McSally’s Team: Sunday’s Comic

Nearly every member of the GOP establishment is behind McSally but she won’t get behind any GOP candidates. No one is surprised at all… except maybe Raul… her new BFF.


  1. Gee, you didn’t know that McSally was a RINO? If not shame on you. She is a protégé of little Johnnie and you were expecting something different? Thought not.

    • No BS, it proves how utterly stupid the voters are in this part of the state. RINO’s and liberal democrats all. And you wonder why taxes are high, there is no viable industry in the town and area and TUSD sucks. The liberals, cronies and enviros have won.

  2. McSally`s too much like Governor Doofus and this is why conservatives in Arizona are going to be casting their votes for Sheriff Joe and won`t mind sitting out the general election.

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