Nogales Juveniles Arrested For Smuggling, Fleeing

DeConcini Crossing outbound lanes in Nogales AZ

Nogales Station Border Patrol agents apprehended two Tucson residents and seized six bundles of marijuana Thursday morning in downtown Nogales after the teenagers attempted to flee in a vehicle.

Border Patrol agents witnessed two males loading several large packages into a minivan near the International Boundary Fence before traveling to a local grocery store parking lot. When agents attempted a vehicle stop, the driver fled, engaging in evasive maneuvers during the pursuit around downtown Nogales before coming to an abrupt stop in the outbound lane of the Dennis DeConcini Crossing where the two suspects bolted from the van.

The two juveniles attempted to flee the scene on foot and nearby Nogales CBP officers and Border Patrol agents worked together to capture and detain the teenagers.

A subsequent search of the minivan yielded more than 135 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $111,000.

Agents turned the 17-year-old driver and 16-year-old passenger, vehicle, and marijuana over to the Santa Cruz High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force for prosecution.

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  1. David Thompson | March 10, 2018 at 7:26 am |

    What a shame that Two young men would risk so much for so little.

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