BLM Opens Door To Fracking In Northern Arizona

The lands straddle the Little Colorado River, are at least three miles South of the Petrified Forest National Park,

A new President Trump administration plan proposes to auction off 4,200 acres of public land for oil and gas development in northern Arizona. The Bureau of Land Management is planning a September auction of the land— which would convey development rights to fossil-fuel companies.

According to BLM, about 90 percent of new oil and gas wells on public lands are fracked.

BLM records show that since 2014 the fracking industry requested 145 parcels in northern Arizona for oil and gas leasing, most near the Hurricane Cliffs and Big Valley north of Grand Canyon National Park.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Cincinnati of drinking water in Appalachian Ohio found no evidence of natural gas contamination from recent oil and gas fracking.


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  1. Really??? Fracking is good for the environment and economic security?? LOL WAKE UP! Since when is pumping toxic chemicals, acids, etc into our underground aquifer (which is all northern Arizona has as a clean water source right now)a benefit??? How can you justify all the ENERGY used to create this mess ie running the drill, loads of lights and pumps running all the time, chemicals produced and dumped into the earth, “pits” to hold their poison, lets not forget the massive amount of CLEAN water they need to handle this operation. All this for the “benefit of people” or “economic security”?? Sorry not at all true. As soon as man is done fracking an area of all the resources they can exploit, thier “jobs” are gone! Do your research on what is happening in fracking areas, and how not only are people/water being poisoned, but wildlife, plants etc are being destroyed in the name of greed and power. Same thing goes for your crappy cell/microwave towers/smart meters everywhere, radiation being dosed on everyone, and people scratch their heads and wonder why Cancer/disease is on the rampant rise. Oh and then be sure to thank Monsanto for their gracious GMO food laden with pesticides, toxic chemicals and such, which also ruins the earth and people, but hey your on your “pursuit of happiness” to what? Hell?? Get off your phones/tablets/ipods/game devices/whatever, learn to live like your ancestors did with MUCH LESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, eat HEALTHY, WORK for your food/lifestyle, break your addictions to electricity and welfare, and guess what, energy demands will drop, people will get healthy again, i guarantee it.

  2. I changed my opinion of trump. Fracking bad idea so close to yellowstone and the massive volcano soon to erupt.

  3. with the drought here and the need to conserve water, is it really a smart idea to allow fracking? I’m not convinced it’s the way to go. Our water is too precious to waste for this. please don’t!

    • Just say no, no, no. It’s a Tucson thing, 5th poorest in the country and DAMN proud of it.

      I bet you would be yelling at the top of your lungs “stay off my lawn” if you had one.

  4. Albert,

    Oklahoma sits on some faults. Google around a bit, and you’ll find lots of info about it from unimpeachable sources.

    Also, the worst earthquake in Okla. history occurred circa 1953, damaging parts of the state capitol. That was decades before fracking.

    • When you combine eco terrorists with socialists/communists this is the kind of thinking you get.

      The fastest way to send the American Indians of Oklahoma back to destitution and disease is to impede the production of oil and natural gas. The tribes own vast amounts of rights to those natural resources and in return, their tribes, and ALL their people enjoy the benefits of economic security. How about free university? You like that? Well guess what all with 1/4 blood of Indian get in Oklahoma?

      Of course, I’m sure you are also ignorant that oil and natural gas exploration provide jobs, economic opportunity and the pursuit of happiness not to mention funding vast welfare programs. Nothing like nails in the coffin for communists whose only purpose is to spread the misery and poverty to all. And that is why Oklahoma is a Deep Red state and Pima County is 5th poorest in the country.

    • Fracking has never been proven to cause earthquakes in Oklahoma or anywhere else it is just speculation. Oklahoma is not that far from the New Madrid Fault line that bisects the US

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