Student Arrested After Threat To Mountain View High School

At approximately 8:30 p.m., on March 8, Pima County Sheriff’s deputies responded to reports of a threat made against Mountain View High School. The caller stated there had been text messages and posts on social media circulating among students claiming there would be a shooting at the school today.

Detectives determined the original threat was made by a student at Mountain View High School, and contained a picture showing a faceless male with a gun in his waistband, and the phrase “Don’t come to school tomorrow”. The investigation revealed that the picture used in the post was an old picture from a separate incident, but had been obtained by the Mountain View High School student to create an excuse for not going to school.

School Resource Officers have charged that student with Threats and Intimidation.

2 Comments on "Student Arrested After Threat To Mountain View High School"

  1. What is really amazing is how much the Authorities ignored about the kid in Florida. The only thing he did not do is to call the LEO’s to meet him at the school.

    • In the case of the Mountain View High School student who pulled this reported stunt, I hope the school district authorities expel his sorry “six” and get a restraining order against him! The Baker Act will come in handy in this case.

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