Pima County Mother Charged With Burning Adopted Child, DCS Failed

Samantha Osteraas

On Thursday, December 29, 2016, just after 8:00 p.m., Pima County deputies responded to the residence of Samantha Osteraas, in the 2900 block of West Sun Ranch Trail for a report of a rescue follow-up. When deputies arrived, they learned a 5-year-old girl had sustained significant burns as a result of hot water from a bath tub. The young girl was immediately transported to the hospital.

Crimes Against Children detectives responded to the scene and took over the investigation. After collecting evidence and investigating the incident, it was determined the burns sustained by the child were not due to an accident. The case was presented to the Pima County Attorney’s Office and an arrest warrant was issued for Osteraas. Osteraas, age 28, is the child’s adoptive mother.

On Thursday, January 5, 2017, Detectives located and arrested Ms. Osteraas. She has been booked into the Pima County Adult Detention Complex for two counts of Child Abuse. The child remains in the hospital and is in critical condition. The Arizona Department of Child Safety is involved in this case, and has removed three other children from the home. This investigation is ongoing.

According to sources, this incident is another example of the failings by Arizona Department of Child Safety.

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  1. Any individual who abuses a kid in this manner should be boiled in oil-slowly until he/she dies.

  2. Some people should not be parents; but there has to be ways that people can seek help before the abuse happens.

  3. The Oracle of Tucson | January 11, 2017 at 9:56 pm |

    This story has several concerning issues:
    The nine-day delay between the time Sherriff deputies arrived and the adoptive mother being arrested?
    One could reasonably conclude that if a child needs to go to the hospital for deliberately inflicted life threating injuries a parent needs to go to jail. And only then were the other three children removed from the home?
    Then the understatement of the year, “this incident is another example of the failings by Arizona Department of Child Safety”.
    I hope Ms. Osteraas gets some serious help. I can’t understand why good people have to jump through hoops for what seems like years to adopt when this pathetic excuse of humanity had unchecked control over another innocent human being.
    I also hope that Ms. Osteraas spend several years behind bars reflecting on her actions. The willful, deliberate and intentional harming of a child for any reason can not and should not ever be justified. It speaks volumes about us as a society when we harm those that are beneath us and those that are defenseless.


  4. former visit supervisor | January 21, 2017 at 8:19 am |

    Arizona Department of Child Safety & CPS are responsible for this child’s safety. This precious little girl was taken by CPS because of a domestic abuse (mother and father were fighting) The child was never returned to the parents and CPS or ADCS severed the parental rights even though the parents did everything they were asked except break up. Someone in CPS thought the parent needed to split and put stipulations on the parents to split, they chose to stay together and so some caseworker decided to sever their rights. I was involved in this case and know the biological parents, whom should have gotten their precious child back 3 years ago. This is not the first tragedy this child has gone thru, her last foster home was arrested as well for abuse. This precious little girl 5 years old has been through HELL because of the control CPS has over families. God help this little one! Help all the little ones that get thrown to the wolves by an agency that is supposed to protect them. Someone need to protect our children from these agencies.

  5. Kimber mills | February 1, 2017 at 10:29 am |

    We need to protect this child from CPS! This child deserves to be with her natural biological parents who I’m sure learned their lesson. The little girl is the victim of a corrupt system and it needs to stop!!! What can we do to get this little girl back to her parents !! Lets not let this little girl become another statistic !!! Will you all who are reading this join with me to picket or whatever it takes to make this right!!!

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