Stanton Waives Ukraine Flag As He Joins Ciscomani And Schweikert In Voting For Massive Spending Package

Congressman Greg Stanton celebrates passage of massive spending package.

Arizona Congressman Greg Stanton waved a Ukrainian flag on the floor of the U.S. House as members of his Democratic Party chanted “Ukraine,” and joined a minority of Republicans in approving $60 billion in additional military aid for the Ukrainian government.
Stanton’s flag waving caught the attention of popular Phoenix radio talker, James T. Harris, who tweeted: “Why Congressman Greg Stanton from AZ waving a Ukrainian flag? What about the invasion on his Southern border?”

Speaker Mike Johnson, the mastermind behind that spending package, also took offense at the waving of flags.

“These are not normal times here in the House or around the world, as we all know and we saw a disturbance on the House floor just a bit ago,” said Johnson referring to the pro-Ukraine demonstration. “I just want to say simply that I think most people around the country understand and agree we should only wave one flag on the House floor, and I think we know which flag that is.”

However, it is a large number of Congressional Republicans who think Johnson waved a white flag of surrender to the military-industrial complex with the passage of a massive spending package that includes no money for securing the U.S. border, which had long been a condition of support for many in the narrow GOP majority.

In fact, just a day before the vote, Stanton tweeted out pictures of his recent visit to Honeywell which produces the thermal management system (PTMS) to the on-board oxygen generation system (OBOGS) for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

The aid package passed on a 311 to 112 vote, with Republicans Representatives Juan Ciscomani and David Schweikert joining Ruben Gallego and Greg Stanton in approving the measure. Congressman Raul Grijalva, who recently announced that he has cancer, did not vote.

The aid package included three different bills:

H.R. 8035, the Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, providing $60 billion to Ukraine.

H.R. 8034, the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, providing $26 billion for Israel, including over $5 billion for defensive systems such as the Iron Dome.

H.R. 8036, the Indo-Pacific Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, providing $8 billion in assistance for the Indo-Pacific region.

Gallego, who held a Ukrainian flag but did not wave it, claimed he supported the package because “it is vital to our national security that the U.S. stands with our allies and partners in their fight against tyranny.”

Ciscomani claimed he is “committed to ensuring the safety and security of our nation and its people — both at home and abroad,” and stressed that some of the funding would be used to replenish America’s own munitions stockpile that has been strained by previous aid packages to Ukraine.

Prior to voting for the spending package on Saturday, Schweikert was on decrying runaway inflation and out-of-control spending.

“If you live in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area and haven’t received a 23.6% pay increase since President Biden took office, you are poorer today,” tweeted Schweikert. “Alarming stat — 39¢ out of every dollar paid in individual income taxes in the first half of this fiscal year ONLY covered net interest payments. How much longer will we allow our fiscal health to go off the rails?”

Schweikert was silent on his Saturday vote on social media.

Congressman Andy Biggs voted against the package, claiming that “a vote for the Biden-Schumer-Johnson foreign aid spending package is a vote for the funding of terrorists.”

Congressman Eli Crane also voted against the package saying he would not “rubber stamp roughly $100 billion more in deficit spending to secure the border of foreign nations while the swamp refuses to secure our own.”

Representative Debbie Lesko said she wants “to defeat Putin and stop his unwarranted attack against the people of Ukraine, but this Ukraine bill includes hundreds of millions of dollars for the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, without even a dime for our own border security.”

“I am very disappointed Speaker Johnson has not followed through on his promise to tie U.S. border security to Ukraine aid. It was a promise that I repeated to my constituents based on what he promised to me, and I will not back down on my promise to the people of Arizona and the rest of this great country,” explained Lesko.

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  1. as a veteran of a industrial complex induced war – entered into by LBJ – nothing much has changed – Who is the Ukraine ? Our nation is in demise in the name of Pan-America from Mexico to Canada – one socialist nation. A Godless land – soon to be recognized as Mystery Babblyon with its destruction pending – ‘in an hours time’ the saints standing on a sea of glass.

  2. ‘There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.’

    George Wallace

    • George had some sound ideas. And truth is, he was not really a racist but was talked into racist rhetoric by the Democrat Party, the party of the KKK.
      And he was certainly right about the two parties.

  3. Well, folks, we need a real President in the White House, not an imposter. We need to worry about THIS country before we send help to another. Doesn’t anyone remember that we still have homeless and starving people right here is AZ? What do they get? A foreign flag waver for some FOREIGN country? Remember America!

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