Veteran’s Facebook post to Paul Ryan goes viral

Just days after Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan and Washington Senator Patty Murray cut a budget deal which cut the retirement benefits of America’s veterans, Chuck Wooten, Chief Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret), received an email from Ryan begging him for an “emergency end of the year donation.”

In his email, Ryan wrote:

FYI, Chuck:

December 31 is now 11 days away and it’s the biggest deadline we have this year. There’s so much at stake in 2014 I’m asking Patriots like you to pitch in one more time so we finish 2013 strong.


Ryan was right, Wooten is a patriot, but Ryan was wrong to think that a man, whose retirement he just cut, would consider a request for a $20 donation to the NRCC 2013 Emergency End-of-Year Fund.

In his email, Ryan urged Wooten “to stand up one last time this year.” So that is what Wooten did. Wooten did not simply delete the message. He shared his response to Ryan’s plea on his Facebook page. That message was shared by 8,963 people and according to Five on Fox (Fans) page administrator, Sean O’Reilly, over 400,000 people have seen the post.

Chief Master Sgt. Wooten served in the US Air Force from 1977 to 1998. For 21 years, he was stationed across the globe from Davis Monthan Air Force base in Tucson, Arizona to Osan Air Base, in Korea. A son of an Air Force non-commissioned officer, Wooten spent his entire youth living both abroad and at home in the U.S. and continued to serve his brothers and sisters in arms after his retirement from the Air Force. He took a civilian position in Kuwait in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and then relocated to Germany to support the U.S. Forces in Europe.

Wooten first formally registered as a Republican in 2008 to support the McCain/Palin ticket after returning from residing overseas. Wooten uses a military term to describe his feelings about the party, saying “the GOP is ‘hard broke’ and it’s going to take a lot to fix it.” He hopes that the GOP will start “leaning the way almost half of the country does.”  Conservative values have taken a beating, but he says, “I have learned that there are so many people that want this corrected and the GOP establishment offers no solution. People like me are hungry for a return to a country of common decency, where every disagreement isn’t racial and it’s not okay to kill babies, but it seems to a lot of us that the representatives in office are only concerned with staying there and not about the constituents they are supposed to be serving.”

Wooten, like many other veteran constituents, said he had no inkling about the possibility of cuts to his retirement payments. “Most folks think it’s a “benefit” or an “entitlement” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The payments we receive are dollars earned during our 20+ years of service. It is a promise the government made to us,” says Wooten. “There are some, such as Rep. Ryan, that believe we’ve gotten too much for too little work. When President Clinton revoked our cost-free medical care for life, which we were offered in exchange for 20 years service, most of us factored that into our decision to stay for a full career. Since then, our medical benefits have eroded and our “free” care has seen steadily increasing costs. This is an issue of broken trust. Our government has and continues to renege on their promises for us, who gave more than most could tolerate.”

If he had an opportunity to weigh in on Ryan and Murray’s budget deal, he would have considered cutting foreign aid to U.S. enemies such as Egypt and Syria. He would have suggested cutting fraud, waste and abuse in government spending. Last week, Senator Tom Coburn noted that he could not get his fellow senators to consider anti-fraud reforms. Wooten said that the government is a “target rich environment” for reforms.


FB Friends,

I’m still mulling this Paul Ryan budget deal that stole money from every military retiree (past, present and future). This morning, upon opening my email, I noticed I had a letter from Congressman Paul Ryan…and it was begging me for an “emergency end of the year donation.” It only proves what we already know. The folks in Washington are indeed clueless. Instead of hitting the delete button, I decided to call Congressman Ryan out on his audacity and lack of self-awareness. I sent the following to him. I’m also posting it on the FB USAF Chiefs page as an open letter to the Congressman. If you’re a retiree, I will tell you we may have lost the battle, but not the war. If you’re inclined and find it worthy, let’s flood social media with this letter and see if we can get some traction. Thanks.

To Congressman Paul Ryan
Today at 8:19 AM
Congressman Ryan,

Please note that this request by you for a cash donation from me is extremely unfortunate and very ill-timed. You see sir, I am one of the military retirees your “bipartisan” budget just impacted. You and every Republican (both in the House and Senate) that voted to pass this travesty betrayed and broke trust with me and everyone like me. You may not know us by name, but we’re the people, Congressman, who answered our Nation’s call, some of us at a very early age to willingly serve YOU and others LIKE YOU so you could safely attend college and pursue your personal ambitions without fear of harm.

You might also want to note that for at least 20 years, my brothers-in-arms answered that call of duty EVERY SINGLE DAY, without fail, without complaint, without enough money to sustain our loved ones we had to leave behind while we DID OUR JOB in every corner of the Earth. And for that service, we were given absolute assurance our so-called retirement benefits would be protected by law. The very law you shattered in your zeal to impress your Democratic cohorts in your back room deal–with the enemy. Yes, I said it. The liberal Democrats are an enemy to the American people and our Nation. Your lack of judgement and eagerness to compromise on the backs of us who protected you is sickening. Congressman, you and every Republican that voted for injuring military retirees have engaged in a complicit, sordid affair with the Democrats who’s objective has always been to dismantle the military. By climbing into their bed on this issue, you have confirmed you are absolutely no better than they and have proven it with your vote.

Congressman Ryan, the audacity which you display is noteworthy, but to unceremoniously snatch earned money from a small group that has added so much more value than the paltry $6B you looked to “save” (which is all smoke and mirrors and you know it), is reprehensible and insulting.

We have, despite the hardships, meager salaries and harsh conditions, have performed with honor and excellence…in silence, which is something most members of Congress have no idea about doing. Our job approval was, is and always be better than yours. We knew our mission and we got it done, then handed it off to a new generation in better shape than we found it.

Your ability to look us in the eye, take money from us (apparently there was ZERO, other source of waste within the federal government that you could have recovered this money from…right, got it), while simultaneously holding your hand out to beg (with passion) for our cash is stunning. Your actions have proven you do not have the tremendous intellect you’ve sold the American people on. I say, with all seriousness, Congressman, what you lack in intellect and spinal rigidity, you make up for in cajones.

I hope you and your cowardly, Republican “colleagues” hear a message from me loud and clear. You will NEVER receive another cent of financial support from me. Further, if you happen to be at a Capitol Hill dinner or at a K Street cocktail party with RNC Chair Reince Priebus, Rep. Ron Barber, Sen. Jeff Flake or Sen. John McCain, I would be honored if you communicate with them that I am launching an effort to ensure NONE of you traitorous “representatives of the people” ever receive another vote from a military retiree. Remove me from your contact lists.

Chuck Wooten,
Chief Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret)

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  1. WOW, if only one could predict solutions (any) I would predict the weather rather than what a politician would say. It’s more reliable. The ilk elected to Congress is the reason this Country is in such a quagmire. They are self interested, mercenary bastards doing nothing to protect our citizens, =but they see to proving health & comfort for those ^%$##&% lobbyists and special interests who paid for their electing. God HELP US! And Goddam them!!!

  2. Sister to WWll vet & mom-in-law to 22-year USAF retired vet, I AM APPALLED at the lack of information coming out of WA DC (duh!) when on the news all we saw & heard was that Ryan & Murray had “struck a budget deal.” (Heavy sigh!)

    • So BAD are you going to write the DNC President and tell him he shouldn’t have signed this bill?

      Too bad the Democrats in the Senate blocked the Senate GOP from removing the veteran’s cut.

      Also too bad the Democrat’s health care debacle is destroying the American medical industry. We all have to suffer for the decisions of Democrats.

  3. You can have a first class military or a first class Welfare State. You can’t have both, at least not for very long. Ryan’s dealing simply acknowledges this fact. Paul Ryan isn’t the problem. He’s merely responding to the fact that huge numbers of Americans like feeding off the tax revenues of the productive and their elected reps (mostly Democrats, some Republicans) push this line in Washington. He’s forced to cut deals with a view that values a parasitic redistribution State over honorable service in the American Military. Rep Ryan didn’t create this situation. He’s merely dealing with it by making hard, unpopular decisions which hopefully will ameliorate the situation long term.

  4. I totally agree. I was a military wife for over 19yes. We sacrificed all the time. Not as bad as some families who’s military loved one was gone more.
    Civilians DO NOT UNDERSTAND. They have not LIVED the life.

  5. Why don’t you tell that to the democrats. What part of “we need to work together” do you think Harry Reid understands?

  6. I’m not impressed with his email whatsoever. Messages like this have been sent up a million times but thousands of veterans without the need to turn other Americans into “enemies” simply because of their political stance. It’s pathetic that people can’t speak their mind without playing the blame-game or isolating fellow Americans. If we, as a society, want to see a change, we need to work together not segregate based on Republican-Democrat affiliations.

  7. What I don’t understand is why these same so called representatives don’t EVER CUT THEIR OWN BENEFITS that amount to a #$%& of a lot more than what the retired service men and women get!!! I thank all of you for protecting our freedoms.

  8. Kathleen, my first impression of your comment was, that just doesn’t seem very Christnasy, at all. The nation has always been divided, but somehow you weren’t aware of it.

  9. Republicans have been first to stop helping the military the day they leave, they didn’t want to help them back into the work force, didn’t want to help them avoid the loan company predators who live off the new to leave soldiers and are first to throw a thousand soldiers into risk instead of sending in drones, they want wars that kill before words that don’t.

    A military voter is a brainwashed voter who votes for personal gain but then blames liberals for wanting ‘welfare’ and benefits….difference being liberals fight for your benefit, republicans fight to take away everyones benefits and give them to the rich in some ‘payback’ trickle down BS that has never reduced Americas debt by one cent and has only ever increased unemployment as those tax benefit rich companies shift their companies offshore and exploit ever more desperate people

  10. He got played with the God, gays, guns, abortion, & hate Obama stuff the right put out but know he notices the cut that affects him? But he still won’t vote them out and they know it.

  11. I was reading with interest your statement but had to stop after reading your comment about ‘liberal Democrats’ being the enemy. Liberal Democrats are not the enemy. They are the reason you have those benefits in the first place. Liberal Democrats truly understand what it is for a soldier, airman or sailor to be away from his/her family for long periods of time. They are well aware of the stress, financially, physically and emotionally, that service to our country places on a service member and their families.

  12. I appreciate the letter from CSM Wooten….he hit it on the nail. After reading this long trail of comments I see some great letters, some inflammatory letters, and a lot of name calling especially on the parties you are backing.
    Bottom line, both (or all) parties share in the blame, some more than others but the real issue is trying to keep America Strong. This will NOT happen if we forget “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”, AND that is exactly what is happening. I love this country but in recent years there has been a huge push (especially lately) in creating a country which is made up of those
    “who have and those who do not”.
    I also have served this country for 30 years and most of my family current and way back have also served. I am HURT that our so called “leaders” would vote to cut our pay to those who had served for most of their adult life, increase our medical (Tricare) costs (which was promised to be free for our retirees and their families).
    These same “leaders” do not mind giving themselves raises and as CSM Wooten wrote…asked for more money but those same Military folks which salary was cut….in a very quick and quiet vote. How underhand. These military active, retired are not asking for handouts…they served and protected, served in harsh environments with meager pay..not the 6 figure pay which was pulled out of the air. This is NOT the same as handouts….it was earned with BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS….BY MANY. These politicians are not “Tearing” but partying and traveling on our money.
    I only ask we do NOT fight against which party you belong to but to stand together and rid this country of the current virus this country is engulfed with. Keep tabs on who is making the bad decisions and vote them out. I also think no term should be promised…if they act bad and against the working class and the Military, then they forgot what made U.S. great and should be fired immediately. I think our Congress/Senate and any elected official should take the same percentage cuts that they are making on our military and should not get ANY raises if our military are in the same boat. The military took some hard hits in years past and now when we are counting on them to fight 2 wars and in countless parts of the globe, our leadersnow cut and stall their pay. Fair is Fair THEY should take the same cuts and while we are on the issue…elected positions should be “community service terms” they are already rich to begin with and don’t need our money to cut ours. That would define who is in there for the right reason hopefully.
    Honor the promises to our veterans. THEY EARNED IT.

  13. Thank you for your email to Paul Ryan. It was a great job.
    To the email concerning how easy it was in the USAF. How many times did he get up at 1:00 AM, to take off at 3:00 AM, fly from the Philippines to North Viet Nam in an airplane, considered by fighter pilots to be a flying bomb. One hot missile would be the end, refuel fighters/bombers and return to the Philippines. Or take 18 hour flights without rest, for example – refuel B52’s carrying an H-bomb around North Russia. B-52’s crews were airborne for 24 hours on this run, with 2 refueling in route.
    But the USAF was so easy!

  14. It’s appalling to me that they would have to cut guaranteed benefits to veterans and yet give cell phones etc to people who refuse to work. Disgusting!

  15. My husband served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for 41 years. He is a veteran of 3 wars. I wonder how much of Mr. Ryan’s own benefits he gave up. What does Mr. Ryan pay for the health care of his family ? Shame on you, Mr. Ryan. Shame.

    • I think we should unify this country “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL”. I wonder if that is what they in power are trying to do to U.S. I also served 30 years and my family also going way back. To cut the Military Pay, Increase their Tricare Costs, only serves to show how little they care about THEIR military. The military are NOT freeloaders but defenders of this country and they only ask the government to respect their promises, not cut them. I think those in elected positions which voted or refused to vote on this Budged Deal should also take the same cuts and insurance raises the Military is being forced to endure.. Actually, I think those in their positions should be “community service positions” (no pay, just community service positions) that would hopefully weed out the grubbers and freeloaders…you know the ones that don’t have to vote on their pay raise to get one and take vacations on our dollars and when they should had been in office ironing out immediate pressing issues.
      I think also we should stop this demons/repubs bashing and bring this country together with ONE VOICE. I don’t think vocal splinter groups should be granted laws that go contrary to the direction this country was founded on. Last of all Hope you all had a good Christmas and I hope a good new year.

  16. Wow!!! When they only disenfranchised the poor, unemployed, lesbian and gays…it was all good. But now its you. Did you think you were immune??? Seriously, you think the GOP was not heavily involved in this …why? I know, they are good American, patriots so they claim. The only people to whom these guys show loyalty are the rich CEOs, big business and multi-millionaires. After these are the “job creators”. What job have you created. Why should they support you? BTW.. before you say I don’t know anything about serving my country…I also served…21 years in the Army with a tour in Bosnia and one year in Iraq. Now I am a civilian with the US Coast Guard. So I understand service. And I also know our worst enemy is the inability of this Congress to develop a jobs plan or at least work with the one proposed by OUR President, their inability to make tough gun laws, and their lack of care for the average American citizen by failing to cut credits to big oil, subsidies to big farms allowing smaller farmers the ability to compete. They protect tax credits for rich lobbyist while balancing the budget using middle and poor americans as stepping stones. But, none of that mattered until it was your back they stepped on… wow!!! Thank you…You my friend fellow vet are a great American.

  17. It is extremely unfortunate that this poor benighted former soldier is truly ignorant of the causes of his distress and it has nothing to do with the liberal democratic “enemy” as he calls them. Yes, the Democrats believe that military expenditures need to be reduced and substantially so but they are not the ones crying for reductions in military pensions, that is all Republican and fits perfectly with right wing, discredited ideology. Expenditures on new weapon systems and new wars are a top priority for the Republicans but continuing to assist old warriors who have no potential to use these weapon systems and who are simply a drain on the Pentagon budget, is a non starter under Republican priorities. Surely this man should know that. Trying to blame Democrats for these budget cuts is beyond ludicrous. Someone should take this old man aside and explain the facts of life, the reality of the venal, selfish American right to him. He needs to stop watching the brain deadening liars on Faux “News”!

  18. I read the letter and many of the posts above and unfortunately the majority of what I read were Democrat/Rebublican bashing and had nothing to do with the cuts in the Veterans benefits. I did see one post indicating that welfare folks and retired military were in the same boat as free loaders on the American taxpayers. I worked my ass off for 28 years to earn the benefits I am receiving today and have yet to see a welfare recipient that provided anything that I or any other US citizen can benefit from. I put my life on the line for 28 years to protect the rights of those welfare folks and uninformed ass holes as commented above so they could be free to express such opinions. I think the idiot that compared the military and welfare is a completely clueless ass hole. That person should be sentenced to preparing tax returns for the welfare folks he compares us military retirees to so he can see the earned income tax credit that is also provided by us taxpayers to those that return nothing to society. I’m not saying that all welfare recipients and earned income tax credit recipients are not deserving of what they get but I will say that a a great percentage of them are too damn lazy to work and think us taxpayers owe them a living. Paul Rand needs to look at the benefits and retirement he will receive in relationship to the benefits the retired military receive and compare the sacrifices made and then think about his decisions. He needs to do that while he is still living in his pent house in Washington DC and think about the low ranking military that have volunteered to give their all, including their life, before he makes decisions in the future.

  19. It took many years for me to realize what has always been… that all our two political care about is their lobby money. To think that either party is better than or less corrupt than the other is naive.

    They are all owned by the same corporations, special interests, foreign governments and crazy billionaires and don’t give one tinker’s damn about America or Americans.

  20. Not defending the guy (will never get my future vote), but Ryan did not come up with this idea by himself. Our retired leadership sold us out: General James L. Jones, USMC (ret.); General Charles F. (Chuck) Wald, USAF (ret.); Major General Arnold Punaro, USMC (ret.); and Admiral Gregory Johnson, USN (ret.) – all associated with the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC)

  21. Sadly, the sergeant is still stupid enough to voter republican even though they are the scum bag politicians who destroy the middle class of America. Got no sympathy for stupidity.

  22. Congratulations Paul Ryan on your government spent free morning Starbucks lattes & ego filled facebook fisauds. I’d love to see you move your family around your whole children’s life — unkept promises — fight in the face of death for our country & have the audacity to even lie about your unkept promises. Trim your government fat not your shitty attire & not your easy military target — your stupid grand show budget cut is amateur hour & goes back to Wall Street. Get a back bone if you ever want someone to be a proud republican. When you lose your military your lose this country. Your what’s wrong with our system & your blood $$ Wall Street lobbyist badgering PIG.

  23. Hey Paul. Why don’t you take a pay cut and get rid of luxuries you don’t really need. The military fight for all and, on the way lose limb/s in the process. You see Paul when thus happens to them they have already lost luxuries the luxery to walk without a limp or walk altogether, hold a loved one in their arms. See the beauty that surrounds them. Pretty harsh Paul

  24. What do you expect? That they will keep their word? No that is not the way it works. To everyone thinking about joining the military read “War Is A Racket” by Gen Butler. They got what they wanted and you are NOTHING but cheap and easily replaced pawns.

    If you want to see real change then get a vet who’s benefits have been cut to every recruitment drive at all schools. Tell them how you have been nickel and dimed by the government. Once their recruitment numbers drop they may back down.

    You don’t have long to do it. In 10 years the vast majority of military work will be robots (air, sea, land) operated by the video game generation. Then you will be just a sad fading memory. Now while they still need real people is your only chance.

    Good Luck.

  25. I didn’t Retire;But I feel for all that did.Now that they are doing what their doing .One big Free Will , with no thought of past or present. I served for 6 years in military security for US AIR FORCE ,and every time I go to the VA the price goes up. Maybe I should just go to the free clinic HA ,Ha that’s funded by my tax dollars. Yours Truly , Formaly Sgt Radke

  26. Right on. My partner served for 20 yrs. And found it very difficult to raise his family. Serving as a submariner. Retiring as ENC (SS). This has changed our respect for Mr. RYAN!! My husband is a WW II Vet in his eighties and feels this insult deeply. What has happened to honoring you word US government!

  27. I have to agree with other posters on here, the cut cut cut mentality is a republican agenda more so than a democrat agenda, he missed the mark on that or is just another shill trying to displace the blame. Something else he needs to think about, as a former ryan supporter, sometimes you get what you vote for. (Maybe he thought paulie boy was going to cut his neighbors retirement, not his.) Enjoy.

  28. Ryan, you are finished in this country. You mite as well give up. You are on target. And we will get you for what you have done. Scum sucking cock sucker mother fucker. We are coming after you and you will pay the price for what you have done.

  29. As a spouse of a retired Air Force TSgt, I thank you & Chief Wotton for standing up for the Military. I like you can promise that I will do all within my power to see Senator Hatch (R-UT) will not run again.

  30. Q Sligh
    Americans on welfare is not the same as the military on government pay. The Military works for their money and puts there life on the line for our country. Where there are a lot of people who are on welfare that refuse to work because they are lazy. I would rather my money go to the person who is keeping our country safe, than someone who feels they have this money coming to them with out working for it

  31. I’m a DEMOCERATE. I only vote and support the facts that are presented to me. Yes, I’m tired of being lied to and jerked around by the people who try to run this great nation of ours. they never keep there promises. I have to scrap out a living on what I receive and they want to cut .I have only one thing to say to them. You make to much money, for the stupidity that you display.So we should pay you minimum wages and take away your benefits.

  32. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe congressman Ryan will receive his full pension and all his medical benifits when he leaves office, yet they still can’t find a better way to save money than to cut these same benifits from our military HEROS such as my grandson who has a Purple Heart and is returning to Afghanistan for the fourth time. My government apparently has a habit of cutting their nose off to spite their face. Somehow we need to get good people in office but I don’t know how we can do that. Ryan will not get our vote. Karl

  33. Jon, You’ve been drinking too much cool-aid! I sincerely hope you’re young with room to expand your views. Those or us who grew up in the fifty’s and sixty’s are responsible for such thinking much to our sorrow. I would bet you and those of your ilk, (a word bandied about in this discussion), are one world advocate’s and I would bet very touchy, feely types. LOL

  34. This is interesting most of us here responding are vets and yet we deamonize each other for our political leanings. Have we not learned anything that neither party truly respects our sacrifice and commitment. 17yr Army Vet (8yrs Navy, 9yrs Army)

  35. I am a veteran of 21 1/2 years with honor. We the people of this country must stop being puppets and start being more true to ourselves. Rather we we are soldiers or just citizens, when there is greed, hate, bigotry, selfishness, forgiveness there is going to be unjust doings. With these attributes of behaviors our country is not going to make it. An example of this, when the head of the household falls it leaves the rest of its household members variable and subject to anything that wants to take over.

    Deborah Farler (R) SFC USA

  36. i will give my 100% support to you chief master sargeant wooten all the way and to all military who served and loss their life serving the country. “god bless america”.

  37. Somebody needs to remind Chief Wooten that a decrease to a future increase is NOT a cut, it is still an increase. Nobody will see a cut to their benefits. Heck, retirees got a bigger pay increase in 2014 than active duty did. He’s political statements are nothing short of fear mongering – he needs to stop drinking the tea party kool aid.

    • The house initially proposed 1.8% for active duty. The senate agreed with Obama on 1 % and house leaders than agreed on 1% as well. Then Obama signed it.

  38. Sgt. Wooton says Ryan is clueless. Not clueless. Heartless. Unashamed of his own privilege, willing to use others for his own advantage: heartless.

  39. It’s too bad these types of discussions between Americans always deteriorate into name-calling and insults. As a DAV, I’m sick of the politicians in Washington always taking care of themselves and ONLY themselves. It’s greed, pure and simple. I know most Americans love this Country. All retired vets love this Country because they didn’t serve Her to get rich or for the great benefits, that’s for sure. My family, like so many veteran’s families, have served for many generations. In my case it dates back to Revolutionary times. My dad was Air Force and flew through 3 wars (WWII, Korea and Vietnam) before getting killed in 1968 and my brother is retired Navy. I enlisted in the Marines after high school in ’77 and was medically retired in ’93. The closest I ever came to combat was during the barracks bombing in Beirut, floating off-shore on a Carrier. But I’m still proud and feel fortunate to have served and am very proud of my family’s service. I pray for America’s present and future. I especially pray for a real leader for our Country, someone who cares about nothing more than making America back into the great Country she once was, and to me, still is. We vets know from traveling the globe that She is still the greatest Country on earth. I just wish that we, as a people, could come together as a Nation and try to find leaders who put their service to this Country first and foremost, before anything else. To protect Her and the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to paraphrase the oath of enlistment I took. I believe in my heart there are men and women like that in this Country, even in politics. We just have to find and elect them, which is the hard part. For all who have served, and I mean truly served Her, I give thanks. We need to come together, no matter our affiliation, for Her sake and the sake of future generations.

  40. So glad you said this. His actions are unconcionable. Let monies supporting their pay raises or illegal alien entitlements be used to balance the budget.

  41. Well, here we all are fighting among ourselves like a bunch of 3rd graders while Congress goes about it’s agenda to turn this once great nation into a mess. IF more people would VOTE for the right person(s) to get us out of this mess, and if we would empower thoses person(s) to get some back bone and negotiating sjkills, we could save the country. TERM LIMITS goes a long way towards the solution.

  42. It’s shameful to reduce the budget on the backs of our brave servicemen and women while approving so much waste elsewhere and voting themselves a raise for only a few months of “work” a year. I would have expected this from a Democrat but not from Ryan. He just ended any presidential aspirations.

  43. Chief Master Sergeant Wooten,

    I’m not sure who convinced you that Republicans ever were friends of the military (or that Democrats are the enemy) or how they were able to fool you, but allow me to set you straight. First, this was Ryan’s plan. He wasn’t sleeping with the enemy, HE IS THE ENEMY. Second, Republicans are friends to the military in much the same way that cowboys are friends to horse. They need us to wage their wars and they want us to win so they try to make sure that we are adequately trained, equipped, and fed while we are serving, but are quick to “put us out of our misery” the moment we are done serving. If you retire or are injured, you are NO LONGER OF ANY VALUE to the war machine, in fact you become a liability.

    I can assure that NO REPUBLICAN ever proposed an increase to the VA budget, an increase to military retirement, or increase to social security benefits. These the very things that Republicans have attacked and tried to defund (or privatize) for most of the last forty or fifty years. I’m sorry that this was the certain event it took to open your eyes, but am pleased that your eyes have finally been opened.

    • Don’t be fooled CMS Wooten, but just last may 18 republicans in the House voted for and passed the National defense Authorization Act, giving military men and women a pay raise and reducing Obama;’s increase in Tricare rates. democrats have always used their power to demoralize the military and screw up foreign policy problems.

      Just look at Libya today. In fact look what they caused in Benghazi with their international ignorance aka Hillary Clinton. Lies lies and more lies.

    • And he’s still going to vote for them even when they strip away all he has left so why is he whining about it?

  44. I wholeheartedly support and concur with you chief and will share this on my fb. It will be interesting to see how many vets will answer the call.

  45. Just an honest question. I have not done the research for the topic. When will we pass a law that limits the lifetime healthcare and pay for the politicians who take it from the Military and everyone else (who seems to not matter) in this country?

    • Daniel, Do you have any idea what their benefits even are? Congresses pension COLA was reduced, similar to what is being done to the military, years ago.

  46. Perhaps a retired and most honored military personnel can send a pair of combat boots and battle field attire to the Congressman. Request that he wears it for a week straight in the Capital. Then lets see how many genuine ” thank you’s he receives. At the same time only allow him $2.00 for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the last day, may someone strike him upon the head with a 2×4 and leave him bleeding in the street. If by chance, emergency aid is rendered, use no pain med, no band aids and no sutures…then send him on his way “battered and torn”! Next, welcome him into the military family.

  47. Confused as to how this is the fault of the liberal democrats when a GOP douchebag is the one who signed the bill. Dudes refuse to usurp weird corporate-loving tax cuts or raise taxes on those that can afford it so where is the money supposed to come from? I guarantee that a liberal is not in favor of cutting veteran benefits. Christ, we’re the only ones out there pushing for people to keep entitlements in an era where the word has taken on a negative connotation. Sure, politicians are crooked – but it has been like that for a long time. Simply voting them all out would do nothing so long as limitless campaign contributions from high-profile interest groups are allowed to continue unchecked. The only politicians that even come close to having your back are liberal democrats. Sorry – but you can’t have it both ways. When you end up in a tight spot and your beloved GOP abandons you, please don’t start crying about liberals.

  48. I was admiring the sargeant’s honesty and chutzpah until he typed “Liberal Democrats are an enemy of the American people and the nation.” Then I realized he was just another f***king stupid Fascist.
    Screw you, Wooten.

    • David, I think people need to realize there’s a massive difference between “Liberal Democrats” and “Democrats.” The “Liberal Democrats” are typically far left nut jobs(socialist), about as useful as far right nut jobs(fascist) at dividing the country. From the polls I’ve seen the majority of the country is left of center to right of center, then there’s a very vocal fringe on both sides of that. I seriously doubt Chief Wooten is a Fascist as you stated, he likely is not inferring that all Democrats are “Liberal Democrats” but merely stating the actual “Liberal Democrats” like RINO’s are causing more harm than good.

  49. As a citizen of the state of Wisconsin I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the actions of a couple of those that represent my state, Mr. Ryan, Ms. Baldwin and Mr. Johnson. It has become apparent that Ryan and Johnson have joined the Rino’s and are acting against the very people who elected them.
    I also pledge to do all that I can to see that Mr. Ryan does not regain his seat in the next election.
    We knew how Ms. Baldwin would vote because we knew she was a card carrying liberal who’s interest is more or less confined to lesbian initiatives but we thought that Ryan and Johnson would turn out better than they have. In fact Johnson rode into office with the support of the Tea Party but once there he turned coat and became a rino. We were swindled.
    Again, I would like to apologize to the nation for foisting these conspiratorial and ignoble excuses for representatives upon the nation to do the harm they have done. I hang my head in shame at their offences.

  50. To Congressman Paul Ryan
    Today at 8:19 AM

    Sir, I am one of the military retirees your “bipartisan” budget just impacted. You and every Republican (both in the House and Senate) that voted to pass this travesty betrayed and broke trust with me and everyone like me. You may not know us by name, but we’re the people, Congressman, who answered our Nation’s call, some of us at a very early age to willingly serve YOU and others LIKE YOU so you could safely attend college and pursue your personal ambitions without fear of harm.

    You might also want to note that for at least 20 years, my brothers-in-arms answered that call of duty EVERY SINGLE DAY, without fail, without complaint, without enough money to sustain our loved ones we had to leave behind while we DID OUR JOB in every corner of the Earth. And for that service, we were given absolute assurance our so-called retirement benefits would be protected by law. The very law you shattered in your zeal to impress your Democratic cohorts in your back room deal–with the enemy. Yes, I said it. The liberal Democrats are an enemy to the American people and our Nation. Your lack of judgement and eagerness to compromise on the backs of us who protected you is sickening. Congressman, you and every Republican that voted for injuring military retirees have engaged in a complicit, sordid affair with the Democrats who’s objective has always been to dismantle the military. By climbing into their bed on this issue, you have confirmed you are absolutely no better than they and have proven it with your vote.

    Congressman Ryan, the audacity which you display is noteworthy, but to unceremoniously snatch earned money from a small group that has added so much more value than the paltry $6B you looked to “save” (which is all smoke and mirrors and you know it), is reprehensible and insulting.

    We have, despite the hardships, meager salaries and harsh conditions, have performed with honor and excellence…in silence, which is something most members of Congress have no idea about doing. Our job approval was, is and always be better than yours. We knew our mission and we got it done, then handed it off to a new generation in better shape than we found it.

    Your ability to look us in the eye, take money from us (apparently there was ZERO, other source of waste within the federal government that you could have recovered this money from…right, got it), while simultaneously holding your hand out to beg (with passion) for our cash is stunning. Your actions have proven you do not have the tremendous intellect you’ve sold the American people on. I say, with all seriousness, Congressman, what you lack in intellect and spinal rigidity, you make up for in cajones.

    I hope you and your cowardly, Republican “colleagues” hear a message from me loud and clear. You will NEVER receive another cent of financial support from me. Further, if you happen to be at a Capitol Hill dinner or at a K Street cocktail party with RNC Chair Reince Priebus, Rep. Ron Barber, Sen. Jeff Flake or Sen. John McCain, I would be honored if you communicate with them that Chief Master Sergeant (Ret) Chuck Wooten is launching an effort to ensure NONE of you traitorous “representatives of the people” ever receive another vote from a military retiree. I support his efforts. We must take care of our past, present, and future military personnel.

  51. I’m a retired Navy chief. I’ve read and agree with many of the comments. I also agree with Chief Master Sergeant Wooten. I do believe the politian’s are turning their backs on those who sacrifice time with families, many times parts of their bodies and sometimes their lives. I can’t imagine someone that’s been in the military saying it’s the same as welfare. We had an agreement to not only work for benefits promised but many times following orders we did not agree with.
    I don’t feel the democrats are the enemy. They do have a different idea of what freedom is. History shows that letting the government take care of you allows them to have all the authority over the people. Giving authority removes freedom. I’m not sure why they can’t see that.
    I also can’t see how cutting into the benefits will actually help when we do spend more gov’t contracts and send huge amounts of money to countries that would like to see us destroyed.
    I do see our country going in the what I feel is the wrong direction in many ways. We do need to uphold the constitution. By the people and for the people.


  53. When are people going to wake up and realize that it doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you are on. We are given the illusion of freedom in voting so that those who do run this country can do so unobserved. We do pay too much for the private contracts in our military spending. We don’t give our soldiers, whether active or retired, enough of anything. Those who say there are too many people on food stamps and other “entitlements” need to stop and think about all the jobs that have gone over seas. If a country doesn’t manufacture anything it cannot stand. There just aren’t the jobs out there for people to get. Unemployment numbers are bogus since they only count those receiving benefit checks. Try looking at all the tent cities springing up all over before you say there are too many on welfare. These folks in the tents aren’t getting much in the way of “entitlements” Ultimately this isn’t about whether or not the military vets are getting cut or not, this is about the higher-ups not giving one solitary crap about anyone who is lower than them.

  54. This is AWESOME!!!! My compliments to CMSgt Wooten. We need more men an women with this much character to stand up to the thievery going on in our goverment. Cheers to you Chief and thank you. MSgt. Danielle George

  55. I am also appalled at the audacity of a Republican we as military members depended on to protect what little we get for working 18 hours days when not fighting in the war and 24 hour days while being shot at. I am docked by all in Congress for your lack of intelligence for the people who protect you. SMS Weston Ret

  56. I was so ashamed of my US. Congress that would.cut the retirement of the very hero’s who are fighting and dying for their and our freedom..I see them the same as traitors

  57. Chuck,
    I applaude you for your well thought out and to the point comments concerning the betrayal that has befallen the military patriots that defend this great nation of ours.
    I echo your sentiments and will do everything in my power to see that those who have voted for this break in faith to the military will be voted out of office. They will never get a penny of my financial support either.
    Well done brother!!

    Jay Atherton
    Master Chief, USN (Ret)

  58. Wow….wasn’t sure if, and how to reply to not only this article, but some of these stupid comments. To start with I’m a retired 21 year Army Veteran….so I can chime in on this because I have actually done my research on this matter. Regardless of what the media has labeled this, there is NO PAY CUT for retirees. A pay cut, by definition, means that next month you take home less money than you did this month. My next month’s retirement check is $30 more than it was last month. A smaller pay increase is hardly a pay cut. The reduction of the COLA increase is being phased in over the next 3 years….but it will never result in a pay cut. And it only affects those that are under the age of 62 and not with a medical disability. So, can anyone tell me where the pay cut is???? And to blame Ryan for this solely is out right stupid. The Democrats were not going to allow any budget to pass unless they got what they wanted….period!!! Then the morons in this country would blame Republicans again next month for another shut-down…all because the Senate didn’t get it’s way. If you think democrats are the military’s friends… need some serious mental help!!! I saw the Clinton administration destroy the military (through downsizing) and stripping retirement benefits such as covered medical and dental. Chuck Hagel (a back stabbing Republican) is driving another nail in the retiree’s hearts…appointed by Obama and opposed by Republicans. The Republicans need to regain the White House and Senate to save this country from the Democrats. The current budget was a bi-partisan plan that limited cuts to the military. Mark my words….in the next 3 years the Democrats will try to get all military retirees on the Obamacare insurance plan….and even that makes Tricare look like the best plan in the world!!! So what that I only get a $20 a month pay raise next year as opposed to a $30 a month pay raise…..that’s why I have a 2nd career. Does anyone ever really expect to retire from the military with 20 years of service and not have to work again???? If so, you’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you????

    • Chief Sonarman – Submarines:
      The pay cut comes as increases in your Tricare4Life premiums,increases in your dental plan cost, and co-pays that were not required previously if you were Tricare4Life!

      This is the first raise that we have gotten in over five years, but premiums were increasing and the cost of living has been on the increase as well! I don’t think the Master Chief was blaming Paul Ryan, but Mr. Ryan was a force in putting together the legislation

    • Rick, I take issue with a couple of your comments, in regard to it not being a pay cut you are wrong. Your comment “A pay cut by definition, means that next month you take home less money than you did last month” is flawed. A pay cut means you make less money going forward relative to the time an action occurred, in this instance a budget cut that from this day forward alters the fabric of what had been set in place years ago, an attempt through COLA to keep up with the Consumer Price Indexes (CPI). In other words, by reducing the cost of living adjustment by 1% they are reducing our annual buying power of retired pay by 1% per annum. 10 years from phase in date retired pay will have 10% less value. And I also take issue with the comment about this only effecting those under 62, what kind of statement is that? I think those under 62 have made quite a bit of sacrifice and are equally deserving of the benefits this country owes them when they signed every one of those reenlistment contracts.

  59. Too bad he doesn’t care about the mentally ill roaming the streets homeless, or the 1-in-5 hungry children or the fact that after 30 years of bashing workers and their unions, people now have to have 2 incomes but still do worse than before St. Ronnie, and have no pension to boot! Too bad he only cares about nasty GOP plots when they finally concern him personally. What a good man.

  60. @Pat Taylor
    Obama didn’t put his left hand over his heart…Look again. the picture is inverted to make it look that way..IDIOT

  61. L says said that Wooten said that Clinton had given the military benefits. If you go back and reread his letter, you will see that Clinton REVOKED, that means took away, the military promised medical benefits. Congressmen only have to serve one term 4 to 6 years to get complete benefits. This is what I think is a travesty to the American public!

  62. All of you elected idiots have crossed the line. Now you will have 0% of the United States service men and women votes.

    And. I’m not going to be quite about you and your cronies multiple acts of High Treason.

    Karma has no statute of limitations ! I am sick and tired of the entire House, Senate and Executive branch.

    You are obviously finding EVERY possible button to push to cause a peaceful opposition into a National disaster.

    History will remember that all of you that are in office today as the worst example of a Government in the

  63. He’s wrong on the point that Ryan got in bed with the Dems by what he did. Ryan introduction of the cuts to military retirement for budget cost savings was all his own idea. He thinks the military makes too much money and he thinks the retirement pay is too generous. See this news article where it quotes him and his site: He is acting exactly how Republicans have been acting for a while now: screw the little guy to protect their big donor’s interests which they showcase in their efforts to stop any new taxes on the wealthy. They’d rather cut military retirements than pass new taxes on the rich. Cutting retirement pay isn’t a Democrat idea. This cost cutting measure was completely Ryan’s idea. Period. So, even though I agree with this guy’s anger. Him thinking that Ryan is acting like a Democrat is completely false. It was Democrats who fought years ago in 2002 to make sure retirees could get their retirement pay as well as disability. Prior to 2003, it wasn’t that way. I had a friend who’d been in only 2 years and got 100% disability. She made exactly the same amount per month as another friend who’d been in 25 years and also had a 100% disability. Many thought this was unfair including many Democrats in Congress at the time. The old master sergent couldn’t claim both her retirement and her disability, but now she can thanks to Democratic efforts – efforts Bush and other Republicans tried to thwart. See this old news article for the truth: So, all along, Republicans have fought long and hard for decades to degrade and deny what the veterans have rightly earned while lying about how they are veterans friends and many have bought the lie hook, line and sinker to their detriment. Check out the facts and find out who’re really veterans’ friends and who’re are our foes. Actions should really speak louder than empty words.

  64. It is sad that these morons who sit up on the hill getting ALL FREE MEDICAL CARE FOR their lifetime, pay raises for working a few months a year, can make decisions involving the lives and financial futures of so many who have served without themselves having to serve or understand the sacrifices of our military can be so blatantly STUPID!!! All they see are dollar signs to make themselves look good on paper hoping to keep a job they do not deserve in the first place. Instead of worrying about the billions they don’t seem to have a problem giving to countries who could care less about our citizens, they continue to take from those who have given and made more sacrifices than these guys will ever understand!!!! It makes me sick to think of all the people who actually BELIEVED the lies when they signed on for 20 years. To see our president and his crew (including his wife) go on national television singing the praises and putting on a show about how much they support us, makes me want to barf!!!

  65. All of you elected idiots have crossed the line. Now you will have 0% of the United States service men and women votes.

    And. I’m not going to be quite about you and your cronies multiple acts of High Treason.

    Karma is a bitch !

  66. I can’t sit here all day correcting posts but let me just say that fact-checking is a good idea. In the meantime, Senate Republicans have two years to figure out a way to stop these cuts and are working on the problem, led by RINO Senator John McCain and Senator Jeff Sessions. So I doubt very seriously if this will still be in place a couple of years from now when it is scheduled to happen..

  67. Again, let’s remember this was a bi-partisan bill with Republican Congressman Paul Ryan and Senate Budget Committee chairwoman Senator Patty Murray (D-WA). Murray is the one leading this bill. People are angry that Ryan agreed to this bi-partisan bill because nobody expects a Republican to agree to DNC proposals. I strongly disagree with the bill which actually doesn’t reduce the deficit. Also, Ryan is defending his wrong stance.

    Perhaps some Republicans who voted for this were thinking the Senate GOP could fix it and restore the benefits. In fact, they tried to but were blocked by the Senate Democrats because they wanted to keep welfare for illegal aliens.

    Senate Dems block amendment to restore veteran benefits by closing illegal immigrant welfare loophole.

    I don’t think we’ll ever have a perfect politician but I disagree that “all Republicans and Democrats should be thrown out.” Ryan has made some good decisions and some bad ones, I generally believe that of all Republicans, but I believe most Democrat politicians make most bad decisions and policies. I have found most Democrat voters to not understand government policies and also some Republican voters but not nearly as many as Democrat voters.

    Therefore I will continue to vote Republican in most cases and write whoever my Congressman and Senators are on every issue I want to speak out on. I will also endeavor to act on facts alone and not emotional outrage.

  68. Message boards like this make me realize there is no hope for this country. Left. right. Democrat. Republican. All people seem to what to do anymore is argue, blame the “other” side for all of life’s problems, and claim “if only our guy were in the White House, this would all be different.” We’re a nation of lemmings.

    • If you are willing to stand up for what you believe in, you must argue your points in as salient a manner as you are able. If you are not willing to stand up for your beliefs, perhaps the best thing to do is lay down, roll over on your back, and wave your arms and legs gently in the air while emitting a mewling sound.

  69. The Chief is right to be outraged, but his argument falls apart when he attempts to assign blame to the Democrats. The truth of the matter is that Democrats never asked for the cut in retirement benefits, and would have gladly voted for an agreement without it. This cut is entirely of Republican creation. The overwhelming desire to cut spending somewhere, somehow has caused the party to alienate its base, and is truly the reason why the GOP is “hard broke.”

    • No, it is not entirely Republican. It was a bi-partisan bill. The Democrats in Congress voted for it, the Democrats in the Senate blocked a correction that Republican Senators tried to implement that would have stopped the veteran cuts, and the President signed the bill.

  70. wow people are nuts. Will someone please explain to me how Obama made the republicans cut the veterans benefits?

    • You are being facetious but an earlier post of mine explained that the Democrat Senators blocked the GOP Senators from stopping the veteran’s cut and also President Obama signed the bill.

      Nobody said Obama “made the republicans cut the veteran’s benefits” but people have said that some Republicans are acting like Democrats by cutting the benefits. Most Democrats voted for it and President Obama signed the bill.

      I agree with you that some people are nuts.

  71. I’m a 30 year retired Navy vet, my son-in-law is a 21 year retired Navy vet, hid dad is a 30 year retired Navy vet, and my grand son has 15 years in the Navy, in 4 generations of Naval service thas comes too 96 years of service our family has served this country and none of us like what this present president has brought this country too. The democrats, the republicans are all too blame for the mess this country is in today. They have no balls too standup too this jerk in the White House and I for one think we should vote them all out of office and start with a new bunch too try and bring this Great Nation back too what it once stood far. By the way when my grand son retire’s in 5 or more years we will have over a 100 years of Naval service too this great country.

  72. I can’t stand these people its both dem & rep to blame we need to vote them all out so take off the blinders and think for your self and not dem or rep HERES THE NEW NAME (AMERICAN MILITARY FAMILY) OR A.M.F for short and they should know what that means

  73. I applaud Wooten for standing up. That letter was well written. Our representatives are not in office for the people. The are in office for themselves. We need to get rid of. All of them and start over. These positions should not be jobs.
    Mr. Ryan, you disappointed me with your vote. There are many other places you could have cut but not our military personnel. Let bills that get entered stand on their own. Stop attaching stuff to them to get them passed. Stop caving to the democrats. Fight for what your constituents want. Stick with campaign promises. Stop blowing in the wind.
    Honesty and integrity. What happened to them. Stop trying to take away my constitutional rights. I am sick and tired of hearing about people who are offended by saying the pledge of allegiance, the National Anthem. What about my rights? If they are offended by this, then move someplace else. Stop caving into people who do not like saying the pledge of allegiance in our schools. Why are we giving into these people? It needs to stop.

  74. As a former Air Force veteran I am fed up with politicians in general. I have a son who is retired Air Force & a daughter in the Navy with over twenty. It’s time to send a strong message to these politicians .
    Keep up the good work!

  75. I’m hoping we Americans heed this warning, it’s time for changes within the government, with that said we all know where the cuts should be made, and that includes you Mr. president and all you presidents that served in the past! This would solve a whole lot of problems, we would actually get candidates running for the love of their country and not for the money, and political power. There is a GOD and there will be Justice, the power is in the people we can make it happen if we work together!

  76. I’m sorry you’re pension has been cut. I would also like to thank you for your years of service to this country. But I mean no disrespect when I say I think you may want to reexamine the Democrats as being the enemy. How much more do you need to show you the Republican Party is not on your side?
    Guy Snider

  77. I agree wholeheartedly with your response to congressman Ryan. What our government did to us is beyond disgusting. I can’t wait to vote these fools out of office.

  78. Yep, I was with you till your comments about “liberal democrats. I was raised in a democratic household. My dad was a union man, my mom was a nurse. When my two brothers and I each graduated high school we each went into the service. I am the only one of the three of us that made the military a career. I’m also the only one of the three of us that is a liberal democrat, my two brothers are republicans. I SIR, AM NOT AN ENEMY TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, NOR AN ENEMY TO MY COUNTRY. I know of no liberal democrats that want to see our country, or for that matter our military fail. Perhaps sir it is you and your type of political beliefs, “no compromise”, “they hate our country” to people that don’t share your view, “they’re traitors”, that has brought our great country to this point in our history. I respect your service and your RIGHT to your opinion. I do not however respect your opinion.

  79. To cut the retirement benefits of all who served this country so generously, is without a doubt, the most arrogant and disgraceful political move in the history of our country. I don’t see Senators or Congressmen, or the President, Vice President or any other political hippocrite rushing to cut their own pay. I don’t seen Hawaiin vacations or unnecessary trips being reduced. Hell, one Presidential vacation would begin to help fund the mility retirement and considering all the unnecesaary extravagant parties, trips, chefs, stylists, housekeepers and social BS that goes on in Washington, I’m sure the cut in benefits would be more than amply covered. The Goverenment of this Country has turned on it’s own and it is a total disgrace……John McCain is a total disgrace to the American people – how could he turn his back after all he suffered for this country??????? I am truly ashamed of our political representations!

  80. Great response! It seems so cruel and hateful to take from those who fought for American freedom. It will cost more tax dollars when these brave people are forced to join the “entitlement” roles than to just give them what they earned with sacrifice.

  81. Thank you Chief – there are a few things I would say: I take issue with labeling the Dems as Anti-America(n) not one of us is all Republican/Democrat/Liberal in our way of thinking, we all have things we support and things we do not support within our chosen Party. Sadly – it is the Republicans who have turned on us here. I challenge anyone that supports/supported this motion to take 1% of their salary next year and write a check to the IRS as a donation, then for the next 21 years they write a check for 2% of their salary to the IRS as a donation so that they too can pay their fair share. I have no issue with paying my taxes as every other money earning resident, but singling us out again as if we were a plane/ship/tank etc to cut out of the budget is insulting.

    Now to some of the replies: 1. Military pay is the same as welfare????? Seriously – when was the last time a recipient of welfare got up at 0500 went to work got home at 2000 only to do it all over again the next day and the next and the next? When was the last time we took a welfare recipient and shipped them overseas for 6-13 months without their family? When was the last time a welfare recipient put their life on the line to defend this country?
    2. It’s just a small amount – why are we whining…..because for 23 years I received a statement from the government showing me why my actual pay is really higher due to my benefits (to include medical/dental/retirement). Pay us the 1% and tax us as well as the rest of the money earners in this country an additional 1% – then the cost is SHARED BY ALL – why is it fair to place what is effectively an additional tax on one group of people in this country? This would pay down the debt much quicker.
    3. Just cut other programs in defense and intelligence – unfortunately most don’t actually understand what that means. Does anyone remember that under Pres Clinton that is exactly what was done and when we went to war after Sept 11, we went unprepared and unarmed. Equipment was old/outdated, guys were using the metal trays from chow to add at least a smaller layer of armor to their vehicles, we didn’t have enough or quality flak vests and helmets….please – don’t tell me that it was an unneeded war, Congress voted for it so we went…end of story.

    Here is a radical thought – get rid of the military – use the Senate and Congress as a Ready Militia ( how many days do they work NOW for their salaries?) Then initiate the draft to back them up when needed. Everyone out there get ready and head to the firing ranges to learn how to defend yourselves and your families, and be prepared to leave them at a moments notice if the proverbial shit hits the fan … cuz it’s your turn to serve.

  82. I agree with that statement and I will be retiring in >2 yrs what can I do at surviving? They can go to hell, but they have all the power to reduce your retirement pay so you vote them out they dont leave Washington they do something to destoy our country.
    Just so they can get their money. Noticed they get a full pension once out of office(?) And only after 2 terms or 5 years in government. That IRS chick gets $61,000 pension! I would be lucky getting $21,000 take home pay as a retiree AND I still would pay for medical.
    Thank you for your time.

  83. My husband made a menial salary when he entered and when he left the Army twenty years later. They ‘stayed’ the course in the service because of the attraction of early retirement. He protected our citizens and promised to lay down his life to protect you. What other job asks that? Why is Congress always wanting to shake down the less vocal True patriots? Give me a chance and I assure you
    I could easily find other areas of entertainment, support staff or ancillary expenses to eliminate.

  84. Subject: Tell Congress “Don’t cheat our vets!”


    Younger military retirees, including me, are about to get robbed by Congress (story at Like our fellow Americans, we are trying to support our families in a tough economy. It’s not fair to change the rules after we’ve served a full career, have been deployed to combat zones multiple times, uprooted our families every few years, and made other sacrifices for the benefit of our nation. Our representatives in Congress are keeping their retirement benefits; tell them to let our vets keep theirs, too!

    That’s why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama.

    Will you sign this petition? Click here:


  85. Why don’t they worry about this poor little girl who pays for her daddy dying for are freedom instead of there pointless donations that hurt these familys in need. Any donations should be put to this little girl and her family! This little girls dad is a marine and there family is struggling to pay bills and support a dying wish a 13 year old daughter to this marine has a heart breaking story. She was in our local papers. READ!!!!!! Click on the link

  86. To Chief Wooten
    You are my HERO dear Sir, as are all men and women serving our military. I was married to an AF 06, he served his country for 30 years, and died shortly after retirement. We spent many years separated as well as overseas. Government Welfare for military retirees is an insult. Had those brave men and women had a civilian job they would have been paid a lot more then the military does. They have earned their retire pay by working all these years in often awful conditions, I stand with you and all our service menbers, you have earned every penny and it is definitely not welfare. Congress is only interested in filling their own pockets, not in serving the people of the US. Congress needs an overhaul for sure.
    God Bless you and yours
    Ita Borger-Boglin

  87. I think it is disgusting that politicians get as much money and retirement as they do and our military men and women are treated like they are!! We elect these people to represent us and they take from us each and every day but never give up anything. They implement laws that take nothing away from their wallets but thin ours!! They force insurance on us but feel they don’t have to take part in it!! I think it’s time to get rid of every one of representatives and start from scratch!! This is America but we are not being treated as such any longer. Congress was never meant to be a full time job, it’s not something that these people should be able to retire from. They need to get a real job and support their families like we have to.

  88. Mr. Wooten thank you for this letter. How dare the government try to balance the budget on the backs of our veterans. This just goes to show you how sick and unconcerned they have become with us. My dad was a Vietnam Vet, and my grandfather a World War II Vet. All of my brothers have served in the military so you see where I am going with this. This is the ultimate disrespect to all Veterans. I am a firm believer that they will reap what they sow. Shame on all of them for even considering this. SSG (Retired).

  89. Can everybody please stop trying to link the rise in the market with Obama’s actions? they are diametrically opposed.

  90. Please Mr. Ryan Don’t forget the comrads that the congressional will hurt. The promiss of Free medical and life-time care (Tricare for Life) is being eroded by Government constituents like yourself. Please remember the days when you were in the trenches and looked forward to a secure retirement with bennifits. Please don’t renigg on those promises OUR government made to you and I. Vote NO!!!

  91. Just goes to show what I’ve been trying to get through ignorant American’s thick skulls for years: POLITICIAN = LIAR

    Each party is just as bad as the other; nothing but a bunch of greedy, power hungry, lying scumbags. It’s time to fire the entire government and start over. No career politicians allowed, no lawyers allowed, no special benefits and no pension.

  92. I truly don’t see how the Democrats get the “evil” label. If you look at the actual track record and not the talking points from fox news it is pretty clear that they are far from evil. Historically they are better on Civil Rights, economy, jobs packages, and corporate greed. The Republicans are better on Christian Values and lower taxes. Oddly though When a Dem is the POTUS americans are prosperous financially then they are under Reps. Additionally more laws are enacted that protect or expand civil liberties. This is not a political viewpoint that I have this is just simple economics and fact based checking.

  93. It is amazing to read the nonsense coming out of so many of you. Perhaps you should check that your brains are in the “ON” position before you write and give your writings a sniff-test before posting. Too many of you indicate where you get your political ideas. All it takes is a whiff of that anal odor and the hint of all those little bits of toilet paper.

  94. Tom Cooper…well stated! Also, just wanted to say hi…. (I’m Stan *$#$*’s sister from WA State). I don’t want to print his name in a public forum without his consent. I believe you served with him in Viet Nam.

  95. Love and support your response to Mr. Ryan…..I do however take exception about your take on the Democrat objective….to dismantle the military. Sorry, I’m a Democrat and that couldn’t be further from the truth. As the daughter, sister, and mother of two vets and a still active Staff Sgt./Green Beret, (male and female children), I understand the sacrifices made and service to our country as well as the next person. Our Democratic Presidents, past and present, have done their utmost best to rebuild our country (including our military) time and again after repeated lousy Republican Presidents have brought our country to its knees. God bless you and all our military for your service. The sad part about our country is we have had two generations recently who don’t give a damn. We need to start teaching and demanding this from our citizens and get back to working together.

  96. Ryan how could you ask for money. You sit behind a desk and write down plans yes it looks good on paper, but in real life it does not work. Only a dumb ass could have set this plan in motion. I worked my tail off spent most of my kids life away from home. So you could do this to us. If I would have known that at the beginning I would have went downs different street . Maybe I would have went into government. Have a cushion under my butt. Have my family by me each night. Have a suit, a big house and a nice car. No wait I have a heart. I served in the US Army. I went each and every time I was called to deployed. Not one time did my family say enough stay home. Not one time did they say you don’t get payed for time. Not one time did my family say bad things about the government. My family did say do you job and come home. My wife said I am proud of you I am proud to be an American. But now we dislike where the government is taking us. This road already has holes in it. Now Congress has put yet another hole in the path of all military members. I don’t like this change we should take a right turn and head the right way.

  97. Vets selling out vets.? Duke Cunningham was bought by the real leaders of US, (corporations) ! Check the paper trail from McCain, see who bought him and the other tools that voted in favor of this. That cesspool dc turns honorable men & women into corporate tools.
    It seems that this socialist regime is almost daring a group to take a radical action against them. Slow erosion of our liberties and not a peep.
    Socialist laws & still nothing.
    Now let’s screw with the vets.
    Enough is enough, it’s time to take back our country from these incompetent tools.

  98. ChiefMSgt Wooten’s response and email says it all…except…SHAME ON OUR Rep’s and Senator’s for what hey are doing. I want my country back that was here when I began my service in 1986….God please bless the USA…

  99. Blaming the democrats for the Ryan budget is like blaming the donuts because you are fat. Democrats would like to cut the defense budget in half or more is merely because we don’t like 50-60 cents out of every dollar going to defense when that money can go to other things especially when our military spending is more than the next 10 countries combined. It is cheaper in the long run to play nice, and pay for things we break. That remaining 40-50 cents or less is what runs the rest of the country. All those social programs (farm aid, road building, etc) and non health care veterans programs (veterans health care which is part of DOD spending) being one of them. All that foreign aid is less than 0.1 cent of every dollar. That 40-60 cents also pays for the 5 billion to oil companies and companies like GE that get billions in profit but get tax money back each year. I distinctly remember service members in the 1990s complaining about Paul Welstone (who always fought for better veterans benefits) and how he should be voted out and should sit down and shut up. Yet he is the one that was always pressing for peace so as not to send service members in harms way and always asking for more money for Veterans. Republicans have always voted or acted against veterans since before the Bonus Army incident (that time when MacArthur ordered Patton to destroy the veterans encampment and Patton ordering his carvery to charge the Veterans). If you wan’t better benefits, you need to vote for guys willing to cut the defense budget so money can go to those programs. You want a bunch of Paul Welstones not a bunch of Paul Ryans.

  100. I will still vote for a republican over a democrat any day of the week.

    I’ll just do a better job of picking which republican I have to vote for instead of spineless twits like Paul Ryan.

    Sorry but all you liberals attacking republicans should remember one thing.. You guys are the ones that are responsible for yanking funds from our active service members all the time. So to think that you’re any better than most of the establishment GOP is laughable.

    At least with republicans I know that the military isn’t going to get screwed quite as badly as it does when liberals are in control of the purse strings.

    Libertarians would be preferred to a liberal or a republican any time however.. 🙂

  101. Retired USAF, it’s not dem and rep. its all, no most polititions that are bad. They keep voting in a pay raise for themselves every chance they get by adding it to another bill that everyone wants to pass so they know it will go through. I am a Vietman vet and a dessert storm vet, I can tell you that all my 23 years in the service was a 24/7, 365 days job. I didnt make a lot of money actualy had to work another job just to make ends meet when I first started with a wife and a son. I did what I was told to do without question. I have earned every penny I get from my retirement, as little as it is. I just don’t understand how you could serve one term in any job that has anything to do with politics and walk away with a great retirement and medical for life be it 2 years, 4 years, or how ever manys years you do your job or can bullshit the people to realect you. I can tell you that there retirement is way better than anything I get. I think we need to take back the white house and fire everyone stop their retirement unless they have 20+ years, have been in a combat zone and deployments every 2 to 3 years without your family. Then lets see who votes for that. I want all americans to pull together and take back this great nation we call home and make it work for ALL like it was meant to be.

  102. I spent 20 years in the Navy, Persian Gulf Veteran earned 33 medals and ribbons, I, (WE) have earned what was promised to us. You need to look at your compensation compared to ours! How many bullets have you dodged for $8.00 an hour? I am a registerd Republican, but be assured, you will not get any votes from me. You are one sorry SOB for even thinking about what you want to do. You must be spending too much with Harry Reid, and not enough with Dean Heller . My first and second amendment rights are clearly posted on my property.

  103. I applaud your efforts to fight back and call guys like Ryan on their blatant hypocrisy, but I have to take a bit of an exception with whom your comments about “Liberal Democrats”. If you bother to do any research on the budget negotiations, you will find that one side was set on preserving subsidies to corporations while pushing to ease post-retirement personnel costs and it WASN’T THE DEMOCRATS !! The Dems fought to restore sequester cuts that hit retirees and the middle class while the rebublican’ts fought to maintain the pork for their affluent friends, at the expense of military members and those families struggling in today’s economy (largely the result of the Bush policies of 2001-2008) !!

  104. If Senator Ryan really wanted to help he would quit trying to cut spending on tax cuts for the top 10% wealthiest and return their tax rates to 80% on earned income and 35% on unearned income. This would total funding.

  105. I agree 100% with Chief Wooten, I would like to add that I DID sign a Contract with the US Government with the promise of free Medical and Dental care for myself and my dependents while on active duty and for life when I retire. My dental coverage for my dependents was lost while I was still on active duty, unless we were overseas, vision coverage, who knows, and then medical. It amazes me how Congress can continuously authorize raises and benefits for themselves but know nothing of what they did agree to for the military. It is time to clean out the houses in D.C. stop all their self imposed benefits and let “We The People” decide what they get. Many of the Congress & Senators have had a free ride long enough!!!

  106. As the proud daughter of two CMSGTs, one retired and one who passed away during her last enlistment, and daughter-in-law of a CMSGT (ret) who combined served nearly 90 years in the USAF, I am absolutely sickened by Congressman Ryan’s actions. A man who once had my support no longer does. My 60 year old father who dedicated half of his life to serving this great country should not lose one red cent he EARNED while politicians spend weekends in their fancy vacation homes sipping cocktails paid for by money they stole from hard working Americans. Congressman Ryan, you have failed our Veterans. In doing so, you failed our nation as a whole. To these men and women, we owe so much. Pissing on them? I hope everyone takes a stand with CMSGT Wooten. This can not be tolerated!

  107. Thank You! I could not have said it better. You and my husband’s service and strong values and honor make me proud to be an American. I am sending my thanks, prayers and love to you and your loved ones.

    Dorothy “Dee” Caprio ( proud wife of Ron Caprio retired (20 years) USAF and still serving our country as a US Department of Defense Civilian Employee).

  108. Extremist views from either party divide this Nation. The degree of anger thrown around in many of these responses will get us nowhere. Calling each other the enemy will not solve problems or reach solutions. I find it difficult to believe that Mr. Obama has done anything to deserve being called a communist, a socialist, or pure evil. This is not only ridiculous, it is extremely disrespectful and does not create a political environment to accomplish goals.

    • Natalie said: I find it difficult to believe that Mr. Obama has done anything to deserve being called a communist, a socialist…

      “Pure evil” is, of course a matter of opinion but I linked two of Natalie’s words to show what Mr. Obama has done to be called a communist and a socialist.

      Believe, don’t believe or don’t even read the links but if you read them you will at least know why people call President Obama a communist and a socialist. Don’t read them and remain mystified for all I care. Just trying to help those who don’t know but really do want to know why.

  109. Once again our elected officials only support those who have the money to buy these crooks votes. Patty Murray should know better with all the military in Washington State. The house and Senate should take pay cuts because the service men and women do more work then the silver spoon fed elected officials could ever dream of doing. They need to earn the minimum wage for their supposed public service.

  110. Now the Military knows how the Indians ( Native Americans) felt with all the promises that were made to them . USAFR

  111. Well said! As the spouse of an active duty soldier, I applaud you for standing up for all of us! We make sacrifices that most civilians could not imagine – all for the sake of our country and love for our family.

  112. Chief Wooten – thank you! As a fellow Chief, I couldn’t have said this more eloquently. My next step is to get these cowards out of office. They’ll never get another good word or vote from me.
    Sharon H. Castillo CMSgt Ret, USAF

  113. Perhaps if this guy had ever heard a shot fired in anger he wouldn’t call other americans the enemy simply because they disagree with him about politics. I Disagree with liberals, that doesn’t make them the enemy,

  114. I couldn’t read it all. It breaks my heart to know that you Mr. Ryan are the reason my children and grandchildren will be unable to get the things they like all other military families will be unable to get. STOP the madness!! You are a disgrace. What happened to your backbone?

  115. Hooah! This man was brilliant in conveying the message I count put into words. It’s about time we call out our elected officials on their bullcrap

  116. I’m a retired Sailor who served honorably all across the globe for 20+ years. I made the same sacrifices as every other retiree and am just as pissed about the hit to our COLA adjustments as anyone. That said, the Chief Master Sergeant can kiss my liberal Democrat ass and go straight to hell as far as I’m concerned. You want to call me an enemy of the American people and our nation? Screw you Chuck Wooten and all who think like you.

    BMC(SW), USN (Ret.)

    • Roger that Master Sgt. , I’m a veteran who’s looked at actual enemies of this country in my iron sights, and they weren’t liberals, conservatives or moderates. This guy is a chair forcer asshat who can’t tell the difference between an AQ Terrorist and someone he disagrees with about politics.

  117. You tell them chief!! I also served my country in the USAF ! I am now serving the American people in the postal service. It is sickening to see what is going on in our country! I think this country should require all elected officials to have served in the armed services. Maybe then they might really understand honor and integrity! !!!!!!!!

  118. Take a close look at who has redefined earned benefits into “entitlements” and then put it in a negative context. Look who blocked the Veterans Jobs Bill, look who successfully starved the beast with the intention of cutting such “entitlements” and look who is pushing cutting further entitlements with zero thought in cutting into a single social welfare program, which by the way, costs us, as taxpayers, almost twice as much as social welfare. Democrats are not the enemy here…starting with the Powell Memorandum, the enemy stole the American dream, drained our Social Security (earned benefits) fund and has turned America from the largest creditor nation on earth to the largest debtor nation on earth. The enemy is within and it is stealing you and me blind. And the enemy is not partisan.

  119. why dont them asshole in congress cut their retirement benefits. we need an uprising to get rid of ALL politicans and go back to what it meant the average persons go to office the back to his job. not a job for corrupt politicians to pad their pockets an screw everybody else. my opinion not a threat.

  120. “Liberal Democrats are the enemy?”
    Thank you for your service to our country and I am grateful to anyone who has served in our country’s military but most likely you went to war because of Republicans in the first place.

  121. Prez, and congress need to take pay cut before the vets. It appears the politicians are worthless. Cut foreign aid, fix America first, while it can still be fixed. With all the brains in D.C., this is the best you can come up with? Get your money somewhere else…or else there won’t be any military. Freedom isn’t free.

  122. HI am not a retiree , but I was in the USAF and wished that what the government told me in 1982 ,if we retire we will get what we worked for for all those they say we don’t deserve what they said we deserve. Well, if we don’t deserve what they said then what are we supposed to believe. Stop supporting terrorism by giving them our military retirement to these a$$holes and support our troupes, wheather they are retired or may retire in 20 years. Give up your pay Senator, and give it to someone who deserves it . The retired military. Without them you , Senator, would be begging for a job trying to just get by. I say resign your post and be honorable. I used to support our Republican
    party, now I SUPPORT OUR VETERANS. Not you. God bless our troupes and the American beliefs

  123. To all our elected officials, who haven’t seen combat but after their term of service draw full medical and their full check. Please consider those who in the past have put their lives on the line and those presently servicing our Nation without all those benefits. We serve 2013yrs to get half our pay still have to pay our health insurance and yet our cost of living is pitiful. Really come on and wake up

  124. I’m a veteran and retired reservist with 32 years service as well as a retired Air Force civilian with 45 years service. I have never seen such backstabbing in my entire career. Our military and civilians were made promises by successive regimes in power we took vows to lay our lives on the line and sacrifice comforts for our families while we served. For years we gave up our blood sweat and tears to ensure the 98% of our so called civilian brothers who never served lived their lives in freedom. Promises are being broken left right and center by our so called executive, and legislative branches. The veterans and active duty members are being pushed and won’t take it much longer. As for our SECDEF and other so called secretary’s along wing our joint chiefs are running scared. We are cutting troops while buying the expensive toys – these toys won’t run without people to operate them we are creatin a “hollow force” it’s going to bite us in the butt. We need to get rid of those Who are gutting our country

  125. It is absolutely unimaginable and unconcienable that our Commander-in-Chief and Congressional leaders enacted a recent bill that in cluded cuts in military retirees’ cost-of-living increases and actived duty members pay increases; when in reality their beneifits should have been increased. We have never been paid amounts comensurable with the sacrifices we and our families have and are making to maintain this nation’s security. Evidently, they do not consider or care that by removing or degrading incentives that attract volunteers, they ultimately put the all-folunteer force at great risk of becoming impotent to provide for our security.

  126. I am 100% disabled since 1998 and am currently 63 years old so this will not affect me. But when I think of the yearly COLA raises I looked forward to each of those years to make ends meet being taken away I am livid. This is the only increase in pay retirees and disabled vets get to continue to have a quality of life comparable to those who sat out the war and/or service to their country. Ryan, Murray, et-al should be ashamed and disgraced for being so callous with our and our families lives. Repubs like these are the new Democrats, while Democrats have sold their country down the river of liberal ideas. I will stay in the republican party so that I have a voice in primaries, but at heart I am now an independent. Bob Eaton, Sgt. US Army 67-77 Nam 69-70 72.

  127. Al this BS over a 1% decrease in COLAs for under retirement aged selected Veterans..?? Hate to see the crying over an actual across the boards cut in benefits..!!

    • Let me guess. You’re one of those “compassionate” democrats that also think our money should go to Syria instead of our service men and women? These people are already living on far too little for what they provide you and I. I am ashamed of people like you.

    • Bill, by doing one cut it only empowers Congress to take more and more. We’ve all seen it and I fear if they make an across the board’s cut I’ll see my house vanish or worse! (Newly retired 21 year AF MSgt)

      My biggest source of heartburn isn’t the cuts really, it’s the fact that Congress hasn’t cut a damn thing from their own salaries/benefits while having no issues cutting other’s. Everyone knows that if you cut the pork out of the budget they would have millions (I daresay billions) of excess dollars in which to correct the nation’s economic woes.

  128. I’ve been reading this thread thoroughly and I feel the pain that Paul Ryan and Congress has been causing. My father was murdered in his district a little over a year ago, and I am standing up and challenging Paul Ryan for his seat in congress in 2014 ( not just because of this, but because he has gone DC. The safety, economy, and integrity of his district rank low on his priority list. MY CAREER GOALS DID NOT INCLUDE POLITICIAN UNTIL NOW. These privileged elite who have hijacked our government and the Greatest Country in the world need to be checked and balanced. I’m there with you, because I know you are here with me in Wisconsin. Let’s send a message to Washington in 2014: we will fire all of you, if you are not doing the job that we tell you to do. Let’s start with Paul.

    • Congressman Paul Ryan and other GOP Congressmen are causing pain by acting like Democrats. Electing another Democrat is not the answer.

  129. It is certain, that if politicians continue to cut pay and benefits to military service members, they risk adversely affecting the military’s all-volunteer recruiting and retention program; which could ultimately require reeactivation of the military draft. If they want to sustain this force, they should be increasing benefits, not cutting them! Military service members have never been paid commensurate with the sacrifices they and their families make to sustain this nation’s security! Every one who supports and/or would like to join the military’s all-volunteer force should immediately and emphatically articulate their position to their congressional representatives! I’m sure that the majority of citizens do not want the draft reeactivated; but thats exactly what will happen if the vounteer force cannot be sustained due to a lack of incentives that attract and keep volunteers. It is absolutely unimaginable and unconscienable that our Commander-in-Chief and congressional leaders supported enactment of the recent biil that cut retirees’ cost-of living increases, and active duty pay raises. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

  130. If liberals and progressives are so great and “the right way” we wouldn’t be 17.2 trillion in debt and under constant threat of having our taxes raised to pay ever more for their boondoggle cockamamie social programs. This is where they have led us, and good people keep letting them pass more crap for taxpayers to fund like Obamacare etc. When will the madness end?

  131. Chief Wooten,
    Thank you for putting in words what I have been thinking. I retired after 25 years and I too wrote all my congressional delegates (Regardless of party they, “In a Perfect World”, are supposed to work for me). Only one has had the guts to respond back to me and of course all she said was a bunch of crap to cover her backside. I used to be a republican but now at this time I am not sure I have a party. I find that the politicians seem to enjoy cutting the military, But what they don’t seem to understand is WE are the ones spilling our blood to protect their freedom of sitting on their fat asses in their comfy chairs. I think it is high time that they start taking cuts and we can start with their retirements which personally I do not think they earn, they come in comfortable and leave rich and also have an annual retirement of $113K – $185K sorry they did not earn their retirement, their aides work harder than they do. I will not vote for the cofounder of Ryan’s budget nor any of the rest of them – I will vote for some NEW blood that will hopefully do more for the people.

  132. I am a vet and a liberal. Does being a liberal make my service mean less? You call me an enemy of the US because my politics disagree with yours? Go to hell. The government taking away veterans entitlements pisses me off, but I could care less what you have to say because you call me your enemy.

  133. Wow, thank you for standing up for each and every one of us. He has some nerve!!

  134. Thanks Chief for taking the time to write what was on all our minds. What is confusing to me is why Congressman Ryan didn’t at least kiss us first!

  135. I also counted on the Government to live up to its promises to us that sacrificed our youthful years in military service for our great country. These promises were a factor in our decision to make the military a career. It’s inconceivable that the government would even consider reneging on their agreement after we have completed our service. These corrupt bastards will never receive any more financial support from me or my vote again.

  136. Senator Tom Coburn’s (R-Okla.) Wastebook 2013 details 100 examples of the federal government’s unnecessary, duplicative and low-priority programs totaling $28 billion.

    And it’s bizarre to think of saving $6 billion over a 10-year period as this veteran’s cut is supposed to do when there are so many government programs that can be eliminated.

    I don’t know if anyone can calculate the cost of Obamacare™ with it’s legions of taxpayer funded jobs and departments that are only to promote it and don’t actually add any value. Not to mention the trillions spent on just trying to make it work.

    Senator Jeff Sessions ( R-Ala) and other GOP Senators tried to halt the veteran’s cuts in the Senate but were blocked by the Democrat majority there.

  137. I also spent 21 plus years in the US Army and remember all of the benefits we were supposed to get. Thanks to our…no, your spineless elected officials like RYAN and MCCAIN (didn’t use their title because I have zero respect for them and their spineless cohorts) my benefits and the benefits of my brothers in arms will be affected. It isn’t ‘t enough that soldiers and their families give their ALL for this country, you and your buddies (both sides) try to take what dignity they have left. I, like CMF Wooten, have no desire to support you, the people you work with, and the clowns in the Democratic Party! I have also changed my voting status. Not Rep or Dem! You will see No further support from Me or my family. You may think…he is only one vote, who cares?….well, it only take one snowball to cause an avalanche. Might want to listen to the Military before you find yourself in a place you don’t want to be. Also, to the younger soldiers, you need to start thinking for yourselves. These so called leaders give these orders because you let them get away with it. No Merry Christmas! What is this? Unite and put these people in their place. You don’t fight and die just so they can be polically perfect at your expense. Fight for what you believe in. Think about it! Ernie Rasmussen 1SG, USA (Ret).

    • When McCain was on the campaign trail and visited UT, I asked him how was it he, a high level Admiral’s son was released while the rest of our troops were still held captive? He told me I didn’t understand such matters. I guess being a Vet renders me stupid. But, I was just stupid enough to point that out in a crowd full of Vets.

  138. The splitting of the Dem sare the enemy / the GOP is the enemy is exactly the problem.

    I disagree with the extremes of BOTH sides, and for anyone who things one side is any better than the other, you are fooling yourselves.

    After spending twenty years (and not a nano second longer) I walked down the pier and never looked back.

    Because we had a deal.

    I agreed to give you (America) my youth, my energy, to work for a sub-standard wage, and hours and conditions that would make an OSHA inspector Apoplectic and did my duty at times where but for the flip of a coin, I would not be here today.

    And the agreement?

    You will pay me my retirement, equal to one half my base pay, what does that mean in real dollars? About 1/3 what I made while on active duty. You also agreed to care for me and my family in all medical situations. I am not talking about the easy stuff, you know…that hearing loss and tinnitus nearly EVERY SINGLE SERVACEMAN has, Or the stiff joints and daily soreness that we all accept, , that is the easy stuff, it’s my brothers and sisters you sent off to die because that’s the way we do things in TexASS, and those who survived, coming back with far FAR more serious cognitive mental, physiological issues— all the while you cut the budgets to the VA and fail to hold those organizations to even a minimal standard)

    Yeah that was the agreement—- and I paid my end up front, and you like a coward, won’t cover your debt.


  139. I completely agree with CSM Wooten. As a retired CSM Spe Ops. Korea,, Vietnam era. I have seen this battle before and it is never good for the Military. Be assured CSM Wooten, I have your back, or six if you prefer. I put in over 25 1/2 years and many of the promises made to us have been completely broken by the Congress of this country. However, they never at any time consider cutting the biggest handouts, Their Own. Oh, No, instead of cutting they increase their benefits (HANDOUTS). They ALL need to read the Constitution. If they did they would find the are in violation of it by the very nature of their offices. There never has been a provision for a Career Politician (Congressman) contained therein. They are to get Honest jobs and support themselves
    and to receive only stipend for their service as Congressman. Kind of hard to get an honest job, especially for the Democrats, when most of them are Lawyers. Sadly the Republicans have no backbone and refuse to stand up to the Democ-RATS. It is time for the Military to stand up to both the Democ-RATS and Republ-ICANS and demand that they keep their promises or resign.

  140. It is amazing that military retirees of all ideologies are being affected and this discussion has devolved into the normal left/right recriminations that get us nowhere – but continually divided. As long as we are kept divided, we cannot have one voice in our complaints. Chief Wooten was right in his indignation to Ryan, but I, and many the people who voted along the lines that I did, are not his enemies.

  141. Well said Chief. The only thing I would change is that it’s both parties that are the enemy to the American people. This type of crap is what happens when you get career politicians making decisions. They are so out of tune with what is going on it’s truly sad. I have contended for years that if term limitations are good for the President it should be good for Congress as well. Both sides are responsible for the debacle.I have become an independent voter because both sides have lied to us. I think it’s comical that both sides say they are for the American people when clearly they are only for themselves. Stick to your guns sir and continue this fight. If there is one thing politicians don’t like it is negative press against them.

  142. I stopped reading at “The liberal Democrats are an enemy to the American people and our Nation”. His objection to being solicited for money seems to have partly woken him up from the brainwashing the politicians have been inflicting on him but obviously he still believes some of it. The whole “dems are evil, if only republicans were in charge, then things would be perfect” mindset is old, tired, and thoroughly disproven.
    Calling democrats the enemy and evil is worse than Paul Ryan asking him for money while cutting retirement. Wake up!

  143. We have to stop catering to the wealthy and start giving some breaks to the middle class and poor or our country will surely die.

  144. Let’s see… 20+ years in the military, we don’t deserve our pay. YOU earned yours after a hitch in a plush, warm and safe office did?

  145. WOW, What a post! As a Vietnam Era Veteran not of 20 plus years, but a veteran never the less, this post was very informative. Why would Democratic Liberals or any nation’s elected leaders destroy its military? Then expect loyalty, continuing service, (even their lives) and the outrage of political donations? I know the answer from God’s word is: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” I Timothy 6:10

  146. I saw the list of who voted for the cuts & who didn’t, and there were several Democrats who refused to vote for the cuts to the military retirement. HOWEVER, I received an e-mail from the White house asking for my support by encouraging people to sign up for the President’s health plan & I responded with a clear & resounding. “NO, sir.” I assured him that I would express my disapproval of my EARNED benefits being cut by voting against EVERY incumbent, on every level, who supported these cuts. I told him I am tired of supporting lazy ass people who refuse to work, serve their country or who are here illegally with the taxes that are taken out of my meager retirement check from the DOD. Since I am unable to find work at age 58, I am in school again to train for a new career, but I doubt I will be hired because of my age. So I am struggling survive on that same pension & pay higher TRICARE co-pays on top of it. I doubt I will get a response.

  147. First of all you need a history lesson as MSGT B stated some is correct what he left out was that Vietnam Vets had to sue the US Government under President Reagan to get their benefits. At that time the Supreme court reinstated retirees benefits to health care and protected the retirement of all existing retired and current active duty. What he didn’t state was that Clinton yes reduced it but George Jr then had passed the if you get your retirement through the military you can no longer also get your social security or vs versa which only effected the Military and postal workers. Meanwhile they can still double dip along with all their employees like the lower aides and such. The new law only effects new and currently serving soldiers not close to retirement and is already being talked about going to a class action lawsuit to reinstate all lost retirement to existing retirees as all changes are in violation to the court order, By the way if you are paying for your health care it also stated because of the low pay of the bulk of soldiers their health care stay free as they had paid for it in blood, sweat and tears to serve the American government in defense of it’s right to freedom. You should all be downloading that and sending it to your House of Representatives since this was something that was forced down a senators throat to except considering she is the one that has fought to keep our benefits and the current control in the House said no deal until she agreed.

  148. While I believe that veterans and currently serving military should receive all the benefits they were promised, I’d like to address one recurring myth regarding foreign aid, to our friends and enemies alike: the foreign aid budget makes up just 1 percent of the federal budget. Cutting it is not going to make a big difference to the overall budget or our other needs.

  149. The folks in DC should look up the Bonus Army to see what happened the last time the politicians tried to cheat veterans out of their due, not that the whole Bonus thing wasn’t an insult in the first place the way it was set up.

  150. I want to thank Mr. Wooten for taking the time to respectfully respond to Congressman Ryan. You have put into words what many who have contributed there time in military service are afraid to do in fear it would be used against them .. somehow. I guess that’s the case for no really understands the government anymore. Maybe it’s the fact that if all were to make the stand against the unknowing/unwilling would be worth there time and effort not wasted because if it was worth our efforts these laws wouldn’t be passed against us. Thanks again!

  151. Obama and Congress should have their pay cut ,their money should be given the military active duty and retired. The big vactions and parties Obama spend our money for should go to the military active duty and retired. Our military deserves all the honor and support we can give them. Thank you, God Bless Our Military!

  152. we support this letter 100 percent. these things will also determine how we vote and I hope it does others. Maybe hitting them in their hard earned money will wake them up and lead them to vote these people out.

  153. CMS Wooten, I have your back, count me in the fight for what was promised to us. I served all over the United States, Asia and Europe. It sickens me believing our government would do this to their own, especially McCain and Ryan. What ever it take CSM Wooten, please count me in.
    Alan M. Bloom
    SSG, (Retired), U.S. Army

  154. Totally agree with what Mr Wooten said. It’s like I spent 24yrs in the Army/Navy for nothing. Everything I signed up for is all being taken away, but yet we continue to send financial aid overseas to countries that burn our flag, kill or kidnap Americans. Washingtons priorities need help. I also will never vote for anyone who takes my guaranteed benefits away. Like Mr Ryan, I live in Wisconsin, he will never see another vote from me. Thank you for letting me vent.

  155. Just wondering, has this gone any further than here? Unbelievable! is all I can say! Time to clean the house! Sweep, Vacuum and MOP! Let some of these career politicians serve in the military and earn a little respect for the men and women in uniform!

  156. Like I say and always say, They are ALL CROOKS! If they wanted to start somewhere, they could of started cleaning in their own house first. They could stop paying themselves money when they leave office. I don’t keep getting paid from every job I ever had. Quit sending money overseas to people who hate us. Why are we sending billions of dollars to Egypt to fix bathrooms?

  157. New at posting my remarks were aimed at Paul Ryan not the author of this article or the author of the letter. My son served in the army and I am 4square behind the military

  158. What about 5years of service for eligibility for retirement you hypocrite you want to talk about worth for service I will choose the military over congress any day

  159. I plan on sharing this with everyone I know and will ask them to share. We will get the word out. God Bless You.

  160. To all you so called Republican’s that voted to cut my hard earned 32 years of military retirement. You can be sure that the military retiree’s in this country will make sure YOU are not reelected. I agree with the Chief in every respect of his reply. I too have voted as a Republican, and am looking forward to changing that affiliation as soon as I can. If not having any where else you make cuts, you need to review all the “bennies” that you receive and take advantage of. Cut your salaries, give up the free parking, free gym, laundry services, the extra funds for office incidentals, pay your for your own staff. Quit giving US foreign aid to countries that claim to be our friends. Stop selling our older military equipment for pennies on the dollar or in a lot of cases, freebies. They want the stuff, fair market value price as it should be. It’s unfortunate that I currently live in a state that has Flake and MaCain representing us. MaCain I will never vote for again. Your back door deal to make you a Democrat may have back fired on all of you Bipartisan Republicans.
    MSgt Thomas W. Fizet Jr.
    USAFR, Retired
    ps: I currently have a son serving in the US NAVY. He wants to make it a career. You can bet that I will be discussing better options for him and his family in the near future.

  161. Here’s another consideration when discussing the loss of pay for the Retirees…. It’s Called the SBP. Getting divorced, doesn’t matter who files, it’s the RETIREE who pays the price. The SBP will pay the exspouse 55% of your retired pay if you should die before they do. So do some math, I pay $185.00 per month into this “fund.” for a course of 330 payments which equals……$61,500.00. for them to receive up to 55% of the retired pay. Now add on top of that, because we were married more than 10 years, actually 22 years, she gets half of my retired pay. SO, after her half approximately $1100.00, I also pay the $185.00. My Retired check is about $915.00. So with this reduction of Retired pay….. yes, I’m screwed. Oh and to add more salt in to the wound, IF she dies before me, I don’t recover any monies paid into the SBP, AND my second wife, gets ZERO…. one last thing, if you haven’t learned anything over the years what a DEMOCRATE in office will do to you, then understand this. Pat Schroeder (D) Colorado, snuck the Former Spouses Bill in to the Defense Appropreciation Bill in the 80’s. During the White House years of Jimmy Carter, we never seen a pay raise, AND normally waited until the end of the month to be paid. Seems like every time there is a DEMOCRATE in office, the MILITARY takes a serious beating.
    One lst thing, I know someone will eventually say, quit your whining, fair enough, but let me ask you this, if you worked for an employer for 26 years, and during this time they said, don’t worry well take care of you for your dedicated service, you would expect that. BUT upon your retirement they changed their position,, one question, would you be PISSED? I think so….and so should WE!!!!

  162. Thank you Master Sargent! As a retired Navy Officer (O-6), I wholeheartedly agree with your statement.

    In my 55 years in Naval Aviation I saw many of my fellow test pilots abandon their government positions to pursue careers in the private sector. Now, we are punishing those who stayed on and did the most dangerous work that any human can engage in.

  163. I have come to the same conclusions you have. I recognized long ago the duplicity of both democrates and republicans. Obama is the icing on the cake… and I thought no one could be worse than Bush Sr. And Bush Jr. And the Clintons…

    Yes, you are correct, the US Gov is the enemy of the people of the United States and a very real danger to the Constitution.

    You know the oath we took to protect agains enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. This is a real war we are fighting in this country. It is a war of the people against a government which grows increasingly more duplitious and oppressive.

    C. E. Radford II
    CWO2, USN (Ret)

  164. It’s just a damn shame what our politicians do to line their pockets every year by digging into ours for all the blood sweat and tears we gave to our nation. I can only hope that what comes around goes around

    MKC Bruins

  165. I share the same sentiments. As an AD member of the military I have given since 1990 without fail. This is a morale crushing blow that I thought would never occur. I have truly lost faith in our representatives.
    I have never asked for anything – not even recognition. I serve because I volunteered to do so. All I expect in return is what has been promised in return. Nothing more, nothing less.
    See the attached website and let our voices be heard.

  166. Greedy, shameless, inconsiderate, immoral, these are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about what these people are doing to Americans.

  167. My father, Grandfather, two sons, uncles, cousins, niece, and friends are serving or have served this country in the military with one sacrificing his life. The whole problem with this country is that there is NO HONOR anymore in our Congress or Presidency. Promises mean absolutely nothing to our so called government “representatives”! This country is coming apart at the seams because of the greed and selfishness of our government. No one cares about doing the RIGHT things anymore, and truly caring about this country and it’s people, EXCEPT those IN the military! Even some of the TOP BRASS have lost their honor to politics! It’s truly disgusting!! The military soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, and coast guardsmen and women are the ones who still have hope for this country! They are the ones who live on low pay, are constantly relocated, always on call, always taking orders, and always doing their utmost best to get the job done no matter what the consequence are the ones to suffer. No other job requires you to voluntarily give your life, if needed, in order to achieve those goals! How is it that their way of living cannot be hugely appreciated by the others who are the benefactors of those sacrafices? It seems no one cares that this country stays free, because it’s all taken for granted. I, too, am sickened and frightened at where this country is headed! The ‘left’ is taking over through our education system, developing the the ‘me-me’ attitude, dissolving our religious freedom, even religion itself, and turning this country away from being a free republic and into a socialistic, even communist dictatorship. The country is now a FROG put in cold water and boiling to death! The subtle changes are not being noticed! People are so ignorant, and don’t even want to know what’s happening. The government is taking all the incentives away that help entice people to serve in the military. People won’t join or stay in if the benefits aren’t worth it to them. Honor isn’t enough to support a family. And there is no place for greed in the military. But there is, were, the rewards of hard work and sacrifice. All anyone wants is to be able to take care of their family, honorably. Either the people of this country are going to finally wake up and fight, or ignore the signs and let this country fall. Only time will tell.

  168. One glaring point stood out. They did not touch the congressional or congressional staff position pensions. Now, with that said, I want to speak my mind about Jack. He apparently never spent any time away from his family. I left my wife and three children for a one year remote tour that turned into two years due to the Gulf of Tonkin escalation. After a year back in the CONUS, I was reassigned overseas again since I was assigned to C-130s. We were in great demand during the Vietnam conflict for trash hauling in country as we referred to our role. After this tour, with the Vietnam conflict still going, I was sent back again after 21 months. In between, we did a lot of TDYs up to three months at a time. Our families were left to their own design during our absence as we did not have the support they do these days. Jack, I still have friends who are MIA. I also had one blown up by a sapper during the TET offensive so tell me just how cushy the Air Force is. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

  169. I think that it is appauling that they take the money promised from the retired vets, but are giving illegals all of the perks and bennies as if they are citizens.

  170. Well stated Chief, as a military retiree I am appauled at how ignorant and ill prepared the Republican party is to wage a viable political battle against the lies and deceit of the ccurrent Demorcratic party. If our military used the Republican political strategy to wage war we would be bringing a knife to a gunfight. Did they not learn anything from the last election.The opposition is not defeated by appeasing them and taking the high road. They are defeated by destroying their ability to inflict their ideals on the informed voter. Sad to say it is obvious there is not enough brain power in the Republican party to outwit the Democrats by developing viable strategies and programs that would better serve the American people. That of course is difficult at best when the party is divided. Don`t ask me for contributions I am busy trying to preserve what I have earned. Oh, and don`t look for my vote either.

  171. Pardon me while I don’t feel at all bad for dumb right wingers screwing themselves with their votes, haaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha

    And if you don’t want every disagreement to be racial, then stop making decisions based on race and trying you hardest to act like it’s anything but…

    Also, if you don’t want to kill babies, then lobby to outlaw any kind of male ejaculation without intent to impregnate. Or is it only a baby when it’s convenient for you and it’s already the woman’s problem now?

    Thank God your numbers are dwindling every generation and you back-asswards conservatives are only going down in history as the idiots you are (plus the extra laugh that future generations will get when they hear that conservatives were actually PROUD of their idiocy).

  172. The Salaries of Politicians vs. Teachers and Soldiers.

    Retired US Presidents – $180,000+ FOR LIFE
    House/Senate members – $174,000 FOR LIFE – This is stupid
    Speaker of the House – $223,500 FOR LIFE – This is really stupid
    Majority/Minority Leaders – $193,400 FOR LIFE – This is really stupid
    Average Salary of a teacher – $40,065 – This is really sad
    Average Salary of a deployed Soldier – $38,000 – This is really sad

    I think we found where the cuts should be made! Imagine all of that wasted money going to those that actually earned it.

  173. Mr. Ryan, The day I found out what you did to the military retirees and active duty personnel, I deleted you from my email, facebook and made sure my fellow retirees did so too! You’re a spineless coward who does not deserve the office you hold! People like you would never survived a 20 year hitch in the military because it requires integrity, honor, courage and commitment. Something you obviously do not possess. You will feel the impact of your cowardice come next election as the word is out on you! No hiding behind others anymore as you are a proven liar, backstabber and man with no honor!!!!!

  174. CMS Wooten, I am a retired disabled veteran and you have my family’s support all the way!! Thank you for sharing that email.

    • Everyone that has left comments has said something that is true but is seems that the only thing everyone is focused on is WHO is to blame for all the problems that this country has and no one is making any efforts to talk about solutions. Whether you like the ideas that the people in Washington have come up with or not they beleive they are the correct ones. That being said the best solutions that we have is the greatest right that any and all Americans have and that is the right to vote. Lets everyone ban together and vote out of office those that don’t do as they say they will do and elect those that do what they say they will. The people in elected office need to be reminded that THEY work for US and need to be held accountable for their actions. I served in the Army for 21 years and I to am affected by the cuts to benefits that were promised to me. Until EVERYONE comes together and says enough is enough there is not much that is going to change in the way this country is run. Now everyone doesn’t have to agree on how this is done but everyone HAS to agree that whatever direction is chosen must be for the benefit of all. I am not smart enough to figure out HOW but I am smart enough to figure out WHAT needs to be done. The first step is getting elected officials out of their elected office and get new people in to those places that can do the most good. Just remember that when this happens that it won’t happen overnight and will years, if not decades to fix all of the issues that this country has. Just remember DO NOT give up in your beliefs and values and maybe just maybe WE THE PEOPLE can take back OUR country and make things right. They will never be perfect but maybe we can finally get things right.

  175. I would have gone on a bit more about the smoke and mirror budget cuts they make. The truth is, $6B over ten years is just $600M per year. Congress spends, are you ready for this,(?), $9B before lunch, everyday they are in session. That’s $18B per full day of work.

  176. As a diabled american combat veteran with 21 years of military service, I stand by my brothers and sisters in arms in total diagreement of your act of cowardice and treachery against the brave soldiers that daily put lives on the line for our grat nation which obvious the congress sees as only a cash cow!

  177. To the person saying that the Air Force doesn’t have tough conditions you are not entirely correct! My hubby is USAF EOD and he was marching around the damn afghani desert with and Army unit and got blown up, almost loosing his life at 22. So next time you think you know everything about another branch perhaps you should stop and educate yourself, every branch if the military deserves respect!
    I am in 100% agreement with that email, it was beautifully written.

    • Tiff05, as an AF EOD tech, I felt very disgusted by the inference of the “Cushy Air Force”. I doubt the person who posted that has ever been shot at by the Taliban, which I can’t say for any of my fellow Air Force EOD brothers.

  178. Very well put and ALL of WASHINGTON are TRAITORS and shoudl be drug into the streets and forced to answer to the people but instead they hide behind bogus laws and illegal agencies. I am sure there will be someone who makes a comment supporting Ryan and all these other TRAITORS but you are also one that probably has never sacrificed anything. It is time we VETERANS come together and remind each person in Washington who it is that protects them it is not your illegals, it is not your GLADD, it is not Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, it is the American Soldier yet Washington and the American people keep turning their backs on us by elected these very same traitors back into office. Do you really appreciate your freedom then if so let’s get rid of EVERY SINGLE TRAITOR IN OFFICE because honestly it can NOT get worst.

  179. Defund the GOP. Vote only for principled people. Constitutional conservatives who will stand for what is right and not cave to the hierarchy of the GOP like McCain. Get him out of there along with McFlake and never vote for McSally. She is merely a McCain clone.

  180. We military retirees need to make our voices heard. We have given without question. We expect the same from our government.

  181. I am veteran of the Air Force, medically retired, and after being stationed at Andrews AFB, MD, was appalled at the amount of fraud, waste & abuse. This was just my view of being a flight attendant for the fleet of aircraft that fly our nation’s dignatsries. It’s disgusting. I can’t believe these people don’t take their own inventory. They (our fearless leaders..ha ha) are pathetic. I wish someone would atop them from spending my hard earned money. The U.S. going down the toilet. Makes me sad.

  182. This letter says it all. After serving out great nation for over 25 years I am saddened by the way our elected officials have turned there backs ( I wish I could say the phase I really want to say) on those of us that have given up so much. Gone are the days of a government of the people, for the people. Now what we have is a government of the privileged, screwing the people. I hope each of these self serving government leeches remember this when we the people vote them out of office.

  183. My husband served in the USAF for 27 years, 6 months and 18 days, and like CMSgt Wootten continued working for the US forces in Germany upon retirement. In fact, he just retired this August after working for the US Army as a civilian contractor for eighteen years, on top of his Air Force service.

    We’ve discussed the cuts to COLA and their likely effect, but have also discussed the way in which successive governments have treated military retirees. As a non-American, I do not vote; my husband does, however, and decides which way he will vote according to what the present administration in each election year has done as well as by considering what the parties have to say about their future direction. In short, he has no party affiliation and never will.

    So, I am well aware that it was G. H. W Bush who began the dismantling of military retiree benefits, as well as the downsizing of the US armed services. Clinton took up that ball and ran with it, but successive administrations have continued to chip away, both Republican and Democrat. To blame the Democrats for it does them a disservice, and paints the Republican Party in a far better light than it deserves, or has indeed earned.

    When you take jobs away from the armed forces and instead award contracts to defence companies, you line the pockets of corporations and take jobs away from soldiers, sailors and airmen. It is not cost-effective to downsize your military only to then hire contractors on much, much higher salaries to do the jobs that you have cut from your military, yet it continues to happen. And where is the incentive to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan when your party is so well-funded by those big defence corporations?

    It’s a non-cost effective vicious circle, now, and I cannot see the Republican party reversing the situation when by doing so it would lose so much funding. And given the way American politics works, it would be next to impossible for any Democratic government to put things aright, either – we’ve seen what happens when Mr. Boehner doesn’t like something, after all.

    It seems as though politicians are very eager to laud the military on the one hand and steal money that they have earned over the course of their career with the other. Imagine if all those Congressmen and Senators had to take a cut in their pensions! There’d be uproar!

    While I am glad that Chief Master Sergeant Wootten has seen fit to weigh in about the cuts to military retirees’ earned benefits, I cannot therefore support his political views. And, for the record for those commenting that ‘It’s time this country got back to its Christian roots’, this non-American is well-informed enough about your country’s history to know that this is complete and utter rot. Sorry guys, your founding fathers were theists and deists, not Christians. All of the ‘In God We Trust’ thing on your money dates back to 1954 and the McCarthy era, when you were all deathly afraid there might be Reds under the beds….

    All I ask for on behalf of my retired veteran and all others, past, present and future, is that they receive that which they were promised, that which enticed them to stay in the armed services for the best years of their lives, doing their duty. I would remind Hillary Rodham Clinton that this is not an ‘entitlement’, as she once termed it: they earned it, they were promised it, and they should receive that which they were told they would.

    Play fair.

  184. Whether the cuts start in 2015 or tomorrow, it doesn’t matter; a broken promise is the same as a lie. With that said, it appears these “politicians” (read A holes) are no better than the lying “Commander and Chief” and his croanies. Take Poulosi, as an example,…..please……

  185. It was his deal. . Have you not heard your precious McCain touting the need for this cut? My Good man, why are the Democrats always your scapegoats. I couldn’t even read past that. It was Ryans deal. .. plain and simple. Are you mad? I am also a vet and think this is awful, but put blame where it is due. On the republicans.

  186. Dear Chief Wooten,
    I am quite saddened by the fact that our country’s goverment has decided to take away from your very hard sacrifice both you and your family made for our country, so these people, these politicians, can live their lives as free people.
    These same politicians who decided to be adult brats and not show up to work during their strike, still expected thousands and thousands of our service members to show up and continue the fight for those freedoms of theirs to strike. Yet they still get paid their full benifits package, the one that grows larger and larger every single election. Your retirement is your “gift”, although hard earned, for your risking and giving up your lives for service to our country. Yet every four years they take from you. I stand with you 100%! Nothing will change unless we all stand up and do something and you Chief, should be president! Arizona needs more men like you!
    Thank you for risking for my family and Merry Christmas

  187. I to am retired USN Chief Petty Officer with 20 years 4 months under my salty belt. I saddens my he a heart knowing that Ryan did what he did. My wife and I waited in the burning sun for hours to hear him speak in Harrisonburg Virginia. I am also 60% disabled by the VA. You have riddled the wrong bees nest.

  188. I don’t think anyone could say it any better. My hat is off to you sir for such an eloquent response.

  189. CMS Wooten for congress. I don’t care if you run against McCain, Flake or Barber. You’ve got
    my vote. Consider it all you retired military that love this country and have served it well. I really like the idea that these lying politicians have the same retirement plan and pay as the military, although, that may still be too high. No retirement. They certainly aren’t worth it today.

  190. I am retired US Navy EOD. I was a Republican, now I’m a Democrat. What changed? I stiudied tax strategy in grad school. Many very rich people pay not tax at all. They take no gains and borrow against their stock holdings at 3.5%. That means they pay no taxes, because they have no income. Borrowed money is not income and taxes are not owed on gains that have not been realized. There are thousands of easy ways for the rich to pay almost nothing. It’s destroying the country.
    My point is this: Tax the rich, or get ready to give up some of your pension and your social security. According to the IRS, the net effective tax rate paid by the top 400 families was less than 16%. That was only on their realized gains, income, payroll tax etc. Their actual tax rate is much, much lower. It’s absurdly low.
    I pay over 15% in payroll taxes alone then I get to pay income tax, state income taxes and local taxes, etc. including the Paul Ryan tax – Taxing my military pension (LOL).

    When the republican party ends it’s tax war on working people, I will return to the Republican party. We need to tax capital gains as income, eliminating the cap on social security, allow the federal government to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies and yes, reaise the minimum wage (absurdly low wages are subsidized by government programs). The Republican party is standing in the way.

  191. It is not just Republicans. It Democrats as well. All POLITIACANS are only for themselves. Congress, Senate both need to cut their pay and benefits. From the President on down the line they are extremely over paid. They are not putting their LIFE on the line as the MILITARY are doing. They are sitting in a oversized cozy office. The worst injury is a paper cut. While are Military are losing ARMS, LEGS, EYES, FACES, MINDS AND WORST OF THEIR LIVES. For what to be told thanks but we LIED to get you to serve. We are not paying for your medical care and to top it off we are taking your pay that you earned away as well. Talking about it or arguing about or writing about it will not change their minds. Only real action will. I was raised in the military and I was in the military. I support the Military in everyway. I know the rule Military can not go on strike but if the GOVERNMENT broke ALL their PROMISES then the MILITARY can break theirs and go on strike. All SOLDIERS need to put down their weapons and say NO MORE. Democrats, Republicans and PRESIDENT you want this Country protected then pick up the weapons and go to the FRONT LINES leaving your Loves ones behind to worry if you will return in the same mental condition, with all your body parts or even if you will come back ALIVE. Then and only then will they know what they are doing is more then wrong. We can not just blame one political party all political parties are just as guilty for destroying the promises made to the Military. If this Country can not afford free medical care for the Military when they retire or free medical care for the families of active duty families who risk every thing for us how and why do afford free Medical care to Politicians and their families for life when they do not risk their LIVES. I am sorry but STRIKE is the only way and I will stand right beside you all the way.

  192. I agree with Mr Wooten! There is a lot of talk from the Republicans regarding military spending but it not our retirement that they are going to increase3, it is the local manufacturers of military goods in the senators/congressmen’s district that they want to allot money to. The establishment will then reward them with “donations ” in the elections. And guess why they need to increase the debt limit, so they can buy more toys for them to ride around on when they are at the “from”. Its all going to change whenever people start waking up and vote the present establishment out.!!!

  193. My congressman is Robert Hurt. He voted with Paul Ryan to cut the benefits of veterans. I called and informed him that I would no longer support him or any republican. I stopped supporting democrats in 1992. I am glad Hurt and Ryan voted the way they did. It reveals who they really are and what they really stand for. I previously told Hurt that he should run for Senate. He had me fooled. Fool me once same you. Fool me twice shame on me. Republicans are no different than democrats. I made the mistake of HOPING their were SOME republicans with love of country. That had some honor and dignity. I was wrong. I will never again vote democrat or republican. God help us.

  194. Chuck, to you my fellow retiree I salute, and honor not only as a veteran but as a true patriot of this great country. To Congressman Ryan, Sir you without a doubt have more kahuna’s then many of your spineless cohorts in Congress, by begging from a Military Retiree, for him to donate $20.00 from his retirement to fund your campaign and you don’t even blink an eye.. Your dedication to your ambitious desire to be the next candidate for the Presidency is a pipe dream as far as we Military retirees are concerned. I like my friend Chuck, will spend every awaken moment to announce to our Military Retiree Brothers and Sisters, that You Mr Ryan are only for one person and that someone is YOU, YOURSELF AND THEE.. You have show to Millions of retirees just what you think of them, by cutting their cola retiree pay increases to save money… You, Sir are a joke, and you should be ashamed of yourself to remove such a small increase for my fellow retirees, as if it was a sum that could be considered a waste. What amazes me is that with my 20+ years in the Military YOU and your COHORTS, consider a pay hike for us wasteful. But when a pay increase was desired for the Congress and the Senate was considered, it was unanimously approved with increases that measured in the thousands per month per person, plus you people receive free medical care for life (+ your Dependents), pensions for life for yourself, even after only one term in office, but to those in office do not consider any of those funds waste, WHY because it is for you…. Waste not want not I was taught at a very young age, and those teachings stated with me all of my life.
    As an example for your begging for money for your potential nomination to the highest office in the land. NO, SIR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE FUNDS FROM ME, AS YOU TOOK WHAT LITTLE OF A PAY INCREASE I COULD DONATE, AND MR RYAN FROM SELFISH REASONS YOU AND YOUR COHORTS WILL NEVER RECEIVE DONATIONS. AGAIN FROM ME OR ANYONE I CAN SWAY TO FOLLOW SUIT THAT IS MILITARY RETIRED. You Sir are not qualified to be the next President of this great country you have a lot more to learn about the people who have sacrificed for you to have your freedom, that we helped provide as we served our country….

  195. I am in the start of my terminal leave, and I am selectively separating after 7 years. I know that I don’t receive many benefits if any, but what this country is doing for itself and not for those who protect what it “stands for”(STOOD) is audacious to say the least. I honestly think that pay cuts should start in the pockets of those who impose cuts to the sacrificing “1%”.

  196. Chief Wooton, your message is stained by your partisan politics. I too am a retired veteran and a democrat. Call me the enemy because I care more about others than you. Democrats are about people, if they call for cuts in defense it’s the republicans that go straight for cutting personnel costs to leave their contractor friends fat and happy. Don’t pretend to speak for all of us when you use your own prejudice to leave democratic patriots as “the enemy”. The Republican Party left the American Soldier a long time ago and though I don’t consider myself liberal, I abandoned your party when I noticed the change.

  197. Here’s the fix. Join the military under false pretext.That American lives have been ruined by the republican party, is a well known fact. That Bill Clinton leaned right, that’s no secret. That Democrats would rather live in peace not war, another fact. That we live in a country with it’s own government jilting it’s own people, another fact. That the right wingers have done this, fact! That Democrats have done any of this, they have really helped. Democrats have tried to stop the right wing from tearing apart America’s middleclass, while our country was fighting a fight that still goes unproven. You are laying blame as if FOX news is your source of news, so sad. We are all in a battle in America to stop the rich peoples war on the workingclass. This is what it has come to. So, you might wanna pick the right fight to be in.

  198. What a down right shame…all of the politicians who support this type of action sicken me to the core..thanks chief for standing up to these cowards…Danny D. Robinett (ret msgt usaf)

  199. I don’t know how he ever made Chief. He says that the bill affects all veterans past, present and future. How does it affect a veteran that is 62 already? The bill passed, but does not affect vets until atleast 2015 so that they have a year to fix the vet part of the bill. That was clearly stated from day 1. When I joined 30 years ago, I was under the impression that my retirement would be 50% of my final pay. I didn’t expect yearly raises, so even 1% is a bonus for me. Shut up you frickin in cry baby.

  200. You will get support from more than just retires Sir… This is ridiculous. The government screws the Veterans then asks for our help… Sorry Uncle Sam, you’ll not be getting anything from me…

  201. Waste of breath. Waste of ink. Waste of cyberspace. I’ve voted. I’ve served. I’ve protested. I’ve marched. I’ve written. And I’ve argued. Doesn’t matter whom you vote for, they are all bought and payed for by the same special interests. The solution is in revolution. Hang every one of the useless, self serving plutocrats. I’ve given up trying. You are all sheep. I’ve packed up my boat and headed to sea. I’ll return when the sheep finally wake up and the heads start to roll.

  202. Well said, the situation is to a point that not just those who voted need to go but all. And term limits need setting, perhaps we real service members need to serve a term to set the ship back on course.

  203. How about cutting welfare and Medicaid? Instead of taking money from us military families who work hard and sacrifice everyday. Let’s quit encouraging a society of “entitlement” and make those people get a job and help themselves and their family instead of paying for them to sit on their a$$es while the rest of us struggle.

  204. I really think if anyones retirement ought to be sliced and diced it should be that of our govts former “servants” of the people….those illustrious “workers” that head up our”hard working” govt crew…..come on you good ole boys start pecking away at them

  205. Yes! Yes! Yes! Gave 25 of my best years of my life proudly serving in the US Navy. I am ashamed of our current US leadership. A bunch of lost power hungry individuals who have no sense of purpose. I will support voting out those who hurt this country and the veterans who gave so much for our freedom.

  206. Why are they cutting my retirement when I serve my country with the possibility of making the ultimate sacrifice . I guess welfare and people that choose to take lives are more important.

  207. I realize our Government doesn’t appriciate our military and they demonize our veterans. I just want you t know that I as well as millions Americans love and support every one of you. Merry Christmas to all of you!! May God be with you all.

  208. Chief Wotten, Only the govt or someone associated with the govt would consider a decrease in a future increase a cut. We are still going to get increases. Ask most any retiree with a company pension what they get every year. Most likely it is nothing. I know a teacher whose ret pay has been the same for 13 years.

  209. This is exciting to see such a Reaction, hopefully this response can be carried forward to action against all of the self serving “Representatives ” in government. They all need to be removed from thier privledged positions and replaced with true patriots.

  210. You are right to be angry at Paul Ryan, but not just because he voted for the bill. He actually is the one who put that provision in there. What is more, he stands behind the decision. Worse, he does not think it goes far enough.

    Paul Ryan and many other Republicans are happy to mention “the troops” when they are campaigning. The love “the troops” in the abstract, because abstractions don’t cost anything. But here is what Paul Ryan really thinks about “the troops”.

    “The need for reform is undeniable. Since 2001, excluding the costs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the cost per service member in the active duty force has risen 41% in inflation-adjusted dollars.”

    There you have it. In Paul Ryan’s eyes, service to country and defense of freedom is a dollars and cents proposition. Having already drunk the milk he now regrets having to feed the cow. Here is a news flash for the Congressman: The value of freedom, adjusted for inflation, is still as incalculable today as it was in 2001. And the debt owed those who have risked – or given – their very lives in service of that freedom is also incalculable. No veteran should get more than they were promised, Congressman, but they should get everything they were promised, whether that means cutting somewhere else or raising taxes.

  211. Hey Chief, well said and Merry Christmas. Thank you for your service so very much. One question sir, can we get more people like you in office please?

    • We are going to recruit him to run for office in Tucson Arizona I promise you that we will hunt him down.

  212. Chief,

    Well said! I support you and will not provide aid to our “enemy within”. We retirees need to continue to serve and lead the charge for change. Washington DC needs people like you with values that won’t be corrupted .

    CMSgt USAF/ANG (Ret) 30+

  213. Well said Chief! Much longer and more eloquent than the email I sent to my senator who also voted for the cut.

  214. Hello, I’m also a 21 year Sergeant First Class Army RET and have spent many cold lonely nights away from my family protecting this wonderful country. Lets all get together and say enough is enough leave the retirement pay alone and look at your ridiculous paychecks. All retirees stand up and say no and vote. Merry Christmas. And a Wonderful New Year.

  215. The Diaries of Mad Republicans. You’ve been asleep at the wheel. Really, those that serve never complain? Therein lies the problem. You’re either lying or you are very naive in that you bought all this for years and you got hit by something that touched you personally. And now, it’s the takers fault, Demos, etc., that you got hit. WOW Dude, and you’re a retired Chief? I’ll end with this, when you serve on active duty, you should be neither Repub or Dem. You serve as an American for America.

  216. “Harsh conditions??????” in the AIR FORCE?????? Are you kidding me? The Air Force NEVER has harsh conditions. Ever been to one of their posts? If you did then you would know the difference in how they live compared to the other services. Screw this guy and his cushy AF job.

    • I know everyone’s entitled to an opinion, Jack, but it’s apparent you either NEVER served or partook of a big chicken dinner (or should have, with that attitude). Kindly bow out, sir, and return when you learn some manners.

    • Are you saying you have been everywhere the AF has? I’ve seen cushy Army jobs, but I’m smart enough to know there are some pretty crappy ones as well. I also did some pretty crappy AF assignments.

      • Jack, the Air Force is not what used to be. We have spent time at some of the very same Shitty locations as our Army counter parts. Trust me when I say Shitty locations, been there, got the T-shirt and took pictures. (I can forward the pictures to you.) Every branch has good deals and bad deals. Yes the Air Force has taken better care of their people then other branches. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. As an Army Brat, I joined the Air Force because I didn’t like camping. (Boy was I wrong! I have spent many deployments in tents.) As for CMSgt Wootens comments, Chief I salute you! The last election was run on “We need Change.” They are right we need change!! This next election I will not vote for anyone currently serving/holding a seat! I am done with these class clowns and the continued lack of respect they are showing. They have forgotten that they work for us and it’s time for the American people to wake up, show them who they work for by voting them out!!

    • To Jack: This is no place for interservice rivalry, son. And unless you’ve been to EVERY single USAF base, EVERY place any Air Force members are assigned, then you have not earned the right to say that the AF has nothing but cushy assignments. All part of the same team, or did you never learn that?

    • Wow Jack! I’ll certainly make sure to let my husband know that you think he had a cushy job in the Air Force. Let’s see, on his deployment to Iraq he was involved in multiple IED attacks (let me break that down for you–HE WAS HAVING MORTARS LANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM) and on his deployment to Afghanistan he was shot at multiple times and had people blown up next to him on convoys. But again I’ll let him know your thoughts about his Air Force job when he takes his multiple meds for PTSD. You take care now!

    • LOL. Um, there are several jobs in the Air Force that I would hardly qualify as “cushy jobs”. I am an 18 year AF Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician (watch The Hurt Locker for a frame of reference), and I don’t recall any of the IEDS, to include those strapped to dead jihadists, that I rendered safe being brought to me at a plush desk on a secure Air Force base. I may have in fact had to run out in the open during the middle of a 6 hour long fire fight to mitigate the threat posed to dozens of coalition troops. So before uneducated blowhards make assumptions as to the cushiness of any service members’ lives, they should put their 20 cushy years in first and then talk.

    • Hey Jack
      Don’t blame us for selecting the Air Force blame your recruiter. ASVAB score check please.
      22 years and served with all branches we do have it a little better but that’s what i signed up for.
      Educated decision used before raising your right hand and signing.
      Thanks for your service!
      MSgt (Ret)

  217. Thanks Chief Wooten for sharing this letter and your response. It is definitely a real shame that many of our elected officials have lost there way.

  218. AMEN !!! I just do not understand these politicians have no problem sending billions of our tax payer money to countries like Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. who have no problem taking actions against us, while we cut the benefits of very people who served us and keep us safe. This is nothing but back room deals at best. Time to clean the house.

    • They send these billions to these countries to keep the wars going. War is money for those sitting in the back rooms, but for us in the trenches, we’re nothing but cannon fodder. Expendable.Unfortunately, these people will get re-elected because there are enough armchair warriors out there that listen to FOX News and believe the things people like Ryan and his ilk spew. Maybe we should gear him up and drop him off in a hotzone and see how long it takes him to come back DEMANDING his pound of flesh and more.

  219. Thank you all for your service, in your letter you state you will not support the Republican party but this bill was signed by more Democrats then Republicans, this cut to the military was uncalled for and should be changed. With the Democrats in control of the Senate expect more cuts like this

  220. I am also a veteran with 20+ years, and so proud of CMSGT Wooten – they are assuming that we are all employed (not that one has anything to do with the other – we EARNED that retirement) BUT many of us have not been fortunate enough to secure employment since our retirement!!! – OH, and have you heard, because that’s not enough, they are raising are TRICARE rates in Jan also!!!

  221. Every interest group out there demands their pound of flesh. The illegal immigrants, the welfare mammies, the blacks, the homosexuals, the elderly, and yes, the military. We simply don’t have the money anymore to afford it. Everyone is going to have to tighten their belts. Deal with it.

    • I started dealing with it less than a year after I joined, in the late 70’s when the government shutdown cause the pols wanted a raise. I didn’t get paid for a while.
      Then for the next 20 every time they needed a cut , guess who, yea the military.
      Then Clinton took away free medical.
      Then when I started on retainment pay, they started reconfiguring cola.
      I didn’t join, or serve for 20 just for the “retirement”, but I did earn it.
      Now I’m wondering on your little list of “interest groups” which ones earned and are still earning their pound?

    • It’s funny that you didn’t identify the biggest pigs at the government trough – big business (banks, oil companies, insurance companies, etc.). They get 100s of $Billions in subsidies every year, but because they contribute handsomely to politicians, they don’t have to worry about cuts.

    • It is obvious you have not served. We aren’t asking for a handout, we earned our retirement the same way you do by putting into a 401k. Except we did it through blood and sacrifice. All this while politicians vote to give themselves raises…while I have missed every Christmas, every holiday, but one in the past 9 years of service. Yet, you defend these politicians? So, I tell you what, next year we will just take some funds from your 401k, since everyone needs to tighten their belts.

  222. Thank Chief, Mr. Paul Ryan will definitely not get my vote! Once our benefits are taken from us it’s hard to get them back.

  223. We are veteran that have serviced in the military and now you want to take that away from us. Why not take the earned income credit away that way you get the money you need. Veterans don’t take money they earned it. The earned income credit was not earned. I’ve seen people on work to get the amount they want. I can’t because he don’t this. I really hate this Paul. Or better yet take away his retirement from the government for working for them.

  224. I too will join this fight! Congress has done enough to shame our nation and it’s people.
    It is time to start over and elect people that understand and support the constitution. They need to represent the people and work for the people, not themselves.

    We need to take away their retirement until they have worked 20 solid years with one company. They need to have the sake social security and health care that we the U.S. citizens have. They are not better nor above anyone of us!

    Their pay raises need to be voted on by the people.

    Enough is enough and it is time to take back our government.

  225. Well stated! I was medically retired in 1992 after 14 years active duty,although in the “working age group”,job services was unable to find me any gainful employment, due to my service connected disabilities!!

  226. Well said Chief…. It’s easier to stand to the side, than stand up for our rights , as promised to us when we signed “The Dotted Line” ever so many years ago.

  227. Chief….Well said….. I hope every politicians, whether a Republican and a Democrat, read you call…As a retiree with over 22 yrs in service, I traveled the world both in ships and hospital to tender to our sick and injured including their love ones. I am disgusted that these politicians who served in the service betrayed the veins and souls of those who have served and still serving their beloved country in harm’s way… I will definitely remember their names when its tiem for election years.. God Bless Us All….. Fair Winds and Following Seas..

  228. CMS Wooten, you have my support for your stand. Thank you for your service. God bless and merry Christmas.

  229. Ryan fell for the oldest trick in the political journals. Made up numbers broken down expertly by an individual with a basic knowledge of accounting. At first glace the numbers appear impressive and the E-1 makes $45,000 a year. That would ruffle the feathers of any voters paynig an untrained individual that much money. In reality the breakdown of what the E-1 receives is nothing like what shows up on paper. The E-1 does not receive $45,00 a year in cash. Less than 1% have a spouse and children they who receive medical treatment at government expense. To make up the differece between the cash payment and benefits used by Ryan to support his decision the E-1 would have to have a family of four. I wonder how many E-1’s have a family of four dependents.
    If Ryan is going to be a career politician as I suspect he wants to be his new job will be mayor of some small town in the center of Wissconsin witha total population of two. Him and his wife.

  230. Time for a revolution. First they decided that we must pay for the medical they promised. They take take take but you dont see any of them giving up their retirement do you. Do away with all partys and vote on merit. If they sont perform Impeach and remove from office. We need to stand up as a nation. We give money to other countries and our own sleep hungry on the streets. Stop the government from ruining our country. They do npt know better than the people what is good for us. We do.

  231. If an ACTIVE duty, Senior Enlisted such as myself wrote that, our career would be over….Wonder why the mouths stay closed? Look at the cover of several of our “national Enquirer” type publications…Ending careers left and right for public opinion…I AM DONE…You all can have it!! I appreciate the retired Chief Master Sargeant’s response, however….These folks that we have spent SO MUCH OF OUR LIVES to protect continue to walk all over what the military stands for! That said…OUR lives are better theses days..Why? Because of the WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam war veternas that PAID dearly to MAKE our lives better!! When we get home from deployment these days…We are applauded, not SPIT ON…Let us not forget that!!

    Bob…ACTIVE DUTY…US NAVY Senior Chief!

  232. I support strong retirement benefits for CMS Wooten and other retired veterans, but it saddens me to see CMS Wooten spout the same old Republican sound bites. For example, attacking Democrats as always wanting to eviscerate the defense budget when Republican presidents have historically been able to spend less on defense than have Democratic presidents (if they wanted to) because the former didn’t have to worry about being seen as weak on defense (

    So, instead of being upset that Congressman Ryan is supposedly in collusion with nefarious Democrats, he should be angry that we as a people are now being ruled by a Plutocracy comprised of both Republicans and Democrats that see the poor and middle classes as suitable only for exploitation.

    • I too was upset that he feels the Democrats are the enemy. And interested in the numbers quoted. I am on Social Security with a whopping$720.00 a month to live on and the GOP would cut my entitlements if possible. I don’t understand the military people swallowing hook, line and sinker, Republican propaganda. As to the cuts, I believe we need to produce on our promises to the military. I have 2 retired brothers and two retired brothers-in-law, all from the military and I strongly feel we should keep our promises.

      • Our two political party pit us against one another to their advantage. When we work to elect leaders who display American ideals of smaller government, less spending and freedom to be left alone, we can all come to an understanding. Historically, the Republicans have a better record as champions of the less fortunate among us.

        • “Government of the people, for the people and by the people shall never parish from the face of the earth.” If only this was true. Democrats/Republicans who cares they don’t because what we have become is a Government of the rich for the rich and by the rich. An honest man will never be allowed to run for government office for the simple fact how will he pay to run for election. He can’t. So as long as we have roughly 10% of the population to chose from that is what we have to contend with. I applaud you master chief you have put yourself in a unenviable position and takes quite a man to do that. And for those who agree with the Senator remember this. No person in the private sector has every been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and done so willingly and with only the thought of those they left behind and the brother standing next to them. This is a sad crossroads that our country has come to. I have bleed for the country I so dearly love but am ashamed that we as a people will let these few people who care nothing for us put us at odds with each other. And as long as we continue to stand opposed and fail to unite this will be the way it.

  233. Well said, Chief Wooten–and dead center on the target. This brother retired Chief who served on active duty from 1963 to 1993 and lives (and votes) in Arizona applauds you for sending this to Ryan. Also, I appreciate you connecting your thoughts to Flake and McCain. In the FWIW category, here’s a copy of an email my wife and I sent to Flake. Note that, so far, we haven’t received the response promised in the bounce-back email. Finally, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m well above the age that would be directly impacted by reducing COLA increases for working-age military retirees. I am, however, directly impacted by the out-of-control spending of our representatives and senators, even those who claim to be against increased government spending, and I’m deeply offended by those who voted to increase spending by hurting military retirees and their families.

    Email to Flake:
    Your statement that you intend to vote against the proposed budget agreement is meaningless. If you actually opposed increased spending in the here-and-now, the time to vote that position was during yesterday’s cloture vote. That you voted to cut off debate was your vote to increase spending, and you know it. To now vote against the resolution is merely pathetic political posturing designed to make the uninformed think you’re against increasing government spending. And, to make matters worse, you did it on the backs of “working-age military retirees.” You should be ashamed of your performance; we’re ashamed to have you as our senator. And . . . we’ll remember it in 2018.

    GM Out

  234. Its about damn time someone at the top stands up to these idiots!!!! You have my support Chief! Im doing my part….this is getting shared.

  235. Chief, you said everything just as it is. I would only make a small suggestion. Cut the benefits to congress, both houses. Make them have to serve four terms before they can receive their retirement pay, which presently is 100% plus full medical, dental, prescriptions, glasses dental and all the rest that we military retirees have to pay for. The congress should have to start paying into their retirements and when they do retire only get a percentage of their current salary. The military retirees only age a percentage of their salary and now they want to change that to even less. I remember that after WWI congress voted to pay a bonus to veterans and then the president vetoed it, that resulted in turmoil and a march on DC. Those of us that are old enough to remember it from school and history remember the WWI veterans were fired upon and two were killed. I first registered as a Democrat and later on I realized they were the enemy and I became a Republican. It appears now that as you said no one in DC cares about the American people or this great country. Men and women have served died and protected this country over the years and when the time comes to repay them for their service, loyalty and valor our elected officials only want to kick them in the teeth and take everything they have believed in, put their lives on the line for and cherished over the course of their lives, that being honesty, trust and devotion to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. SEMPER FI, Chief. Yours in arms and service MGYSGT Joseph W. Blaile
    Sr. USMC

  236. While going through my divorce, and researching my pay specifics, I came across a little known fact. Our “retirement” pay, according to DFAS (Defense Finance Accounting Service), is called retainment pay. We are retained in a reserve status, in case we are to be reactivated at a later date. We are not “retired”, as many may think…we are “RETAINED IN A RESERVE STATUS!” Look it up!!! Should be some type of class action suit, some big law firm could do for us, since we are basically still employees of the US government!

    • The “retainment” pay changes to “retirement” after the 30 yr mark. (20 years active + 10 years reserve) After that we are not subject to recall. There are 3 tiers of recall status- Tier 1 is 1-5 yrs after active duty. They are the first to be recalled. The second is Tier 2 – 5-10 yrs after active service, still subject to recall, but less likely. Tier 3 – 10 yrs+ after active duty, not subject to recall. I discovered this after 9/11, when I researched whether I could/would be recalled. I had just hit my 30 yr mark, & received my “official” retirement certificate in the mail from DoD. They don’t really want us old farts, they would have to pay us way too much base pay & that would really throw off the military budget! Can you imagine an E-7 with 30 yrs+ the money it would cost them to bring us back?

  237. I stand by all my fellow americans who are tired of back door republicans, this country needs to back to its Christian roots. GOD BLESS OUR SOLDIERS AND OUR COUNTRY

    • You mean the roots that murdered the natives, murdered people accused of witchcraft, denied women all rights, denied non-whites all rights? There is too much fascism and murder in our so called “christian roots”. Besides, I don’t think that we can. There’s no more land for you all to steal from others.

      • Ok flag burner, name me one other nation in the history of the known universe that went to war with itself for the freedom of it’s captive slaves, at the expense of over 500,000 white AND black Christian lives. You cant. Did the U.S. army enslave the Native tribes after we broke their will to continue slaughtering women and children across the great plains? No. Unlike the North African Muslims who are responsible for enslaving and geographically relocating what you know today as black america. Witchcraft is still prevalent, with potions like birth control, and spells cast on our young/dumb population like political correctness, And the racial double standard. Funny how close the ties are between witchcraft and devil worship, torturing and raping children before they are sacrificed to the Baphomet…. personally I think burning these pedophiles and murderers at the stake isn’t enough but that’s just me. lets see, what else? Oh! Women’s Lib! An instigated political movement funded and directed by the Rockafeller Family…. why you ask? Because before “the movement” only half of our countries’ population was taxable. After women’s lib, The entire adult population was now subject to regulation and oversight by the federal reserve. To add insult to injury, when these “pioneers of feminism” finally realized that they had been duped, they demanded a place within the federal government to compensate… The public education system. And to this day, they have continued to instigate, manipulate and pervert the minds of our children and the destiny of this country.Lies you say? Well, what about the 52 MILLION black babies aborted since ’72. Who spear-headed Planned Parenthood? Margret Sanger, a progressive feminist who firmly believed it was her duty to MURDER as many black babies as she possibly could!!!! So When the left isn’t wholesale liquidating minority offspring, They are promoting un-natural homosexual ideals to pre-pubescent children. But of course this political pedophilia is needed, how else are they going to thin down the population of BREEDERS to level the political playing field. Again, witches and demons preying on the innocence of children to create the next generation of self centered leeches. And the only reason why you didn’t know ANY of these historical Facts, is because you too are a victim of the social engineering being perpetrated by the PROGRESSIVE LEFT. But I digress, maybe we should have chosen the same path as Spain and just RAPE the savage OUT of the Natives. That way we could weed out the more impure bloodlines based on how dark the skin tone is, just like they do in good ol’ Mexico. Tell me if you even know, what is Mexico’s illegal entry policy via the southern border again? What happens to those poor Guatamalans that get caught sneaking across the border? Free Healthcare and work visas right? Fat chance. It is disgusting to watch simple people do the best they can to dismantle and destroy God’s greatest gift to mankind… The United States of America. But that’s what happens when you follow Obama and Hillary’s bible, Rules for Radicals. A book dedicated by the author to Satan himself. I would ask if you see a pattern here, but something tells me you have been on the democrat plantation WAY too long. Remember this: We love this country more than you hate it. Semper Fi

  238. BillyB

    In my case when I retire next year it will take $25 per month away from me to start at 5 years after I retire it will be $32 per month, 10 years $40 per month, 15 years $49 and at 20 years $60 per month.
    You say well that’s not to bad, and at first glance you would be right. The problem comes when you look at what I would get with that extra 1% COLA per year. At 5 years after retirement I would be losing $143 per month, 10 years $323, 15 years $549 and finally 20 years $830. That’s $9,960 less per year 20 years after retirement. When you lose that 1% each year your COLA for the next year is based on a smaller amount and it just continues to grow!

  239. I was raised as a Democrat but in my few years in the military I’ve began to blur the lines between political issues. You have what is right and what is not right. Children know these things and yet our government can’t seem to grasp such simple concepts.
    I am nowhere near retirement in the Corps…but CMSgt Wooten I would offer my support to your cause. Our brothers deserve better. Hell, our country and countrymen deserve better. I’ll cut it short before someone throws a flag at me …

  240. I’m with you Chuck!

    For me this means my 1700 per month will be reduced to the equivalent of about 1360 per month twenty years from now when I am depending on it more than ever.

    My dad helped me research and understand the details of the military pension plan carefully and explained how inflation protection was the most important part of it; this was a huge factor in my decision to enter military service. Congress has BETRAYED the people who volunteered to make great sacrifices to protect them and the rest of the American people. What they have done is despicable!

  241. You hit the nail on the head, I’m in total agreement that our AZ pols are only worried about their reelection, playing the inside of the beltway games, and their very generous retirement packages. If enough of us show up at the primary’s maybe we can dump a few of them before the general elections.

  242. CSM Wooten from my family we want to Thank You for your service to our Country and to let you know we stand with you on what you said to congressman Ryan and anyone else who supports this idiotic thought. Thank You again for what you are doing and for what you have done. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  243. Most politicians are so far out of touch with reality that they might as well be residing on Saturn. That could only help us if they really were. Politicians are only interested in one thing, re-election, and that’s about it. Every word in their oath of office goes right through that tunnel between their ears. The re-election campaign start on day one in office so they can become career politicians. If that isn’t an argument for term limits I don’t know what is.
    As a fellow vet I applaud Chuck Wooten for his fortitude in standing up to a punk like Ryan. Veterans have become easy targets for exploitation in recent years but it’s time to turn that crap around and CMS Wooten has made a hell of a good start. Let’s keep it up. After all, vets and their service are the reasons we don’t have to wake up dead one day.

  244. Thank you Chief. You did a great job of putting into words, what me and I am sure others have been thinking.

  245. I’m also in agreement – I do have some questions ; How much did they take from the Veterans retirement each month? In dollars and cents for someone such as this MSgt. Wooten. I’d also like some clarification of the statement made about Clinton taking away health care from Vets – as a combat vet myself – I was only in three years – yet some years back they sent us letters saying we were able to get full healthcare for that service. Why did this happen? I do have a combat related disability and get free hearing aides for my time firing cannon – but I never expected full medical care – they gave this out again I don’t know why. There has been some “means testing” but the fee’s have been extremely low – why would they add these payments to these retired vets who served 20+ ? Makes no sense…and that’s where I am in complete agreement with Mr. Wooten – the GOP has gotten old – it’s moral backbone has broken – God Bless America. Lincoln said ‘ this nation will never fall from an outside threat, but if it fell it would be from within’.

    • BillyB,
      To answer your questions:

      Starting Dec. 1, 2015, cost-of-living adjustments for pensions of people under 62 would be modified to equal inflation minus 1 percent; then at 62, retirees would receive a “catch-up” increase that would restore their pensions to reflect levels as if the cost-of-living adjustment had been the full consumer price index in all previous years. But they wouldn’t get back what was lost, meaning a reduction of nearly $72,000 in benefits over a lifetime for a sergeant first class who retires at age 42..

      They’re over reaching to blame Clinton for the change to retiree medical benefits as that issue was (and is) ongoing:

      The Promise of Free Medical Care.

      1. Military recruiters and active duty retention personnel, to include those in top command positions, made the promise of free medical care continually from the 1940’s to 1992 orally and in print.

      a. The active duty chain of command from the Secretaries of Defense down through unit leaders made or condoned making the promise.

      b. Major Commands and Unit Commands established Officer and Non Commissioned Officer retention positions with instruction to make the promise of free health care for life to entice reenlistment and a commitment to make the military a career. More so than basic recruiting, it was the retention of trained personnel that was the goal of the promise of free health care.

      c. The standard wording was; “Your pay is substandard as compared to civilian pay, but you are earning as a form of delayed pay, lifetime free medical care for you and your dependents for as long as you live.”

      d. The U.S. Government saved billions of dollars in recruiting and particularly training costs as thousands of trained and qualified military members believed this promise and chose to make military service a career.

      C. The Lawsuits Seeking Redress of the Broken Promise

      1. In 1996 lawsuits were filed by military retirees seeking redress for those military retirees in the service prior to December 1956 (WWII and Korean War Retirees) who entered the service when US Code stated MTFs “shall provide” free medical care. Among the cases filed the one by The Coalition of Retired Military Veterans (CORMV) was ruled against at the lowest federal court level, that ruling was not appealed. Another, “The Class Act Lawsuit” led by retired Colonel Bud Day, (USAF Ret) MOH, ruled against at the lowest federal court level was appealed and advanced.

      a. The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, DC heard the case with its eventual findings allowed to stand by the United States Supreme Court.

      b. Initially ruled unanimously in favor of the retirees by a three member sitting of the court.

      c. Appealed by the government and heard by the full en banc court of 13 judge’s ruling in a 9 to 4 decision in favor of the government based upon among other legal findings these main points:

      (1) Congress never authorized the funding of free health care for military retirees and therefore never authorized making the promise.

      (2) Military members do not have a contract with the government when entering military service.

      d. The Court ruled that all branches of the military did, orally and in print promise free medical care for life upon retirement; a promise military retirees relied on, but those making the promise had no authority to do so.

      (1) Dissenting Judges found the government breached a contract with military retirees for which only Congress can provide relief.

      (2) They found that military retirees are paying twice for their medical care, once in low wages and again in having to pay for the free health care promised.

      (3) They also found that Congress in allocating funding of military health care and through its oversight should have known the promise was being made.

      e. The Library of Congress through its Congressional Research Service Reports mislead members of Congress by repeatedly ignoring the findings of the Appeals Court in several of their publications on military retiree health care by denying the promise was made and using such words as “some military retirees think they were promised free health care.”

      Notice the fact Congress states: military members hold no contract with the US government..Yet I cannot separate during my “contractual period” and even after during “stop-loss”..

      What bothers me (and most members/retirees) is that the cuts are being made to those serving (or who have served) and senators continue to gain retirement benefits (to include medical) for life after a 4 year term; it’s time for them to share the burden their overspending and mismanagement has caused…

      • MSgt B,

        Thank you for the background information. I think your explanation is key to the issue in understanding our retiree concerns.

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right but, I can only think about all those broken treatises/promises to the Native Americans our goverment just didn’t keep.

  246. I’m proud to call Chuck Wooten a good friend. We need a few good mechanics in government not afraid to make tough decisions on where to allocate resources. We need more men and women who subscribe to the school of “because I said I would”. Politicians must know that reneging on commitments is what is called “breaking a promise”. How about we return to honorable leadership and “my word is my bond”; I know that’s where Chuck comes from.

  247. I don’t use facebook and stuff like that, just dont have the time to waste. But as the letter says he will try to pass on to all retired military. What I do when I receive a request for $$ is write a personal note on the sheet that they cannot expect any donations from me until they run QUALIFIED candidates and support them at ALL LEVELS. I then put it back into their POSTAGE PAID envelope and send it back! I know thye dont care, most people dont care as long as they get everything they demand. I saw another ‘free baja az’ bumper sticker next to an obama one and I figured it out. FREE BAJA AZ means exactly that, everything is free and bho promised they would get it all. Got an email today in it it relates a story of a guy out in kalifornia, he make around $60K a year. obamacare will cost him $480 to 900 a month depending on plan. His girl friend makes $18K a year and it will cost her $12-48 for the same plan with the higher being full no deductable etc. So there ya have it. Over load the social programs and take away from the ones who are producers just as the AF chief says.

    VOTE THEM ALL OUT AT ALL LEVELS and lets start all over again, it cant get any worse than it is now! If you are a military retiree and are a dem/lib you did this to yourselves. It has been my experience that many in the military are R’s until they retire then they become d’s so they can expect to get more for less! I never could figure out how someone would do stuff like than, then complain when something like the latest budget bill hits? BTW, I am USA retired and fully agree with the face book guy.

  248. The man has it right and should be praised to the heavens. What a travesty our legislators are from both parties. As I have posted before, its all about the money and power and not the voter and heavens who can we screw now to keep the MIC and the “takers” happy. Well, lets screw the people that fight for our rights to breathe free air every day. What the hell, they are easy targets, lord knows that we don’t want to piss off our large contributors that give us millions for out re-election campaigns in return for out support of their outdated programs and contracts that screw the taxpayer.

    Just more of the same in DC. Screw the little man. Maybe there can be a coup one of these days in DC and our beloved politicians feel how it is to be the little man. Oh, wait I got one, how about voting out every incumbent in November be it democrat or republican. Its for damn sure that the newly elected congress couldn’t do worse than the present one and perhaps if they got the message that they could be voted out on their ass then they might change and be responsible to the voters instead of themselves.

  249. I am in total agreement, Chuck! You served your country well & expected the gov’t to live up to its retirement promises, yet they want to cut your benefits to aid illegals & countries that are border-line “friends.” I am so sick of the minority ruling this country!! I also will not donate to the Republican party until they get rid of the likes of McCain & Flake. They don’t represent AZ citizens, for sure.

  250. CSM Wooten, Stand Firm, Hold the Line, and Stay your Course. You have made the most direct and most logical decision. I have your six, you see CSM Wooten I am a retired Command Sergeant Major US Army SF. You have my unwavering support.

  251. The GOP died 15 years ago. They just don’t know it.

    How else could wanna be Marxists masquerading as Democrats win elections? What next carpetbagger HRC?

    • I was wondering how long it would take someone to turn this story into name calling and blaming democrats…lol merry x-mas 🙂

      • It’s not about Democrats and Republicans, it is about Politicians. They are all crooks, hell bent on ensuring their future’s are bright, no matter who they have to screw along the way. The Military is always the first to get bent over. I bet “our” Government pays the Military of our enemies better than they pay their own. “Wake up America!” Retired TSgt, 24 years, USAF.

        • I completely agree Mike, I’ll never again vote for an incumbent no matter how well they may perform. Until Congress gets the message, implements term limits and cleans out their own pork from the budgets none of them deserve re-election. Ever.

        • Communists? That goes to show your ignorance.

          If anything, they incorporate socialism into their politics, which Republicans do too. Like it or not, socialism helps keep this country free. THAT is a historical fact


          Oh, no, wait. It’s just some dumb thing I made up.

          I guess anyone can say the phrase ‘that is a fact’ after any stupid thing they say!

      • Mike Boor – that is what the tea party is all about – calling anyone who even dares to have a thought out of the lockstep is a communist – or worse – don’t ever say what YOU are going to sacrifice, just eliminate the middle class because that is where the thugs see only money grabbing scheme left. They are steering us to a plutocratic oligarchy, and the jackasses here don’t even know what the F that means. They like to throw out names like Reagan and they don’t even have a frickin clue – so they call you some meaningless, asinine name. In George Bush’s third year of his 2nd team, with the so called Bush tax cuts in full bloom, the DJIA dropped from 14,000 to 8,000. People lost their jobs, their homes – life worth living. Now, I am not an Obama fan – and I agree he should not have been elected, let alone RE-elected. BUT – the arrogant morons running the Republican National Committee were so afraid of Hilary they put an ignorant piece of political trash out to get the ignorant vote in order to beat Hilary – and Hilary NEVER ran! DUH! Meanwhile, true American hero, John McCain is saddled with a piece ofbaggage he can’t carry to the finish line. So 2012 comes around, and one who wants Republicans to win get a plutocrat who pays less % of income tax thanI do – all the while, basically running the man who would have won in a landslide over Obama right off the debate/primary stage – John Huntsman – by drying up his political money because he is not a bullshitter. So this is what we have. The DJIA, under Obama has recovered all that Bush’s economics lost, and today The markets have regained ALL of what Bush’s economics lost, and more in barely over 5 years. Today the DOW was up 122 points, and closed at 16,000+ from the 8,000 Obama inherited from the Bush crash. Some friggin’ communist, eh?
        WTF in their right mind is going to vote for a guy who hides his income in the Cayman Islands, so he doesn’t have to pay for any wars – and then calls those who DO pay their taxes, and pay for Bush wars, “takers”. These are the facts – but no one here is going to address those facts – they’ll just take some time to call me some of the favorite Middle School bathroom names, as if that is going to change the facts. But you can bet the Republican party will once again appeal to ignorant and the hate mongers who offer NO plan on anything except to call their opponent names. How’s that been working for them?

  252. Amen, CMSgt. Wooten, and thank you for your dedicated service to US. You are correct in that most of US believe exactly as you, and do not appreciate the traitorous activities of these elitist insulated Congressmen-for-life.

    I will use this ADI article to share your patriotic passion with all of my personal & professional contacts. The GOP no longer represents Republicans.

    God bless America.

    • what do you expect from a system whereas the wealth of the self ordained is directly proportioned to the stupidity of their flock?

    • I agree with everything he said except one thing. Whether you agree with them or not, the Democrats are NOT the enemy. Different people have different ideas as to how our country should be run. The mindset that the Democrats or the Republicans are the enemy is what is derailing our country in my opinion. The people who make a quick buck off of the idea, such a Rush and his ilk are laughing at us all as they walk into the bank with our hard earned money. I most likely do not agree with everything any other commenter on here believes but like it or not, we are all fellow Americans. We want the best for ourselves and for our future generations – we all may all go about it differently but when we start viewing each other as the enemy, all is lost, in my opinion.

      • I have to disagree with you Dennis. The Democrats, and RINO’s ARE our enemies, as they have found that it’s easier to go along with obama’s destruction our our country’s Infrastructure, Military, H/C, Workforce, and getting as many AMERICANS on Welfare, and Food Stamps as possible, making more and more of WE THE PEOPLE subject to the government whims and fancies, and under the Strict Government Control, while losing more and more of our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS, that are Guaranteed under the CONSTITUTION, BILL of RIGHTS, and Declaration of Independence, that forged our once great REPUBLIC.

        • Blaming Obama for our problems is the easy way out, and exactly what both Dems and Reps want. He may be president, but that doesn’t exclude the damage Bush did to our country, or what Congress has done, or the Senate. He’s just a human, like everyone else, that happens to have the title of president, and polarizing the situation to fit your own political agenda is exactly what this two-party malarkey is striving for.

          Keeping the country divided makes us easier to control, so if you want to blame one person.. you’re feeding right into their plans.

        • He calls dems the enemy, then talks about how Clinton passed the bill that gave them the benefits. Looks like Ryan isn’t think only one with double standards.

        • I’m sorry “shipmate” but I have to disagree with you on many levels RM2 Hoy. I know that this POTUS is not liked by many in America for many reasons, but to say that he’s attempting to put as many fellow Americans on welfare as he can is simply untrue. Any military member is already on “government-welfare.” They give you a place to stay, or subsidize your rent and food as well as provide you with free medical care. By any other definition, that is called welfare. I know we don’t like to see it that way, because it changes the dynamics but it is what it is. I can say this because I spent some 27+ yrs serving my country as well. There’s a lot wrong with America, but it doesn’t start or end with the present or future POTUS, it does however start and ends with the total Congress.

        • Charles E. You are CLEARLY misinformed. You act like the welfare / food stamp budget in this country is astronomical. Here are some figures to chew on from 2011 (I apologize, I can’t find the most recent numbers, but they should be fairly similar).

          Food Stamps: $77.6 billion
          TANF: $6.8 billion
          Earned Income Tax Credit: $55.6 billion
          Section 8 Housing: $28.4 billion

          Now for some of the larger independent contracts award. These, by no means, account for any significant portion of the defense budget, but I wanted to put it into persepective.

          F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Development: $11.4 billion in 2011
          Ballistic Missile Defense (AEGIS, THAAD, PAC-3): $9.9 billion in 2011
          Viriginia Class Submarine: $5.4 billion
          Brigade Combat Team Modernization: $3.2 billion

          The total cost of the F-35 program is expected to surpass $400 billion!!!! That is ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS. You remove that one program, and you can fund all of the social assistance programs for over 5 years!! The real problem isn’t that social assistance is costing too much or that we have too many soldiers under salary / pension. It’s the absolutely stupid costs of defense contracts awarded to private companies. In any other sector, if a company gives an estimate on a program, they are held to it. How about Lockheed? Nope, when they go over budget, they bill the government and the government pays it!

          I don’t agree at all with cutting social assistance programs, pensions for soldiers, or salaries for soldiers, but, when you spend over $1 trillion per year, all told, on defense and intelligence, you have a significant problem. The problem is, the Republicans, rather than cut the contracts to their private coporations who donate so much to their campaigns, they choose to cut soldier benefits. This has EVERYTHING to do with the Republicans not wanting to cut the frivolous contracts awarded to private contractors, NOT Democrats wanting to cut benefits.

        • It is amazing to me the vast numbers of people that just don’t get it. Obama is not for the USA. He went so far as to put his left hand over his right chest when “honoring ” our flag a display of disregard for our flag. But that is not surprising to me as the Obamahealthcare was never about insuring all citizens of this country; it’s all about bring this country to it’s financial knees, reducing the military and cutting their benefits is to discourage them and to reduce new recruits so that when War comes and it will we will be weak militarily, taking guns away is so America does have a strong Homeland grass roots army of citizans to defend themselves. While the polititians and Congress Grandstand and keep something going all the time to divert your attention from the real facts. They ignore the constitution and exempt themselves from it i.e. Obomacare, vote themselves raises and large retirements and look out for their own self interest. God forgive us all for our ignorance and failure to protect this beautiful country you gave us and now will let it be taken away because we didn’t care enough to become involved. Thank you to all Veterans, I’m sorry what you fought for has turned ot this was. I for one will never forget.

        • Your a sick bastard, apparently as stupid as they come! What planet have you been living on man? Although you seem to have been in a leadership position in your career, but obviously ended up stupid as hell.

          You know Having a title—as Leader, assistant manager, team leader, or department supervisor—depending on where you spend your working life can make you feel really proud. It is guaranteed that doing the job associated with that title is tough! Though know for certain; that, most who are in hire of persons like you, or promote you; the real successful will not bring you on board because you are not good at doing the leadeship kind of work; but because you have been around for a long time, it was essentially at your turn and you never learned a damn thing. So you were cast out in the retireed world to cast you asperiations of the real leaders that in the end really count; yet, you never really learned from them and its is very obvious!

          Hagel has to be the worst SecDef that will ever serve this country. This man will throw all of us the retired troops under the bus at his first opportunity, this Yes man is ignorant of the requirements of his job. As for Ryan – How about my suggestion that this little shrub be given the once over and I’ll say he should never take a shot at the benefits he seems to have enjoyed while growing up on things like Social Security benefits and now he plunders thsoe of the most loyal citizens could ever have; those which he never could taken benefit of because he was a stone coward, not having served as a soldier of the country he proports to serve as congressman. First, I suggest before he starts hitting those of us who already EARNED our retirements. He should first look at what he has not even earned, but will certaintly be therir in line anxiously wait for to receive and in line to fill his his pockets with our sweat and blood! What a bastard! So in my estimation “you” yes you yourself, you ignorant a$$_ _ _e YOU can’t even realize what side your bread is buttered, much less be cognizant of where your at in the realization of what happens around YOU! You’re just a Friggn “idiot” and a moran! You should just shut the hell up!

        • RINO’s appear to be the fastest growing segment of Congress and the electorate. I now find them to the left and right of me…which, I suppose now makes me one of their number…although the increasing creep appears to be shifting more to the right as first Boehner, then my own Congresswoman Herrera Beutler (while remaining despised by the Progressives), and now Ryan appears to have joined “our” membership. How long before Congressman Cruz finds himself tagged with the Scarlet “R”? Where are the admittedly few close-to-extinction Blue Dog Dems to find refuge and allegiances? How amidst all of the extreme, overly generalized squawking am I to distinguish the IFF squawks of true statesmen/women when the criteria seems to be shifting almost daily with the increasing unwillingness or actual inability to leave the entrenched positions of “zero tolerance” for compromise, which even our Founders recognized an essential tool of statesmanship.The application of absolute “zero tolerance” which almost all recognize is reeking such havoc within the military by killing innovation and creating extreme risk aversion in virtually every aspect of our field of endeavor, to say nothing of the equally ridiculous effect on our kids’ educational systems. Identify, isolate, and eliminate the true sources of our problem and recognize at least one of them is guaranteed not to have a return engagement although unless we take effective action we (this country) may not survive his remaining three years in office; America is truly undergoing a fundamental change – the only promise our President is on target for keeping.

        • You people writing on this page sure must be republicans . I see some really stupid comments and then we wonder why our country is in such a mental state.. Do you think we could all be of one mind long enough to get rid of the T/party bunch so our government could start working once again… PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE ANYTHING BUT REPUBLIECON COME NEXT ELECTION. Our country’s existence depends on it…

        • I am so sick of this political finger pointing and blind refusal of Americans to understand that this is not just a Dem or Repub, conservative or liberal issue. blame is on BOTH sides of this isle and until people realize this and do something about it, NOTHING will ever change! Republicans are so determined to shove their religious beliefs down our throats while simultaniously trampling the constitution that is suppose to garuntee that no laws based in religious belief shall become “law of the land”, yet here we are STILL denying women the right to choose, denying citizens basic rights based on sexual preference, Taking away food stamps from the people who need it the most, refusing to tax those who can actually afford it, shutting down our government because they quite literally aren’t getting their way. They keep going after the Social security of people who paid in all there lives, cutting medicare to people who really need it and then have the audacity to blame the Democrats? The there are the Dems. instead of enforcing the rules and regulations for programs like food stamps, medicaid etc, they create more loop holes and make it easier for people to cheat the system. Speaking of the repubs do nothing to help solve the problem of people cheating the system because of the fact that they don’t believe in abortion. they would rather deny a woman the right to choose and have children be born who will most likely grow up to abuse the system while suffering and living in abject poverty.. This is the vision of the republican party!

        • Amen Charles Hoy! IMO we need to remove and replace every single one of them with “Constitutional Representatives” Communism of any sort does not belong in America. The “Constitution” is thee “Sacred Law of the Land” and must be upheld. Cut govt back to a skeleton crew and roll back to the original 13 amendments. We have been “Set Up and Sold Out” by every single living President – the “Fraud” in our whitehouse is going to drive it home. This plan has been in the works over a 100 yrs. Time to stop.

        • The longer we the people believe eachother are the enemy, the longer this game of “smoke & mirrors” commences. And they continue to build upon their industrial complex in which we get less & they always have more.

        • Well under Paul Ryan you’ll have rights and freedoms because you sure won’t have anything else to live on. No minimum wage, no pension, no health insurance, no worker’s rights, no Social Security, etc. Enjoy!

        • Agree whole-Heartedly QSligh.
          Liberals aren’t the enemy, conservatives aren’t the enemy – BIG BUSINESS is the enemy. They control our governement. It’s time we realized this and took it back.

      • Sorry Dennis but you are completely wrong. We don’t want the same ends, not even close. We want the country to run as it was set up – with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL, not those select leaders that exclude themselves from all the harm that they create. The demonrats and repubeicans that vote with them are traitors to the Constitution of the United States. They lied when they put their hand on the bible and swore to uphold and protect the Constitution. This is the definition of being a traitor and they fit the bill. Until we lift the burden on the wage earners and yank the pitiful masses from the freebie roles, we will continue to deteriorate as a country. I stand with Sgt Wooten, Ted Cruz, and the other few remaining conservatives in trying to return to our constitutional values. So, you sir, can go find someplace else to spout your libturd views sir.

        • Hey QSligh…did you think about what you were typing as you typed it? Our servicemen and servicewomen EARN their housing…they EARN their pay…they EARN their medical care…they EARN every other meager benefit paid to them. To say what they get is the same as welfare is as stupid as stupid gets and I don’t believe for one second that you spent one second in the military.

        • QSligh: I disagree with you. It’s obvious that you have absolutely no clue of the sacrifices made by the men and women of the Armed Forces. The sacrifices we have made are what insures you can say the ludicrous and insulting things you have spewed. IF you ever served, you probably never left the CONUS, probably stayed in Mommy’s basement and did only the absolute minimum necessary. You sir, are one of the many people that obviously tries to steal the Honor of the Veterans that served to keep you and your family safe. You disgust me – and you dishonor the Armed Forces and this Country. So as you sit in your basement and call Mommy for your duckbutter sandwich and breast milk remember, you don’t amount to the pus from a boot’s butt pimple. I pray that your life is long and that you experience for every second of it, the life you would have if the Members of the Armed Forces were not there to keep your sorry ass safe.

        • Dennis Yanking the people who are “freeloaders” as you Republicans like to put it, wouldn’t have any discernable difference in your taxes. Stop watching Fox News, they don’t tell you the truth. Don’t watch any mass market news channel for that matter. The fact of the matter is, people on food stamps and welfare assistance account for such a small portion of our federal budget that it wouldn’t have a tangible impact on your tax bill. Pretty much 40% of our federal budget goes into the military and intelligence areas. That’s where the cuts need to be made. Definitely not to the soldiers though, I believe 100% in giving them full pensions, salaries, GI bill, etc. The cuts have to be made to companies like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon who make astronomical profits on federally awarded programs. The get these programs, fail miserably at them and go extremely over budget and all at the expense of the taxpayer.

          Stop taking all these lies and acting like they are truth. The biggest burden on the middle class, today, is the defense budget. The ultimate crooks are corporations who don’t pay their employees crap and expect us to still survive.

        • Republicans started it, and Dem.’s went along, agreeing to send jobs away with the promise that free trade would make everyone wealthier. It didn’t work.

      • You are absolutely correct, Dennis. I was fully with him until he said that. I am a liberal Democrat, and I disagree with these cuts. I am not the enemy of the country I also love. I simply believe in different ways to solve our nation’s problems.

        • Let’s just make it clear – Sen. Patty Murray (D-OR) was opposed to the cuts to veterans benefits. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) pushed the cuts and Murray agreed as part of the compromise. Democrats are not opposed to the military, they are opposed to “dumb wars” and they want to support the veterans upon their return. Republicans have no problem sending in the troops to settle every little threat to democracy around the world but don’t want to pay for the war or the benefits the veterans deserve for serving our country. I was with Sergeant Wooten 100% in criticizing Rep. Ryan for his hypocrisy and his audacity until he seemed to suggest that Sen. Murray, Democrats, and liberals are somehow the enemy, which is a wholly inappropriate sentiment.

        • Jon, don’t be stupid. Which base do you think “selling” the cuts to the military retirement will be tougher to, Democrates or Republicans? This is in the deal for one reason only, because it was needed to get Democratic votes. Living in Washington State I am sorrounded by very liberal friends and most of them have a less than flatterign view of the military, even if they will not come right out and say it. There are already Republican sponsored bills to eliminate the cuts (decreases in growth) of the military pensions. They will pass well before the “cuts” would have taken affect and this will be a non-issue.

        • Scott, you just need to do a better job paying attention. The Hill reports that there have been three bills introduced in the House to reinstate the benefits cut from the budget compromise. One has been introduced by a Republican, Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) (H.R. 3807), and two have been introduced by Democrats, Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA) (H.R. 3804) and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) (H.R. 3808), who is a Democratic Party leader. Your view that Republicans are patriots and Democrats are the enemy is childish and our country would be better off if voters like you would turn off Fox News and start paying attention. I live in a military family in Virginia which has a higher percentage of veterans than in any other state and no one has done more than Fmr. Sen. Jim Webb, a Democrat, to update the sorry state of veterans affairs in our country which was put under strain from Pres. Bush’s two wars.

      • Chief Wooten,
        I appreciate your service, and I thank you for your thoughtful comments. My father was career Army (two of his brothers gave their lives in WWI), one of my sons was on subs, another son gave his life (as a civilian) and I was in the AF for eight, so, I believe that I have some idea of what ‘service’ means. Unfortunately, I think your comment that liberal Democrats are the enemy must put a smile on the faces of our real enemies. How helpful to the real enemies when Patriots mistakenly take the focus of off them, and redirect our fears and concerns to each other! Our enemy is only within if we decide to turn against each other, either in words on in deeds. I am not suggesting that we don’t share thoughts and opinions, nor am I advocating any censorship of ideas, or speech. I am simply saying that, I believe, when we begin to call those who have some disagreements with us, the ‘enemy’, we are not advancing the search for solutions to problems that we share, as a nation, and we are misidentifying the real enemy.

        Again, thank you for your service.

        • Paul, Very well put. Although I agree that Congress as a whole are completely disconnected from the rest of “We the People” not one of them sits in Washington DC without the votes of their districts. They are more like spoiled children than enemies. There are true enemies to our freedom and our democracy emboldened by divisive speech. Congress will continue to serve themselves and their financial backers until appropriate campaign finance reform and term limits make public service a service once again.

        • Well said Paul. I’m an Air Force vet of 8 years and still serving. I’m a little bit ashamed that a Chief would think the way that Chief Wooten seems to. After all, brothers-in-arms can have different political views. If a republican is in a foxhole with a democrat, are they brothers-in-arms or are they enemies because of their differing political opinions? The hate that comes from both ends of the political spectrum is disgusting.

          Also, to all of the 20+ year veterans who use the word socialist like its a bad thing need to realize that they were part of a socialist organization for most of their lives. The military has a single-payer health care system and a pay scale that’s based more on time in service than skill level.

        • Time for America to wake up.
          The 1% and Wall St is the enemy. Not R’s or D’s.

          We have the best Congress,Supreme Ct, Potus money can buy,
          They are all on the take.

      • Yes the Democrats and RINOs ARE the enemy. Obama is working in concert with George Soro’s and Cloward – Piven strategy to bring this government and country down. Wake up, wise up. Before you have no say at all. Obama is not your daddy’s democrat, the man is a socialist and pure evil.

        • Have you looked at what the stock market’s been doing lately? If Obama’s a socialist, he’s really bad at it.

        • The reason the Stock Market continues to soar is because of the Huge amounts of borrowed, printed, and taxed money Our Government continues to pump into the Economy. It is creating a bubble that will burst just as the Housing bubble did and, again, it is due to Government interference and not letting the Free Market correct itself.

      • Well said Dennis. Myself(a disabled vet) and my wife(a retired disabled vet) are both liberal democrats. We served our country, we don’t agree with cuts to veteran or military benefits. We just also happen to not believe in the lie that is supply side economic theory. This does not make us enemies. If this country comes to that than everything myself and my wife served for is lost.

      • Reads like a typically Democratic cop-out. Rush is an entertainer, our country has been sold out by the Clintons, Obama Feinstein, Biden and their co-conspirators. I look with extreme doubt on anyone who claims that he is a “Liberal Democrat” and a friend of America. One-worlders smell the same, no matter how you dress them up.

      • I have to agree with Dennis, neither party is without shame on this, but neither party is “the Enemy”. Once classified as “the Enemy”, there can no longer be any meaningful dialog, about anything, and one civil war should be enough. The Bush administration set up many “no oversight, no bid” contracts that wasted Billions. The Obama administration has not done enough to reign in the overspending. But the idea that a promised retirement pay system is an “entitlement” or some other government handout is absurd from anyone. This was a condition of employment and should be acknowledged as payment for service. Nor will this tiny portion offset the waste, graft and other spending that does bloat the budget.

      • Dennis … you and your way of thinking and all the other left winged ideology are the enemy of the constitution and this country , any one who elects a communist for their beliefs in changing of America and taking away our constitutional rights is a enemy of this country and its people …

      • All collectivists are the enemy of Western Civilization. Sorry, but Democrats are the enemy- but they are not the only one’s. Enemies Foreign and Domestic you logic challenged lemmings.

        • If half of the country are enemies of the country, then either they aren’t enemies of the country or else both halves are enemies of the country. A plurality cannot be an enemy, a plurality becomes the standard against which there are enemies. For instance, if 70% of Americans support gay marriage, the 30% are the deviation, not the norm. And that 30% stands against what America has decided to stand for.

      • I am so sick of the Dem being treated like “the enemy”. First, this is not a Dem/Reb thing. That is what is derailing this country. “It’s the Dems. It’s the Dems.” That small thinking is so out of touch with what is going on. Politicians want money. There. That’s closer to the truth. Take from you, put in their pockets. They didn’t go without pay during the gov’t shutdown. They just raise the debt ceiling. There’s the solution!! And yes, I am a vet. And yes, we do not need a military as large as we do. We simply do not. Besides a lot of money going to that, there are a lot of expenses that are unnecessary. The whole system is broken.

      • Dennis,
        There are differences between what we call Liberal Democrats, and Conservative Republicans, and I believe both are patriotic, and care about our nation, but the problem is there exist Progressive movement, and that is where there is a real big difference. Depending on how much power a politician wants determines his progressive strength. A weak progressive strength individual tends to be socialists, means lets do all we can to use our government to solve the problems that plague the world, and our citizens. A strong progressive individual believes even more where they want to be the elite, and they set themselves apart, a couple of steps above the common ordinary citizen or constituent. A strong progressive supports spending and taxing to gain more power over constituents, not following the limits of the constitution, and also never establishing a debt limit let alone a yearly budget. Depending on the strength of the progressiveness an individual can think as a socialist all the way up to a power hungry controlling communist. We have a good number of these individuals in our US Congress and also in our Executive Branch, and we (voting citizens) need to vote them out office during the primary elections.

      • It is not the DEMOCRATS OR THE REPUBLICANS that are the enemy!!! They are not who is running this country.. I don’t know who they are but they are certainly not AMERICANS!!!

      • Well said Dennis. If he could have skipped the name calling of Democrats in general, I would have agreed 100%. You really can disagree without being the enemy. Having said that, certainly what this budget agreement did was dishonor all those that have served, regardless of whether or not they retired.

      • I absolutely agree with him! Yes, the liberal democrats did not check any facts at all before voting in a traitor who it seems can not even get insurance with his name attached to it because he can’t confirm his birth, social security and other factors. It’s a disgrace to America. The liberals voted him in, used illegal tactics, dead voters even voted for him, imagine that.
        Both times he di d. He also used foreign money from China, where is the outrage for that. It plainly states, no other country can assist in presidential race and he even admitted to it and nothing has been done. That alone is grounds to impeach. let alone all the other disgraceful things he’s done. I will not vote for the republicans in office but I definitely will not vote for a democrat that’s in office again ever.

        • Do you have proof of all of these illegal tactics and dead voters? Several studies have shown only one instance of voter fraud in 2012, and it was committed by a Republican trying to show how easy voter fraud was. She was caught.

        • But if you’ll never vote for a Republican or a Democrat, I really look forward to seeing all of those Libertarians you support being floated into office.

        • Your a sick bastard, apparently as stupid as they come! What planet have you been living on man? Although you seem to have been in a leadership position in your career, but obviously ended up stupid as hell.

          You know Having a title—as Leader, assistant manager, team leader, or department supervisor—depending on where you spend your working life can make you feel really proud. It is guaranteed that doing the job associated with that title is tough! Though know for certain; that, most who are in hire of persons like you, or promote you; the real successful will not bring you on board because you are not good at doing the leadership kind of work; but because you have been around for a long time, it was essentially at your turn and you never learned a damn thing. So you were cast out in the retired world to cast you aspirations of the real leaders that in the end really count; yet, you never really learned from them and its is very obvious!

          Hagel has to be the worst SecDef that will ever serve this country. This man will throw all of us the retired troops under the bus at his first opportunity, this Yes man is ignorant of the requirements of his job. As for Ryan – How about my suggestion that this little shrub be given the once over and I’ll say he should never take a shot at the benefits he seems to have enjoyed while growing up on things like Social Security benefits and now he plunders those of the most loyal citizens could ever have; those which he never could taken benefit of because he was a stone coward, not having served as a soldier of the country he pro ports to serve as congressman. First, I suggest before he starts hitting those of us who already EARNED our retirements. He should first look at what he has not even earned, but will certainty be their in line anxiously wait for to receive and in line to fill his his pockets with our sweat and blood! What a bastard! So in my estimation “you” yes you yourself, you ignorant a$$_ _ _e YOU can’t even realize what side your bread is buttered, much less be cognizant of where your at in the realization of what happens around YOU! You’re just a Friggin “idiot” and a moron! You should just shut the hell up!

      • I ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH YOU! I was so interested in the story and was happy he was saying all he was saying for the vets and troops, until he dropped that bomb about Democrats being the enemy… NOW wait a minute if he wants to make it about sides then why is he choosing sides and then degrading both of them? Its about America and being United at the end of the day. That’s why our country is so priveledged to have the title it has in this world.

        • He’s hoping to shame Paul Ryan into changing it. Not going to happen. Ryan and his lot are bought and paid for by big business who want less money spent on the military personnel and veterans so they can line their pockets with it.

      • I totally agree with Dennis…our foes are not the Dkemocrats or the GOP….they are the oil hungry corporations & tyrants within our country that can see no further than the next oil well & Derrick or military contract for armaments. Charity begins at home…we should shore up our own infrastructure & feed & educate our our citizens before reaching out to the world with tax $ to buy friendship! Too many of these tyrants we feed our tax $, scoff at our naïveté in thinking we are securing their co-operation & friendship so they just come back to see how much more they can bilk from our coffers! Our kindness & desire to spread democracy throughout the world blinds us to the actual facts that do exist there! Wake up, America! Stand up for yourselves & your own country’s needs first. There are plenty of world organizations that kind hearted Americans can contribute to & satisfy that need of giving without our nation squandering our taxes needed to buff up our own people!

      • Dennis, have you ever served in the Armed Forces? If you have, you will remember every Democratic President has done their best to reduce the military’s capability by reducing everything from pay to supplies needed to perform our duties. So, yes, the Democratic party is our enemy, the military’s enemy, and has been for a long, long time! I know first had since I served in the Marine Corps for 20 years. Please do some research and you will find this has been true over the last 50 to 60 years!

      • I agree with what Dennis said. While people may think the Democrats are trying to cut salaries and retirement benefits, that is so far from the truth its staggering. The Democrats seek to reduce the military budget, there is absolutely no doubt about that and for good reason. When, as a country, we spend over $1 trillion per year on defense, there is a problem. The problem is, the facts are wrong about where democrats want to cut. They want to cut the bloated and ridiculous private contracts we have in place with companies like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. They also want to have fewer deployed troops. This will directly impact salaries as deployed troops earn more than active non-deployed troops do.

        Republicans continue to try to drive up the budget for national defense, but they do it in the form of raising the private contract awards. If you think Democrats are the ones that choose to cut retirement benefits and salaries and the Republicans just agreed to it, you are SORELY mistaken. If anything, Democrats would INCREASE salaries and retirement benefits as THAT IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR. Social responsibility. Republicans are anti social responsibility. Don’t try and blame this on the Dems, this has everything to do with the Republicans not wanting to cut spending on private contracts which are incredibly over valued.

        • I know first hand whether it is Rs’ or Ds’ that do not support the military, after 22+ plus years of dealing with both of them the Ds’ are the most mealy mouth bunch who promise the military that they will support this and that for us, then turn around and shit can us for money. James Earl Carter was the worst about it.

        • Jon, You’ve been drinkin too much cool-aid young man. At least I hope you’re a young man if not, WOW..

      • Very well said. To blame one or the other party is immature! Both are a well planned system to keep the public distracted while the extreme powerful and wealthy pull the world’s strings! If we could only focus on what we all have in common and not differences, like the stability of all man-kind to ensure humanity evolves over the millinium.

      • Please take note. He did not say “Democrats are the enemy”. rather he correctly said “liberal Democrats are the enemy”

      • Dennis, you are flat out wrong! The democrats are the enemy, they are for all practical purposes a socialist party and I would have more respect for them if they would just come clean and admit that they are. The Republican leadership are abetting the socialists and they also must be defeated if we are to salvage this country. It is mindsets like “YOURS” that have assisted in this mess, that makes you the enemy also. Have a shitty New Year.

      • NOPE! You are wrong. They are all the cancer in our system.
        Republicans are just as bad in many ways, but the Democrats have them beat. You see, this is a government of greed, and no one is doing there job to help the greater benefit of the country as a whole. Every politician in Washington is concerned with what helps their individual party, which in turn goes into their pocketbook.

      • Thanks, Dennis. You are very right. This is the problem with the civilians in our country. People let politics divide one another instead of standing together to make sure the politicians are serving everyone the best they can. Just because we disagree with each other doesn’t make us enemies. It just means that we have different ideas on what would be best.


      • if its the destruction of the USA then yes you are the enemy. We didn’t elect dummies these people are on a mission…. they are useful idiots and soon they will be no longer needed..

      • I agree with Dennis. The REAL problem is those who are refusing to compromise, rather they just say “no” without offering a rational alternative. We need congressmen and senators who are willing to work together to solve real problems.

      • I agree with your assessment of liberal democrats. I am one and I don’t consider myself an enemy of America, as a matter of fact I love this country enough that I served it for 14 years, 9 of which were in overseas locations, from the frozen north all the way to the tropics of Southeast Asia.

      • im not democrat or republican, i am a person of the people, and i tell you this, the government we have now can go eat a dick. we are not supposed to bow to them and do as they please. they are supposed to bow to us and do what, WE THE PEOPLE please. republican, democrat i will tell them all to eat a big fat one.

      • The Democratic and Republican Parties are the enemy… Neither care about the people. If they did, they’d listen to what the people wanted not what lines their pockets. You have one side that caters to big $ and the other to the leeches of the hard working people. We need strong industry, but we also need everyone to pull their weight. Common sense over Politically Correct…

      • Well said. I agree. My dad is a Vietnam veteran who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, and 6 years in the Air Force for his country. I am a proud Democrat. It doesn’t mean that I ‘hate the military.’ I’d like to point out that FDR was a DEMOCRAT and was the president during WWII. At the time the GOP were the “America First” party that wanted to have nothing to do with a war with Germany or Japan. And not much has changed since then. The GOP wants to look like they’re the ‘tough guys,’ but they’d just as soon sell out our service members and veterans for some rich guy’s tax cut as they would anyone else. That being said, I’m sure we could get rid of plenty of programs the military says they DO NOT WANT, and use the money to pay for the debt we owe our veterans.

      • Under your sentiment Dennis, it’s one that I used to hold, too. However, after watching the needless dismantling of our healthcare system, the “dumbing down” of our public schools, the outright lean toward socialism by this Administration (aided and abetted by the vast majority of Dems in Congress), and the continuing push to take some of our most cherished rights away (i.e first and second amendment attacks), I have arrived at the consensus that these folks do NOT want what is best for this Country, they want what is best for what they think this country should be. “We will fundamentally change America” was not just a campaign slogan by then-candidate Obama, that’s what he meant – we’re going to change the America that you grew up with and love. We will no longer be an exceptional people and country … we will no longer have the premier defense (look at the cuts being made across the board to our military) … we will no longer fight injustice and genocide world wide … we will no long reward hard work and risk-taking … we will no longer require that our borders are sacrosanct … etc., etc. That’s not someone with just a different way of looking at our Country … it’s someone who wants to tear down the very fabric and remake it into a country that most of will not recognize and certainly do not want. You can call them something else if the word “enemy” offends you, but that’s exactly what they are to me.

      • In 1861 someone who marched under the Stars & Bars although a U.S. citizen was by definition an enemy because he had joined an effort to fundamentally change the United States of America. In 2008 the same situation took place. Fortunately we aren’t exchanging bullets at each other but don’t mistake that we are in deed in a war of ideas. And the war isn’t simply between the GOP and the DNC. As Chief Master Sgt. Wooton points out it was a bipartisan vote to take away promised compensation. Will Americans dust off copies of our Constitution and require elected representatives to truly protect and defend it by abiding by its limits?

      • I certainly disagree with Dennis and I applaud the Chief’s letter to Paul Ryan. This country is on the cliff of destruction by the current illegal “president” and by this entire administration which includes Congress. Both parties are guilty for not upholding the oaths they took to protect and serve the Constituion. As for the cut in anything having to do with our Military is unconscionable – why not cut Congress’ salaries or pensions = or what about all the billions they have “misplaced and cannot account for? Obama spends (now up to billions) on his vacations and they cut the military soldiers? It’s time to vote them all out and return to some common sense in government – and as far as Paul Ryan’s partner in this “cut” – look up the names of the 80 or so card carrying Communists in Congress – you will find PATTY MURRAY’S name listed!

    • Paul Ryan ran as a VP with a Treason artist. Google [ mccain + mcconnell + treason + pawlenty ]
      Ryan’s wife was working with British Banks ( in London ) during the 9/11 Treason. Republicans and Democrats were created in 1892 as a ruse to confuse Americans. If Ryan runs for anything, I will oppose him with ‘intelligence’. Today, 26 Dec 13 Reuben Bradford stepped down as Police Commission of CT due to this google pairing [ dhs + dmort V + malloy + crisis actors + vision box + abel danger ] . Watch for Governor Malloy to follow suit, if he is smart. Field McConnell, U S Marine,


    • While I do think if anyone in the whole World deserves a pension, it’s the military, I think it’s a bit overblown to act like members of the military are working for free, being treated like crap, and now their only chance at compensation, retirement, is being ripped from their grasp.

      Starting wages for members of the military are competitive with the private sector, and after 5-10 years of service and good performance you can crack 6 figures pretty easily. That’s not exactly working for peanuts. Not too mention countless other benefits of being in the military and being on a base, not to mention tax breaks for those on active duty.

      The problem is that everyone throws up the flag immediately and if you criticize anything about the military you’re labeled as a troop hating liberal (I, for the record, lean very conservative). But the fact is that MOST people in the military are not risking their lives every day. There are 1.5 million members, and most of them are not in Iraq and Afghanistan. The vast majority are doing what everyone else in the United States does….they are moving away, going through training, and getting a job. Do I think someone who serves abroad and risks their life should get a pension? Absolutely. There’s no payment good enough for dodging bullets and seeing your friends killed. But if you join the military and work 30 years as a paralegal should you get paid for the rest of your life? No. Just No. You should save your money like the hundreds of millions of people without a retirement plan. Noone is getting drafted anymore. If you’re in the military, you chose to be in the military, and for a lot of unskilled people it was by far the best opportunity available.

      Unfortunately theres no distinction. If you serve 19 years in a warzone you get no retirement. If you sit behind a desk for 20 years you get paid for the rest of your life. You could work from age 20 to 40 and get paid $25,000 for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. That’s a recipe for a huge budget disaster.

      This isn’t even a pension cut…it’s a reduction of the scheduled increase. But I digress. The military is just like every other bloated institution with retirement problems (Detroit, GM, etc). Eventually there is not enough money to pay everyone forever. It’s just not possible. And just like every other institution, the only way to cut anything is to be “Fair”, so they cut everyone. If you’ve been shot at, you deserve a pension. If your spouse is killed, you should be paid, absolutely.

      But even if you try to say the army accountant should contribute 5% to a LIFELONG pension, everyone calls you a troophater.

      • Those who deploy get paid MORE than those who don’t. we don’t ALL get paid the SAME. Yes, we have the same salary pay, but those who deploy get hazard pay. Also, you work on holidays or overtime and not get extra pay. There’s times where we would have to work 12-14 hours day for a MONTH with no overtime pay. We are forced to come in on weekends or extra duty. Forced volunteering for non military events. Military members are on the clock 24/7 and have to be ready for anything at anytime. You’re damn right people will bash on you and call you a troop hater for this post. As a former military member, I understand the sacrifice stateside troops still make and to make a lifelong commitment of 20 years, no matter what job they had, they’ve definitely earned it.

        • Thank you, USAF Retiree! Have these other “military” men lost their ever loving minds? Where the heck were they when my husband was freezing in the mountains during desert storm? Where were they when my father was surrounded by the Chicom for several months in the Chosin Reservoir. He couldn’t talk about what he saw until he was in his 70’s. My son never knows when he’ll be called out and for how long. It’s a miracle my husband and I survived our marriage with him coming and going for months at a time. The liberal democrats posting on here and claiming they aren’t harming America with the evil they have elected makes me want to puke. And the people saying they were in the military and comparing it to welfare, I don’t see any people on welfare working, much less working the hours the men I know had to work. What nonsense you spew!!! When this country falls it will be YOUR fault!

      • Wait a second…how can you say that military pay is comparable to private sector after 5-10 years. Maybe if you are an officer, but the enlisted sure in hell don’t get paid crap. I’m a dependent of an E8 and my husband was an E6 when he retired. I remember times when we had to do the “blue light specials” and go to second hand stores. Perhaps you aren’t aware that most military housing now is paid rent too. Yeah, comparable. Get your head out of ass and talk to some real people who had to live on the poverty line before you start comparing salaries.

        As for the message Wooten has, he’s damn right. A bunch of thieving assholes in government.

        • I agree 100%! The above is speaking of 5-10 years in the military making 6 figures?! Ummm, my husband is now in 8 years and makes roughly $30,000-$35,000. Please tell me where the rest of the money is then? And yes, he deploys every 14 months for 7-10 months so he IS a deployable Marine. As for the original post….preach on sir, this family is with you!

      • Jeff,
        First off, saying the pay is comparable to the private sector is BS. Privates don’t make much at all because they make them live on the base and force them to have a meal card. Second living on base is not a privilege to begin with have you ever even been in a barracks room? You call that fine living? Young Soldiers are forced to live in the barracks it is not by choice. Even if they chose to live off base they will not get a housing allowance and they are forced to pay for everything off their small paycheck. Second saying not everyone is in harms way is BS. Even the paralegals you mentioned deploy too. Even our Doctors deploy and everybody has to go through extensive training in order to deploy. Even Soldiers that have not deployed give up more than what any other civilian job does. They have to go to the field for up to 30 days at a time away from their families. Some schools even force them to leave their families for months, come home for two and then deploy for 9. They give up seeing their kids be born, grow up, marriages, funerals, etc. That is also a sacrifice they make that is unlike any civilian job. They have to put their bodies through harsher training and conditioning because we train to defend our nation against people who are doing everything to kill us. Do you know how many injuries come from training alone and putting your body through that? How about the damage done to ears from artillery and gunnery? Deployments are not the only thing that can injure our bodies..Not to mention unlike civilians we do not have set work hours we can get put on lockdown if necessary and there is no over time. We cannot have a union. And I can tell you MOST of the military HAS deployed, there is a thing known as deployment cycles so do not label MOST people as not having deployed. For every combat unit that deploys, you have 3 times the amount deploying in support roles for that unit. Even if they have not deployed, guess what? They signed a blank check to the government saying they are willing to deploy. A deployment order is one we cannot say no to when it comes we just do it. And even if you are in a big FOB you might get killed by indirect fire and you don’t know where that is coming from (unlike being shot at) until it hits you. Even the support roles have to go out to the small outposts and they too put their lives on the line. Maybe the draft should comeback so you can gain an appreciation of what service really is. Sacrifice is not just serving in a combat zone, for we sacrifice ten times more than the private sector even when we are at home, mandatory training, lockdowns, 20 hour days, etc… As for a paralegal that sits on a desk for 30 years, they deserve their retirement for not only did they sign a blank check but they spend countless hours assisting and defending our Service members so they do not lose pay, go to jail, etc… AND they DO NOT CHARGE the service member. They get paid CONSIDERABLY less than lawyers do in the civilian sector.They do what other lawyers cannot do because unlike civilian lawyers they serve, they speak the jargon of UCMJ, they understand how the military works. Something a civilian court cannot do for you much less for free. And they too are subject to those extensive training events. As for the pay, the pay for our enlisted unfortunately is not enough for how much they sacrifice so that people like you can post on here. Oh and for the record I am an Officer that has been in for 5 years, been deployed and lived in a 30 man combat out post in Afghanistan with over 150 foot patrols in sector even as a female in a support role. Even though I’ve been in 5 years I still have yet to see the six figures you mentioned.

        • Thank you! You hit the nail on the head! I am the spouse of a Marine. I, myself and not even a service member and this post made me angry. Thank you for putting this moron in his place!

      • Jeff V. you stupid brain dead P.O.S. I retired from the USAF and let me tell you, I worked my ASS off and sacrificed PLENTY to get my Retirement pay! By the way, I NEVER saw or even came CLOSE to a six figure income! Maybe a GENERAL sees that, but sure as hell there isn’t ONE ENLISTED member that will EVER see that kind of pay. For your information, NOBODY will ever serve 19 years in a combat zone. that statement right there told me you have no clue as to what you are talking about and have never served. That also means anything you say about what a Military Member does, gets, deserves etc. means absolutely nothing because you are talking about something that you have no knowledge about. Did I “fight in a war zone”? no, but the COUNTLESS HOURS I put in during Desert Storm while serving in England, the years of training to be prepared to go to war with 12+ hour days for days on end every three months, weekend duty missing kids events, late shift for months sleeping all day while the kids are awake and working while they slept, Three tours overseas totaling 8 years while my parents and sisters here in the States had things happen that I really should have been home for.

        You mention the benefit of being on base, really? WHAT benefit? Oh yes, I remember, every time we had “War Exercise” I had to stay indoors for fear of being SUCKED INTO the activities while off duty trying to do whatever errands I could in the hour or two I had before going to bed because I had to get up in 8 hours before going to work again. And if I got caught up in a drill during my off hours (which once I left my house I had to be in full gear) I couldn’t call my wife and let her know where I was or what happened, and I also didn’t go home until my NEXT scheduled shift ended. If I was unfortunate enough to be “killed” during the exercise that could mean I was in lockdown until the entire exercise was over with no chance to go home. Now lets talk about the Dorms I lived in…. I was lucky in the respect that I was USAF. the dorms were old as hell and not maintained very well. Sometimes there were 3 to a room (usually two), and we had community showers. Dorm inspections weekly with very few things allowed to be in the rooms, then lets not forget the Cleaning parties! Weekends filled with cleaning detail!! OH what FUN! Then there is also “Charge of Quarters duty” which entailed 12 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday. And of course, back to the roomie situation, ever been forced to share a 12×12 room with someone you don’t know or even worse, can’t get along with for months on end?

        You say “it’s not a Pension cut, that it is a reduction of the scheduled increases.” It’s not a reduction of it is a cancellation of which is cutting our pension! You think we are over paid? How about cutting welfare, or the salary of the Senators and Congressmen? I have yet to see THEM take a cut in ANYTHING and they haven’t suffered NEAR as much as those of us that gave so much to this country to keep it safe, to keep YOU safe.

        You were right when you said the draft doesn’t exist and that nobody forced us to sign our life away to the United States to protect her, but if we didn’t, the who the hell would? Sure as hell wouldn’t be sissified chicken shits like you, hiding behind your mamma’s skirt. To afraid to be an adult and put YOUR life on the line so millions of other ungrateful bastards can burn the flag, tell us how sick we are for joining the Military, trying to tell us we don’t have the right to speak our mind about what’s going on in the Country today, and that I don’t have a right to own firearms to protect my Country, my Family or myself from all enemies Foreign or Domestic, let alone the thug living down the street.

        One more thing, what tax breaks does the Military get? Seems to me I PAID MY TAXES, State AND Federal, along with Social Security! And yes, I had to pay them while stationed overseas all three times. Now, if you are talking about those that are in an active combat zone, TOUGH SHIT buddy! THEY DESERVE to get paid tax free! You want to get paid tax free? Then get your ass off the couch and get a contract job in a combat zone, and YOU TOO can get paid tax free! As a CIVILIAN AT THAT!

        You really pissed me off Jeff, go to hell you sorry bastard.

      • Jeff V,
        Though I see many people have put you in your place, I cannot resist adding to it.

        I am a Military Spouse. By the time my Enlisted husband retires, he will have served the maximum amount of time allowed without needing further approval — 30 years. He will be the highest ranking Enlisted soldier, with multiple deployments under his belt and many awards pinned on his Blues. He will NEVER earn 6 figures. And, EARN it he does — how many people in the private sector work from 0530 to 1900 five days a week? How many people in the private sector are expected to answer the phone no matter what time of the night it rings? How many people in the private sector are expected to spend weeks away from their family? How many people in the private sector are tested on physical fitness? How many people in the private sector are told they must move at least every 3 years to places we don’t chose (we have moved 5 times in the past 8 years, not to mention the move my husband made to Egypt for a year of unaccompanied duty 2 weeks after we got married or the move I made alone and pregnant while he deployed to Iraq for a year)? How many people in the private sector miss months of his or her children’s lives (my husband missed my son’s first 5 months and countless weeks to add up to months since his return from deployment in Iraq)? Nothing comparable to the private sector in our household.

        No, not every military member has been in a “Sandbox”, BUT each service member supports the greater cause in ways that you will never understand. When my husband is not deployed, he works at least 12, more often 14 hours a day. He misses meals with his two small children on a weekly basis, he misses birthdays, anniversaries and holidays — even when he is not “risking his life”, because he is supporting those who are risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan (and all the other countries where men and women deploy that the media doesn’t publicize). BTW, no military member “sits behind a desk for 20 years”. That thought is absurd.

        And, I have to ask, do you even know what an Army accountant does? Who do you think manages all the money that makes sure there is adequate funding for: training, ammunition, equipment, protective gear…?

        Yes, my husband chose to be in the military. One of his deciding factors to enlist was the promise of a life long pension 22 years ago. Why does he continue to serve? Because he loves his job and is proud to serve his country.

        Before making comments like you chose to make in your statement above, please become more educated. Ignorance is never a good thing.

      • Do you find it difficult to breath with your head stuck so far up your rectum???? Perfect example of “You can’t fix STUPID”

      • Hey Jeff!!!! I enlisted and made $810.00 a month. You can’t live off of that you tard! You never served a day you jerk off!

      • You sir have never been there you do not know what you are talking about,it is clear you got your talking points from a misguided source. When I was in the Army I received 800 dollars a month tell me jeff how is that egual to the private sector? The cowardly republican party will not receive support from me and the dems are the enemy. It is clear to me that you do not study history since you can not see that what they are doing is what the hitlers of the world did in there countries and destroyed them. I will not stand by and let it happen if they want War then I say lets give it to them.

      • Jeff, I only had to reach the part where you compared active duty military salaries to those in the “private sector” to grasp the amount of fact-based logic you were using as your jumping off point. The private sector employs over 90% of American workers. It’s a blanket term for anybody who doesn’t work for a government controlled entity. This covers everything from Wal-Mart greeters and cab drivers to investment bankers and plastic surgeons. Talk about an empty, meaningless attempt to boost your argument. All it does is discredit everything else you said.

      • Go eat a bag of cocks, Jeff V.

        Not a dangerous job??? Tell that to my dead nephew.
        RIP Pfc. Christian R. San Nicolas, US Army

        Yes, you can google him.

      • I would certainly like for you to prove to me that an active duty armed services member can “crack six digits after 5 years of service”. Why would an active duty armed services member quality for WIC if they are “cracking six digits”. You have some serious misinformation.

    • I agree and with something to add. My husband doesn’t get a military retirement, but is being delayed in getting 100% rating he’s entitled to. He is a disabled USMC Vietnam Veteran. Gross error on VAs part and they are over 8yrs(retro) behind. He’s at 40%, and should be at 100%. I do know what it’s like. He should be at $3000mo instead of $630, for the last 8yrs+. Hopefully it is almost over, but no war veteran or 20yr career person, should have to fight this hard or this long. It is a real shame on our country. He is homebound, need of aid and attendance and uses a powerchair and voice activated computer. All VA.

      • It took me 5 years for disability that happened in 1964! The impact of my military service came full forse in 2000. I buried everything so deep and kept busy raising a family and working. When we moved away from family and friends for my husbands new teaching job the ***** hit the fan and I went down. 5 yrs I waited and did receive the 100% don’t give up it will be woth it in the end. No one understands these battles unless they have been i he military-sacrifices that havee no words. Have your local congressman involved-that’s what put the fire under someones butt. I even had to go to Wahington D.C. to the military court to plead my case-at my expense! It worked! The state still tried to lowball the the figures but lost big time. Will keep you in prayer.

    • I would also like to say the draft should be brought back so that ALL Americans can be exposed to what it is like to serve– the good and the bad. Perhaps, all families will then have some measure of understanding and compation for the end results of military life.

      • They will never bring the draft back because the very people cutting benefits and retirements of VETS are the very same ones that would run to Canada. I’ve said for years that before Congress or the Senate declares any war they should be willing to give up at least one of their own to the cause. And no easy desk job, although, having served on the combat & personnel side, even the “desk’ jobs are just as grueling. I was really angry when Mitt Romney declared his 5 sons’ service to the military was campaigning for him. I was even angrier when McCain claimed VETS didn’t need higher education because they left the military with a skill. I’m still looking for the ad posting: Tanker Wanted.

        Believe me, if they brought back the draft, over half of our governing body would flee the country and take their children with them. Armchair warrior mentality.

    • The concept of us standing together as a family, especially the retired community standing for the active community that can not stand and be heard in the same format that we can. For them, we must stand as the united force we actually are in fact. Forget political party, that has nothing to do with this.
      I don’t care who it was, they put this together and then voted and sold it to others to vote on as well. This was a total breach of all trust that this congress could have ever garnered in the military. Theft, contract manipulation and forced contracts that military wanted cut. All this is a result of the corruption in our Govt. today. Across all ranks, all parties. Aids, elected officials and lobbyist are fighting for one thing only, their jobs, reelection and their kickbacks to make them wealthy as usual.
      The issue is the lies and distortion of truth that has allowed this congress to strip us of pay, benefits and most importantly, any trust we might have had in Congress to do the job and maintain integrity.
      Really sad with a leader from Ohio, a very military proud state, at the lead in the house, he was very happy with this whole deal. Still taking orders from Heritage group.

    • It’s high time this man saw Paul Ryan for what he is. He talks the talk but does not walk the walk. He is so out of touch with the people of this country and every time he opens his mouth, he demonstrates his stupidity. He and his cohorts in the House have been doing this kind of stuff for years. Unfortunately, those like this veteran are just now seeing what their Republican Congressman have been up to all along. Things have gone down for all of us since the Regan Administration. People are beginning to wake up to the long term disease we have in the stinking rich buying our politicians and the politicians who offer themselves for sale. Today’s Republicans with the acceptation of a few of them, could care less about the actual people of this country. Their mission in life is to convince their constituents they are in order to keep their jobs and cater to the people who will give them the most money. This has gotten out of control in this party in particular. No politician is immune as long as we continue to allow outrageous amounts of money to be spent on campaigns. Democrats on the other hand are always accused of not caring about the fiscal condition of the country but always manage to keep the bills paid and out of extreme debt. The runaway debt is the making of the Republican Party alone. Just check the facts. The cutting corners the House keeps harping about is not necessary when they could cut the waste they continue to sponsor for their own gain. My family has always been Democrats and I take offense to this man accusing us of trying to ruin this country. We have spent our lives serving our military. My father was a disabled veteran that had to live with the broken body he sacrificed for his country and all of the years he served other veterans who needed him. I helped with fund raisers while I was growing up and a room at the veterans hospital was dedicated in his name, for his service. So before he trashes Democrats, we are the ones that go to bat for veterans every day. We are the ones in the trenches face to face with these people. We care about people more than he can imagine. It’s time we stopped calling each other names and kick out any politician, Dem or Rep, who does not protect what we have earned instead of squandering what we have invested. Because if they do not, one day people will NOT enlist any longer to serve their country. We need these people. We need to respect and fight for what they have earned serving us!!

    • Outstanding comment! Well written, direct and to the point. You have the personal courage to speak the truth as you see it and to get our “elected officials” to recognize that they (our government) should be affraid of us, not the other way around. I applaud you Chief!

      Now be prepared to be audited by the IRS.

    • When I first read what he had jaw dropped,but then I knew I had to grow up and face facts,he is after all
      a man that wants some thing bigger.My thought now is,what would he have done had he become the VP

    • I agree 100 % with your reply. Though I wasn’t allowed to serve, many of my family members past and present have and still work within the military system. The way they have done our country and its military force is just to sad for words. It’s a sad time in our country.

    • Master Sargent I am a 22 year military retiree, I agree with most of what your saying but you failed to include the outside pressure being applied to congressmen and senators that are up for re-election. When the Tea Party started I thought “well finally a group to speak for us that follow but don’t get involved.” Well like every other group that has success the power went to there heads, now they threaten are elected officials with a primary challenger that even if the incumbent can’t be defeated in the primary, his or her financial war chest has been depleted to the point that all democrats have a smile on their faces. The Republicans need to take their party back. I say this as an Independent voter who usually leans right. This next election it looks like I’ll be standing straight and holding my noise as I cast my ballet. What a shame to be brought to this form of casting a vote. Navy Master Chief Retired

    • I do agree with CMSgt. Wooten’s comments regarding the dedication of all our military personnel. As far as Democrat / Republican personnel, these are the idiots we (the people) have “hired” to represent us and do the job we intended them to do. As their “employers” it is up to us as a whole to require that they do their jobs responsibly and honestly. Unfortunately, once elected they have very little fear of losing their positions (unlike the majority of the US population), they have no fear of losing their pensions or medical coverage regardless of term. How many of us (the ordinary public) are guaranteed these perks? How many of these representatives offered up any cuts to their own pensions or med coverages? Fat chance!! Can anyone out there explain to me why the most powerful position in our country (President) is limited to an 8 year term and yet there is NO term limits for any of the Senate or Congress representatives? Possibly there wouldn’t be as much complacency. I for one am sick and tired of ALL the incumbents, regardless of party and believe this country needs a clean sweep to get us back to basics, where we were once respected by other countries. I believe term limits for any public political office would result in the American public once again be in the drivers seat instead of the back seat. Face facts people, we are the “employers” of these public servants, lets do something about it.

    • I don’t know how to do this but every group in America has some kind of organiztion they can turn. GLAAD NAACP AARP etc..etc.We need to set a real VETS group. With the millions of vets going back to WW1 we can be a power they would have to recond with. anybody know anything about doing this?

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