Arizona needs to protect their children and we all need to be a voice in that. This is his second active investigation and it should be very concerning to all when a family who has had many vulnerable at risk children in their home and there are claims made by those children that those allegations are not dismissed without AZ scrutinizing the claims thoroughly. If there is any validity action should be taken swiftly and in favor of the children.

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