Arizona Legislature staff salaries increase

capitolMost Arizona legislators are telling their constituents, during weekend town halls, that the State is broke and all government agencies must tighten their belts. According to a report prepared by the Yellow Sheet, Legislative staff appears to be exempt.

The Yellow Sheet reported that one GOP “policy advisor” received a 24-percent raise. Not only did salaries increase, but those receiving salaries increased.

Arizona House leadership provided former Attorney General Tom Horne staffers safe and lucrative places to land. As an example, Stephanie Grisham was hired as the Press Secretary making $25,000 more than her predecessor. Since taking over from Leone, little communication has emanated from the House. Both Grisham and Brett Mecum, who was brought in as a policy advisor, spent much of their time in Horne’s office working on his failed re-election campaign.

From the Yellow Sheet:

2014 House GOP staff
Brian TownsendDirector of Policy122,325
Tami StoweDirector of Operations120,000
Peter GentalaGeneral Counsel116,450
Lorenzo RomeroFiscal Policy Director100,000
Lesli SorensenPolicy Advisor92,000
Pele PeacockPolicy Advisor89,000
Megan MartinPolicy Advisor83,000
Brooke WhitePolicy Advisor75,000
Christopher LeoneCommunications Specialist75,000


2015 House GOP staff
Tami StoweChief of Staff130,000
Lesli SorensenDeputy Chief of Staff125,000
Peter GentalaGeneral Counsel140,000
Brett MecumMaj Strategy & Policy Advisor100,000
Stephanie GrishamPress Secretary100,000
Travis SwallowPolicy Advisor117,000
Megan MartinPolicy Advisor93,000
Pele PeacockPolicy Advisor93,000
Brooke WhitePolicy Advisor93,000
Daniel GodzichPolicy Advisor to maj ldr90,000
VACANTCommunications Specialist??


2014 House Dem staff
Keely Varvel HartsellChief of Staff114,450
Rhonda BarnesGeneral Counsel94,500
Elvy BartonSr Policy Advisor63,000
C Murphy HebertComms policy advisor66,150
Cynthia AragonConst & Comm Outreach Director68,250
Eric FigueroaPolicy Advisor55,650
Elizabeth GoodmanStaff Attorney60,900
Mark BogartConsultant49,920
Jennifer HarrisPolicy Advisor52,500
Lourdes PenaPolicy Advisor40,000


2015 House Dem staff
Keely Varvel HartsellChief of Staff118,883
Rhonda BarnesGeneral Counsel99,225
Elvy BartonSr Policy Advisor67,150
C Murphy HebertComms Director71,442
Cynthia AragonConst & Comm Outreach Director71,663
Eric FigueroaPolicy Advisor61,102
Alan EderPolicy Advisor50,000
Jennifer HarrisResearch Analyst57,750
Lourdes PenaPolicy Advisor44,074
Brenden FolandResearch Analyst42,000
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  1. Gowan passed a law last year so that he could leave the house and run for Cochise County supervisor. He needs to feather everyone’s nests so that when he leaves he leaves with lots of friends.

  2. with the other story in this day being Mesa getting another huge project coming to its city from Apple – I don’t think the majority of the state is going to see this as bad – its a good day to announce this – that we here in Tucson haven’t had anything come to Tucson is so long I can’t remember who or what the last ‘big thing was’ well its more told you so news on more told you so news – oh yeah we might get a new rock dome ( I know ) if the five year promises hold out —- even the school of medicine is moving away and phoenix area hospitals now own the Tucson area hospitals… oh yeah that last big thing – the Air Force is leaving… and they still are.
    Someone catch the lights on the way out…..

  3. It is interesting that the Dems increased less than 20k and the “fiscally conservative” Republicans led by Greedy Gowan increased by more than 200K.

    This is just one more event that justifies my change from a lifelong Republican to Independent 10 years ago.

  4. I do not believe that these GREEDY cretins could hold down any private sector jobs as they have grown used to making more monies than they are worth and will hold on to their sucking on the public teat until they die, which as as far as I am concerned, not soon enough. We are not a free people anymore, especially with all of the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that is forced on us and have to pay a heavy price in taxation to be slaves to our government’s and the GREEDY people that control THEIR political minions.

  5. If you will notice they are only broke when it comes to doing things for the taxpayer. When they need to pay their buddies, then money is no object. You have heard it all before from the government. We have to pay more to keep good people. Well, hell with that. You would have people standing in line to take those jobs but it wouldn’t be friends and cronies would it?? Just more of the same in the world of government. It doesn’t make any difference what level it is, they are all crooks and want to feather than own nests at the expense of the taxpayer. The R or D makes no difference anymore, does it. They are all the same.

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