Arizona Legislature staff salaries increase

Most Arizona legislators are telling their constituents, during weekend town halls, that the State is broke and all government agencies must tighten their belts. According to a report prepared by the Yellow Sheet, Legislative staff appears to be exempt.

The Yellow Sheet reported that one GOP “policy advisor” received a 24-percent raise. Not only did salaries increase, but those receiving salaries increased.

Arizona House leadership provided former Attorney General Tom Horne staffers safe and lucrative places to land. As an example, Stephanie Grisham was hired as the Press Secretary making $25,000 more than her predecessor. Since taking over from Leone, little communication has emanated from the House. Both Grisham and Brett Mecum, who was brought in as a policy advisor, spent much of their time in Horne’s office working on his failed re-election campaign.

From the Yellow Sheet:

2014 House GOP staff
Brian Townsend Director of Policy 122,325
Tami Stowe Director of Operations 120,000
Peter Gentala General Counsel 116,450
Lorenzo Romero Fiscal Policy Director 100,000
Lesli Sorensen Policy Advisor 92,000
Pele Peacock Policy Advisor 89,000
Megan Martin Policy Advisor 83,000
Brooke White Policy Advisor 75,000
Christopher Leone Communications Specialist 75,000


2015 House GOP staff
Tami Stowe Chief of Staff 130,000
Lesli Sorensen Deputy Chief of Staff 125,000
Peter Gentala General Counsel 140,000
Brett Mecum Maj Strategy & Policy Advisor 100,000
Stephanie Grisham Press Secretary 100,000
Travis Swallow Policy Advisor 117,000
Megan Martin Policy Advisor 93,000
Pele Peacock Policy Advisor 93,000
Brooke White Policy Advisor 93,000
Daniel Godzich Policy Advisor to maj ldr 90,000
VACANT Communications Specialist ??


2014 House Dem staff
Keely Varvel Hartsell Chief of Staff 114,450
Rhonda Barnes General Counsel 94,500
Elvy Barton Sr Policy Advisor 63,000
C Murphy Hebert Comms policy advisor 66,150
Cynthia Aragon Const & Comm Outreach Director 68,250
Eric Figueroa Policy Advisor 55,650
Elizabeth Goodman Staff Attorney 60,900
Mark Bogart Consultant 49,920
Jennifer Harris Policy Advisor 52,500
Lourdes Pena Policy Advisor 40,000


2015 House Dem staff
Keely Varvel Hartsell Chief of Staff 118,883
Rhonda Barnes General Counsel 99,225
Elvy Barton Sr Policy Advisor 67,150
C Murphy Hebert Comms Director 71,442
Cynthia Aragon Const & Comm Outreach Director 71,663
Eric Figueroa Policy Advisor 61,102
Alan Eder Policy Advisor 50,000
Jennifer Harris Research Analyst 57,750
Lourdes Pena Policy Advisor 44,074
Brenden Foland Research Analyst 42,000
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