Pardon Me? Sunday’s Comic

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Arizona Leaders React To Arpaio Pardon

On Friday, President Donald Trump pardoned Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arizona officials, like senators John McCain and Jeff Flake took to social media to have their say.

Some politicians like Rep. Martha McSally and Governor Doug Ducey were silent on the subject….

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5 Comments on "Pardon Me? Sunday’s Comic"

  1. Who cares what the politicians say about the pardon. They lie, obstruct and do whatever they can to damage the president of the US. BTW kids, they didn’t even treat Obama this badly. As a matter of fact, they gave him everything he wanted, didn’t they? Thought so. Arrogant assholes all.

  2. Obama pardoned mostly drug dealers of Cocaine, you know those people enslaving our youth and adults to drugs, the kind that breaks up families and damages children.
    Bill Clinton pardoned, Bank embezzlers, money launderers,mail fraud and fraud against the United States.
    The list goes on of more of the same.
    President Trump pardons Sheriff Arpaio a 85 yr. old white man and the country goes into a melt down. I supported Sheriff Arpaio and the work he was doing. This has all been nothing but a witch hunt and I am glad for this pardon. I am not like most hispanics I have no loyalty to Mexico or it’s citizens, as a natural born citizen of the US my only loyalty is to this country. I abhor the flying of Mexico’s flag by these imbecilic protestors and I resent the tax money spent on them while we have millions of homeless citizens, children who go hungry and seniors who forego medical treatment and eat cat food because of lack of money. Tax money that could be spent on so many programs to help our pwn citizens.
    I am outraged by the crime so many of these illegal immigrants commit and most of all I am outraged by our corrupt politicians who protect these people.
    Thank you President Trump.

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