Rio Nuevo Rescue Mission: Sunday’s Comic

Finchem Applauds Ducey For Signing HB2456, Saving Rio Nuevo “Rescue Mission”

On Friday, Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem praised Governor Doug Ducey for signing HB2456, which extends funding for the Rio Nuevo Multipurpose Facilities District until its scheduled dissolution in 2035.

Finchem claimed in his press release that his bill “prohibits future bonding, authorizes money paid to Rio Nuevo to be used for debt service on existing bonds and contractual obligations, requires proceeds from the sale of property to be used to cover unfunded pension liabilities, and escheats any unsold property to the State Land Trust for the benefit of K12 education funding beneficiaries.

However, the bill reads….

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  1. And now we know what makes Politicians work. Money. Money and Mo Money. And that whole sunset thing was just a ruse. What a surprise. While the rest of Tucson rots, downtown is where the money is. All brought to you by power and greed.

    • Never believe it when they say there is a “sunset” clause UNLESS a continuation has to be approved by voters. They are already gearing up to extend the RTA and it wouldn’t surprise me if they slip that one through as well.

  2. Just more of the same for the taxpayer in the sewer that is Tucson, Arizona. And you expect that to change? Its all about the money kids, and as long as it is available the cronies will be there in the backroom making deals. When it runs out, the downtown will still be a sewer and the cronies will be off to their next great project.

  3. ahhh and they have planted a new crop of turd trout in the feces river… get out your pocket fisherman and pull out a big sucker! eeemmmm nothing like the same ol crap for another generation

  4. The taxpayers have no idea how bad this is for our community. They are shrinking the tax base and a few cronies are making all the money. I am shocked this was approved by a Republican legislature and signed into law by a Republican governor. The Clodfelter amendment that is touted as a win for the people only makes this a bigger mess. Very sad day for all of Arizona!
    Ally Miller
    Supervisor, District 1
    Pima County

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