Ducey back peddles on Common Core, wants to keep federal standards

He ran against Common Core, but few who knew of his political ties believed him, now Governor Doug Ducey has finally admitted his opposition to the federal standards was simply a Republican primary campaign ploy. This morning, Ducey told the State Board of Education that he opposes HB2190, which would have replaced the standards with those created for Arizona’s children by Arizona educators.

According to Capitol watchers, Ducey needed the Legislature’s help to ram through his anti-public school budget, so he told lawmakers he would be supportive of the bill.

Now, that the budget was passed in a midnight session, and HB2190 is winning wider support, he had no choice but to try to kill it before the whole Senate is able to vote on it this week or next.

Capitol Media Services is reporting that Ducey wants the state Board of Education to thoroughly review the Common Core school standards but is not calling for them to be scrapped immediately.

One lawmaker called the move “political suicide” for Ducey, but added that the chambers of commerce will spend whatever it takes to protect him now that he has protected their Common Core scheme. That same lawmaker questioned, “Who is crazier? Dian Douglas or Doug Ducey?”

Ducey and newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas have been feuding since both took office this past January. He wrestled control of the State Board of Education away from Douglas with a provision tucked into the budget bill.

Another lawmaker questioned why Ducey wasn’t merely honest about his plans and spared lawmakers the energy it took to craft through amendments a bill that satisfied many and resolved concerns about replacing the standards.

HB2190 sponsor Rep. Mark Finchem said, “He’s the Governor, he owns this now.”

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  1. jeff we can party sure, but the only ones that have shown up are more of the libs and lefties that are unhappy with everything. Independents are like kids throwing a temper tantrum and run away and say I dont want to play anymore and then they whine and cry when they cant play in the primaries!

    Only way to change anything is to stay yet not support with $$, but what the little the peons can contribute dont amount to a hill of beans. Just look at the news and see the talk of ‘mega’ donors. Just like the dems dont want to count the votes of flyover america. They want only the cities and dem state votes to count. The little guys just dont count for anyone any more.

  2. This is the kind of thing that is sinking the GOP nationwide. They suck us in, saying they will do the right thing and then they renege, proving that they are just Democrats by another name. It’s time for a new party to replace the GOP. Show me a Republican who is pleased with the GOP nationally, and I’ll show you someone who is either not paying attention or who is really a Democrat but who doesn’t want to be called a Democrat.

  3. Time to recall Ducey’s sorry Six! The sooner the better. He must have forgotten that AZ voters have run a successful recall election before because of a lying Republican was elected as governor. Remember Eve Mecham, Mr. Ducey? Yeah, we got rid of him and we can recall you to for lying to the voters.

    • Ev Mecham was not recalled, but it is a great Idea for dealing with Doug”Pinnochio” Ducey.

      Having served from January 6, 1987, to April 4, 1988, Mecham was removed from office following conviction in his impeachment trial of charges of the obstruction of justice and the misuse of government funds that Mecham maintained were private.

      Actually, a rift between the governor and fellow Republicans in the Arizona Legislature developed after the Arizona Republic newspaper made accusations of questionable political appointments and accusations of cronyism against the governor, accusations that Mecham contended were false.

      Ducey certaily has his cronies and he has certaily separated himself from many Legislators and the voters with his misrepresentations (AKA- lies) during the election and legislative process surrounding Common Core.

  4. Just more of the same for our lying politicians. Wonder what member of the C of C or testing organization gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse.. Wow, what a BS liar. He will have the most miserable 4 years in his life due to his convenient lying to protect his little crony businessmen. Wish we could have a vote of confidence in him right now. And you think Douglass is bad, just wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The school system will be run from the governors office by a shadow official strongly connected to a testing company and the C of C. I don’t believe it. A bold face lie while campaigning. At least most tell small lies and then spin it. He told a huge lie and didn’t attempt to spin it. What an ass.

  5. Two Benedict Armolds, Ducey-Douglas— I need a shower to flush away the guilt and dirty feelings for pulling the lever for these two Quisling traitors.

  6. The left wants to recall him, and now the right may want the same. Is there an honest politician left?

    Never mind. What a stupid question that was.

  7. His children go to Private Schools, that so far do not have Common Core. How hypocritical can you be. People will walk door to door to see that he will not acquire another term, both the Democrats and Republicans. He will never be able to reach the White House with this behavior.What a liar, I can not believe he would even lie to the Legislature to pass a Bill. He is evil.

  8. Who cares, if the legislators have the numbers to overcome any potential VETO! This guy will be out shortly hopefully as will douglas who will not stand up for the parents/kids of arizona.

    Maybe a recall effort is in line with this guy admitting he LIED to get elected (surprise, surprise surprise as Gomer used to say) But with so many idiotic non knowledgeable voters probably not.

  9. Just the start of many many issues he will stab, violate and crucify public education. Ducey is for rich & special interest. He could care less about middle class and poor.

    Hang on Arizona he will get worse shortly! This is his chance to shine at expense of the children in Arizona. He ( Ducey) has his sights in the White House.

    So let’s make more prison beds because if children have no hope, support of attainable education it will only continue to devide the classes. The poor be damed!

    Arizona sooner or later you will have to wake up and discover we need leaders who believe in ” WE the PEOPLE “, not we the party.

  10. Hmmmmmm, Governor “Liar in Chief” demonstrated he is on the same Level as BHO. Campaign retoric is meaningless and he will do whatever is most beneficial to his Cronies in the Educational industrial Complex.”

    HB2190 gave Arizona a chance to protect the children of Arizona from the collection of personal data much less the continued dumbing down of Educational quality. Don’t blame the teachers.

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