Pick Best Candidates To Bring Prosperity To Pima County Democrats, Republicans

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in first grade and our teacher walked us to the cafeteria to participate in a mock election – Nixon was running for president. When we lined up outside the cafeteria doors, I could see a table labeled Democrat to the left and a table labeled Republican to the right. As a first grader, I had never heard these terms before, and I asked my teacher – “What is the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?” She leaned over and said, “Honey, the Republicans are the ones with the money.”

I didn’t know much at my young age, but I had gathered that money was important because I overheard my parents talking about it pretty frequently. As I started walking towards the Republican table to cast my vote for Nixon, I saw that people who voted at the Democrat table got a piece of candy for casting their vote supporting the Democratic candidates. At that young age I remember thinking to myself, “they must have to offer a piece of candy to bring more voters since the Democrats don’t have as much money.”

Through the years I have learned that the difference between the parties is more than “who has the money.” There are many democrats who have a tremendous amount of money – Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to name a couple. The fact of the matter is according to a Forbes article from a couple years ago, (http://www.forbes.com/sites/katiasavchuk/2014/07/09/are-americas-richest-families-republicans-or-democrats/#2204b5fe717e) at least of third of wealthy families donate to both parties. So, clearly the wealthiest of Americans see value in supporting candidates from both parties to some extent. You might quickly come to the conclusion that they are just “hedging their bets” on who wins the election to attempt to carry some influence with the eventual winner, and certainly there is some merit to that. However, the fact of the matter is that a good percentage of those who have been most blessed financially in our country attempt to maintain positive relationships with members from both major political parties.

Several of us have strong feelings towards some hot button social issues which drive us to support one party or the other – abortion, gay rights, etc. Others determine their party loyalty based on how each party provides for those who are less fortunate. From my prospective, the Democratic Party believes the government knows better and has the answers for many of the problems we face. The Republican Party believes in the individuals and their ability to succeed if the government (which should be as small as possible) gets out of the way.

When it comes to local politics, I would suggest the political party and the social hot button issues take a back seat to the qualifications and background of the candidates and the voter’s feelings of who can be trusted the most to make your daily life better. Local elected officials will not be affecting abortion or gay rights policies, but will be touching your life on a daily basis.

Are you happy with the roads on which you drive? Are you happy with the employment choices we have in Pima county? Are you happy with the taxes you pay and what you get in return?

Your vote is worth more than a “piece of candy.” I respectfully request you consider the candidates I have endorsed at BackBacker.org. I believe they are the best local candidates to bring prosperity to the Democrats and Republicans of Pima County.


  1. The “D” behind the candidates name translates into, “Don’t Dumb Down” and vote for this person……O TRUMP, GO TRUMP, GO TRUMP.

  2. Mr backer your unwaving involvement and hard work are commendable. You sir have an amazing future ahead of you!
    Keep up the good work.

  3. John backer brings up several important points. Indoctrination. How a child or young adult is introduced to politics. Words from a teacher or actions like a candy reward are important constructs that.stay within the psyche. Tribalism. My family are republicanswered and ipsofacto
    so am i. Tribalism also has a religious quality . I am a Catholic, end of story.
    According to research I have.done the county govt job is to maintain structural functions, like roads, buildings and plan for future needs.they are charged with safety, hence policing and all that entails to make.citizens safe. And the third is the overall welfare of the citizens. That includes health and access to services that.maintain a healthy population.as well as.access to education. Helping to grow the county within these constructs as well as.fund all there services offer is a natural extention, but the citizens well being is always paramount.
    John backer is right. They do not decide emotional and religious things like abortion. The countys.jobs to to provide a safe solid place for citizens with all the basic needs. They are charged with deciding our taxes and our tax base an area where huck has overstepped often. How do we afford these things gs.and.who will pay for them it never said.that property owners.should pay for everything but that is how it is.how.huck sees it
    We are the land of the sun birds.who come to enjoy all that tucson has to offer. We need to capture a significant contribution who come here to enjoy our.beauty but may.contribute liker to maintaining our structures and the people who pride ourselves services in side them. I hope we can elect a.bos who will return to the.mission of county govt NY

  4. … well “back home we” the song of the snow bird – ringing in the union halls of yesteryear – dreams of yesterday – work of decades ago – in places that are not what they were any longer… let us vote “D” and click our heals together and pretend we are back where we were then – the promises are ready – the goals are sufficiently fuzzy, green and as pure as the wind driven snow… bad news is it’s snow up the politicians nose – he’s in your pocket – your union – your bank account – your insurance policy – your tank of gas – soda you drink – football game you watch – internet you blog on… there’s no end to it.. welcome to reality – click you heals again Hillary will be leading us to the doom of the nation… sorry no more heal clicks left.

    • Kim, you know I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, and I’m blessed to call you my friend also. Throughout the campaign I’ve gotten to see how you conduct yourself, and there is no doubt in my mind that you will fight for the citizens of Pima county!

  5. Pima county government needs to stop being a place where people are given jobs with no real duties and back to the basics of providing safety for the citizens through safe roads health and policing . Clean government out of all the jobs given the people without real responsibility. Like what is going on at the sheriffs department. You don’t get to retire from a government job and get rehired at a higher salary and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous off the county taxpayer.

  6. As a candidate for the US Congress once told me the only difference between the Democrats and Republicans is: “The Speed at which you receive Socialism”. Democrats founded and run the KKK. Thirty years they have telling Blacks they would fix their problems; now they say that to Hispanics. Drink your Kool-Aid!

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