No Charges For Sierra Vista Resident Who Abandoned Puppy

Sierra Vista Police Department detectives assisted animal control officers to identify the owner of a puppy that was discovered in a dumpster on Wednesday, May 31.

The investigation into the incident concluded last week. The owner was recently identified and contacted by detectives, who learned more about why and how the puppy was left in the dumpster. After placing the puppy inside a dumpster, the owner says that they immediately told a person nearby about a noise coming from the dumpster.

The owner told police that they wanted to make sure the puppy was located immediately. They could no longer care for the puppy but wanted someone to find it right away so it would be safe.

SVPD detectives conferred with the Cochise County Attorney’s Office about the circumstances surrounding the incident and a decision was reached that no charges would be filed.

The puppy, which was named Miracle by the animal control officer who retrieved her from the dumpster, is in good health and pending adoption.

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  1. Forest Gump has more sense. Couldn’t the idiots just given the puppy to animal control in the first place Vs. the whole dumpster aspect?
    My name’s dumbass dumpster Dan, people call me dumbass dumpster Dan.

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