President Trump To Hold Rally In Phoenix, Grijalva To Protest

President Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign-style rally on Tuesday, August 22 at the Phoenix Convention Center at 7 p.m. Congressman Raul Grijalva announced that he will lead a protest of the event.

Trump is rumored to be announcing his support for an unnamed challenger to Sen. Jeff Flake.

Phoenix rally attendees must register to obtain tickets. Some Democratic Party operatives have been encouraging members of the Party to order tickets and not show up to the event in order to make it appear as if the president has little support.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton went further and issued a statement on Wednesday calling for the president to delay the event.


  1. It is time for the Republican Party to impeach, remove, banish, get rid of, recall, all members of the
    Senate, House, elected council, representative (s)
    Whom have sided with the dems/socialist parties!!
    McCain, Flake….. are Traitors to the oath they took as elected representatives to the People ofArizona and USA! You McCain/ Flake are no doubt receiving some sort of payments from the Clintons George Soros hell Raul probably paying you off.
    As for the Mayor of Phoenix you sir are just as ignorant traitorous as McCain and Flake!
    Shame on you for NOT having the backbone to tell these rioting protesting uneducated people this is not at all about Racism as the Dems have very carefully crafted. Right under your noses! And you do nothing!!
    What the hell is your agenda???! A Pocketful of money ???when you’re dead and gone how is that going to help you ??? Traitorous Bastards!!!

  2. Is it election time already?? Thats the only time you hear from the turd, otherwise he is is a state of unconsciousness to what he is supposed to be doing. Speaking of which, WHAT has he done in almost 20 years of living off the public tit?

  3. Love do not hate. President Trump was spot on. NO ONE gets a pass for last weekends hate and violence. WE lost three great Americas. Americans have watched towns burned, cars burned, schools destroyed and cops assaulted.
    This is not America.

    Stop all hate and violence. Do not let these alt left and right wings create thier New America!
    Meet hate with love and let the hateful go back into the dark!
    Make America Great Again!!!!!

  4. He truly belongs in the basket of deplorables. A racist to say the least, and same of Tucson for electing this fool.

  5. Good glad he will be there so I can protest his lack of ethics on anything American. He is a true Socialist and not worth his weight in anything positive for our Country.


  7. This mor*n was stup*d enough to boycott his state for SB1070(punishing criminals), which was pretty idiotic to begin with, but to top off the stupidity, it hurt the illegals the most because many of them worked in the service industry. If this guy had a brain he would be dangerous to himself and to everyone around him.

  8. Why do liberals protest conservative rallies instead of just having a rally of thier own. Probably because they just don’t have the support. The “white conservative movement with its low numbers would not make the news but for the clashes with protesters. News loves video of a few skirmishes.

  9. Raul Grijalva…agent of Mexico. The man has steadfastly attacked everything non-Hispanic. Then again that is to be expected coming from a MEChA student and advocate. Sadly, his dumbed-down liberal Caucasian supporters don’t realize just how racist the man is. FACT: If Grijalva was running for office in a demographically balanced district, he would never win.

  10. Seems like just yesterday Grijalva
    was engineering “disappearing” water
    utility payments at his South Tucson office.

  11. It is way past time for Raul to ride off into the sunset and just go home. Wherever that may be. His best days are in his rear view mirror. Even the local democrats know he has given their party a bad name. Rumor has it he is nothing more than a drunk and that no one in his circle likes him. Guess all that money and influence peddling has really gotten in his head.

  12. The left, the true fascists, can’t win in the arena of ideas so they have to shut down the ideas of their opponents.They can’t allow any ideas other than division to be heard. I will bet money that the fascists antifa will be there also.

  13. This blob of obesity won’t last ten minutes outside in the heat. I’m sure he’ll have his band of illegals and white guilt communists fanning the sweat off his fat head.

  14. It’s just a observation, but Graftjulva never smiles, he’s always pissed off at someone or something.
    His message is only of anger and hate, never of love or optimisation. Isn’t it slightly bizarre that the party of love, inclusion and hope are always at war with those that disagree with their agenda?
    Funny how “Democratic Party operatives”: a key word for what amounts for common criminals, are once again following Nixon’s lead in disrupting the opposition. Why is it with a message so appealing to so many that the libtard left needs to silence the right to be heard? Liberty and freedom are under attack in this country, and that attack it’s coming from the left, the very same clowns claiming to be preserving the freedoms of liberty.
    If you have to cheat to win your basically a cheating loser.
    Graftjulva is little more then a self serving depressed obese racist pig disguised as a public servant falsely claiming to represent the people. Hard to believe after all these years in Washington that the biggest part of his legacy will come down to his stache and little else. What a tragic waste of opportunity….

    The Oracle

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