Families protest neglect at Raul Grijalva’s Tucson office

grijalva phatThe families that protested Representative Raul Grijalva’s Tucson office on Tuesday were not waiting on government hand outs. Family members were joined by about 50 opponents of Grijalva.

The families believed that they were going to assist in constructing their homes with USDA loans, on the vacant property on the corner of Irvington and Sunset Blvd.

Years later, those homes are still just a dream and thousands dollars are missing.

The families believe that if they remain silent they would be condoning all of USDA alleged wrongdoings.

Grijlava is refusing to provide assistance to the families; claiming that because the issue is in the courts, he cannot assist them.

For years, Grijalva has been too busy stopping the very jobs that would help people in his Congressional District. That District is in the 8th poorest metropolitan area in the country.

When Grijalva is not trying to shut down industry, he is occupied fighting for the rights of non-citizens. The neglected families held signs which read, “We are U.S. Citizens. We need to be heard. No more waiting.”

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